Breakfast ideas.

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  • I was wondering if you can all share what you ate for breakfast today. Thanks

    Hi Nick,

    Are you asking what we ate at Kellogg’s-o’clock, or what we ate when we broke our fast?

    Hi Nick
    Yesterday I broke my fast at 12.00 noon and I ate 120g of baked beans (no toast, cereals or anything else. That was 100 calories.
    At lunch (4pm) 65g sardines (1 tin, drained) + green salad, 6 cherry tomatoes. 1dsp balsamic vinaigre (200 cals)
    At 8pm I had mixed veg curry, 1 egg, 1 orange (200 cals)
    I also have lots of no calorie drinks.
    I keep busy and can honestly say I didn’t get hungry.
    Today I am not fasting and have eaten whatever I fancied without keeping count of calories. I am vegetarian and this influences my food choices.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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