Breastfeeding on 5:2 diet

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  • I’m starting the 5:2 diet today for the first time. I have a 5 year old and a 6 month old baby whom I have been exclusively breastfeeding. We are now weaning Baby E so I think it’s sensible to start this diet. The research I have read about fasting and breastfeeding has been encouraging. There is thought to be very little effect on the breastmilk produced but just to be on the safe side I have upped my daily allowance from 500 to 800 calories and will be interested to see what happens. Obviously my baby’s health comes first so I am keeping a close watch on her during feeds and will cancel plans to continue the diet if she shows any signs of being adversely affected. Personally, I don’t tend to unquestioningly accept blanket cautions on diet and exercise for pregnant and breast feeding woman. This is sadly the case for many foods, diets and exercise regimes. If you scratch beneath the surface there is often no scientific basis to these claims. For example, I was strongly warned against participating in martial arts or running by friends and family whilst pregnant. Further research revealed that such blanket bans were unfounded and my participation in exercise throughout pregnancy made me feel great. My midwife and doctor concurred. I ran a half marathon whilst pregnant and continued martial arts (non-contact) until I was well into my third trimester.

    Anyway, got a bit serious here. I’m just here to while away the hours until I can eat again. Just joking, I have a 6 month old. Off to do busy mumming things. Support, advice, encouragement, chat would be greatly appreciated. I love my food and have no idea how I’m going to get through the rest of the day. Question: f you started your fast at 11pm at night would you start eating after 11pm the next day?

    If you start a fast at 11pm on Sunday it ends on Tuesday morning and you only consume (in your case) 800 calories on Monday

    Ah yes, just saw that on the FAQ! I should have started there. I had a brief read of the book just there too. Thanks!

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