Calories from Fat

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  • Hi All,

    Do you count the calories from fat as part of your calorie count total? For instance, is the egg I just ate from Trader Joes 75 calories or is it 120 because of the 45 calories from fat that is listed.

    Thank you!

    I count the total calories of each item I consume.

    Okay, then I think I will skip eggs, that is a lot of calories 😉

    Try buying a non stick pan and cooking it yourself 😉

    yes, I cooked it myself with cooking spray (zero calories) but the egg itself reads 120 calories total for one from the carton (75 calories, 45 calories from fat).

    An egg is 75 calories. The 45 ‘calories from fat’ means that out of those 75 calories, 45 of them come from fat (the yolk in the case of an egg).

    Eggs are a great low calorie source of protein…very filling on fast days!


    Thank you Kitty! I thought you added those two together to get the total. Eggs are back in action 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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