Calorie Counting on recent BBC science show

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Calorie Counting on recent BBC science show

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  • Yes, Several interesting things to be learned about calories in this recent BBC program “The Truth About Calories”.

    One: comparison of 1hr cardio exercise, just sitting around home couch potato style and doing housework after eating 600 calorie breakfast. Best use of calories was the steady movement of housework ! Better than even the cardio gym training!

    Two: the calories listed on ready made meals packaging can underestimate calories by as much as 10% ! But apparently this all works out in the year. Still, not very reassuring is it?

    Three: making tasty meals with less: adding carrots and swedes (rutabaga) to your mash potatoes, using cream instead of butter and using a low calorie sausage takes away a good third of the calories in a usual breakfast!

    I’ll leave the last one on how to make a lovely meal like steak chips and a cream pudding for dessert as that really did have a few things that I didn’t know !

    I watched that BBC documentary as well. I was surprised that the calorie count on ready meals could be off by that much to be honest. Very good show though.

    what words…, a brilliant idea

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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