Broken collarbone

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  • Hi all, I’ve been on the 5:2 for a month now and feeling really good about it. I just broke my collarbone last weekend so I’m trying to find out if I should continue fasting while the bone heals. I couldn’t find ant threads on this forum about broken bones.

    Has there been any studies into bone healing while fasting?


    At the top of the page there is an FAQ link.
    It has a question about fasting when you are unwell and advises that you don’t.

    Just make sure you are getting lots of Calcium and less salt/Sodium in your diet as you heal. Calcium will help the bone to grow while extra Sodium prevents the Calcium from being taken up by the bones.
    Just make sure you don’t go the other way and hole up on the sofa eating comfort food!
    happy healing.

    Thanks fasting_me, I’ll make sure there’s enough calcium intake. I’m out and about so no danger in settling in on the sofa 🙂

    To continue on with the topic I started, I have found some reference to faster bone healing during fasting on some sites. There’s not a lot out there but I found this article interesting:

    That repair of wounds, broken bones, sores, ulcers, etc, takes place very rapidly is well known to those who are experienced in observing fasts. Dr Dewey and Dr Felix Oswald have often quoted remarkable cases of healing and repair that have taken place during a fast.

    Calorie restriction (CR) refers to a reduction of calorie intake by 30-40% while retaining protein, vitamin, mineral, water intake to maintain proper nutrition. According to a randomized study of calorie restriction, six months of calorie restriction resulted in favourable physiological alterations, such as fat distribution, body temperature, fasting insulin, T3 and T4, as well as ghrelin levels.

    It’s been 4 months since my initial post and I’m pleased to say the break in my third distal clavical had fused together nicely after 3 months. The surgeon was quite happy with what he saw on the x-ray. Clearly I can’t conclude any benefits from fasting but the results were in line with what the surgeon was expecting so I guess we can say I don’t appear to have hampered my recovery by fasting during the healing phase.

    Not conclusive but I thought I would close the loop after raising this topic.

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