Can anyone enlighten me?

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  • I posted this question in another section but have not had a response and as I seriouly want to give this program my best need to know how the following will affect my efforts.

    For about 42 years I have had chronic insomnia I am in my 50’s averaging about 3-4 hours sleep on good nights and as little as half an hour on bad nights, I experience restless legs and have other health issues (heart attack 8 months ago, sleep apnea and am fairly certain that when my most recent blood tests come back that I am pre diabetic all of which are being treated) 5 weeks ago I injured myself and the latest medication they put me on badly constipated me and so I started taking metamucil last thing at night with the magnesium in soda water I was drinking to help with restless legs.. The up shot of which is since I have been doing this I have slept every night for three weeks till about 4.30, 5.00 am… my concern is that the fibre in the metamucil is going to interfere with the fasting… but at the same time sleeping every night after close to a life time of not sleeping is daunting… possibly taking it every other night will not interfere with sleep but after finding something that appears to make a difference, for who knows what reason, I am reluctant to mess with it when it seems to work can anyone enlighten me as to will the fibre count as calories or is it okay to have it on a fasting day thanks its one level teaspoon metamucil, with one teaspoon therapuetic magnesium powder in soda water each night last thing.

    Metamucil is an insoluble (doesn’t mix well with water) fibre derived from grains and is a carbohydrate that can NOT be digested by humans. There are no calories associated with fibre (soluble or insoluble). Rather than taking it in an artificial manner/form why not try getting it from natural foods? Foods like red or kidney beans, most of the berry fruits, nuts like almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, leafy green veggies, apples with the skin on (insoluble fibre in the skin, soluble fibre in the flesh). Think of insoluble fibre as a bottle brush, its scraping and cleaning you gut and getting rid of all those left over toxins. Your gut bacteria is obviously loving you at the moment. You’ve finally given their home a good spring clean and in return they are making sure you get a good nights sleep. A win-win situation. Keep doing it!!

    Hi Org and welcome:

    Fiber has no calories and it won’t negate your ‘fast’. Some forms of Metamucil have calories – if you are using that form just count them as part of your daily allowance. The sugar free forms have no calories. Bottom line, sleep is more important than ‘fast’ and if you are sleeping then don’t worry about whether or not your combination is impacting your ‘fasting’. You are gaining far more benefits from sleeping than you will gain from ‘fasting’.

    Here are some 5:2 tips that might help:

    Good Luck!

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