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  • As soon as I fast my stomach starts burning and it balloons so not very comfortable. Sparkling water can help as it makes me hiccup which does relieve it a bit. I am also much better if I am active as I assume the breathing is helpful. I have found another trick and that is to dissolve 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda and now feel more comfortable. Normally I do need to eat have regular small meals. My husband says hunger is all he feels. ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM? The main reason I am doing it is hoping it might help my gut bacteria and basically have a healthier life with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s as there is a strong family history. Supporting husband as well as he needs to lose weight around his waist. I would like him to be around for as long as possible!

    My stomach doesn’t balloon, but I also get a burning . Drinking plenty of fluids helps, and the bicarbonate sounds like a good idea. My husband and I are also doing this together. We’re doing Dr. Mosley’s revised 800 calories, and that makes it easier to have 3 regular meals which helps.

    Hi Firkincat, I get a painfully acid stomach on fast days between meals, water only helps a little bit. I thought of making some sugar free jelly for a while (a few weeks?) to help settle it down/mop up the acid until my body is used to the new way of eating. Not for the long term because of the nasty artificial sweeteners in it! At the moment I’m just having a few Rennie tabs. I really don’t want to develop an acid stomach problem that could lead to complications and which need meds. I will definitely try your bicarb idea to. Good post!

    Why don’t you all try some kefir which will help to diversify your gut bacteria. It is available in some supermarkets and in wholefood stores, or you can get a kit and make your own.

    Taking bicarb/Rennies etc is treating the symptoms rather than the problem.

    Hi Fcat,

    A contracted stomach produces ghrelin (hunger hormone). An extended stomach in conjunction with food entering the small intestines turns this signal off. If you eat a lot and constantly then your stomach become stretched. That means you have to eat a lot more before your stomach becomes stretched and hence turns off the hunger hormone. There is no easy quick fix, it will take a few months of changing your eating patterns (and amount) before your stomach starts to shrink. As weird as this sounds try apple cider vinegar. Two tablespoons worth. See if that helps curb your hunger. It interacts with your small intestines and helps produce a feeling of satiety.

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