Blood glucose monitor for non diabetics

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Blood glucose monitor for non diabetics

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  • I have some hormone issues. I recently read that specific carbs will have a different effect on each individual.

    I would be keen to track this and do my own experiment, does anyone know of a decent monitor to use and bale to purchase for a person without diabetes?

    I don’t know if one glucose monitor is much different than another. There are standard glucose solutions that can be used to check the monitor if that is your concern. I just go by reviews on Amazon or something like that.

    Factors to consider:
    1) Cost of test strips … normally this is where the money gets spent.
    2) Less of a cost is the lancets for drawing blood, always use a fresh one, it is stupid to get an infection from picking your finger.
    3) Be aware that a weak battery could cause bad results.

    Basically I just picked a meter that has good reviews and supply costs were halfway reasonable. Test strips can be a major expense if one isn’t careful.

    Thanks dykask. Iā€™m still stuck which one to choose but thinking about costs of lancets – good point. Apparently these funky new gadgets stay in the arm so you can gage daily fluctuations.

    Do you have diabetes dykask?

    Thanks again for taking the time to give me such a thoughtful response

    I was pre-diabetic for a few years. High fasting blood glucose.

    The lancets are cheap, it is the test strips that can get costly.

    I am 44 yr old female normally healthy just got back bloodwork showed prediabetic range. There is conflicting reports about women and fasting. I have started 5/2 but am worried I will give myself full blown diabetes if fasting is not good for women??

    Hello, @jsmitty
    I’ve heard that women can fasting, but there is a difference between male fasting and female fasting. Female fasting should have longer lime of eat and shorter time of starving than male šŸ™‚ There is about 2h difference.
    Have you heard about that?

    Thank you for that, I had not heard that. I am loving the 5/2 lifestyle, and having excellent results as well. I am monitoring my glucose, and the numbers have been good as well.

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