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  • Is it ok to fast or can it trigger mania?

    You need to ask your specialist as none of us are qualified to answer your query.

    don’t have one but thx anw

    I was just wondering this too. I don’t have a Psych either. Will ask my GP next time I see her as am struggling with depression symptoms at the moment.

    I am NOT a medical practitioner, so… y’know, what do I know. But personally, I got to 15+stone about 3 years ago, and had just had a knee replacement, then got pheumonia and pulmonary embolisms. THEN I decided to lose weight (Ha! Bit late! It’s amazing what a near death experience can do for you!!). I’ve struggled with depression since my teens; I had a breakdown at Uniersity, and was on and off medication from then on. After the embolisms, I was told to come off my anti depressants straight away (WHICH I’M NOT SUGGESTING OR RECOMMENDING ANYONE DOES), which was bloody awful and plunged me into the darkest of times. It nearly cost me my marriage, and if I’m honest, my life. So I decided to lose weight. I lost 2.5 stone over 18 months (I’ve put some back on and that’s PARTLY why I’m trying 5:2), but as the weight lifted, so did my mood. I still have bad days, but I have to say it’s usually after days of bad eating and little activity. But mainly, I am much more in control. I’ve also taken up 5 – 10 minutes meditation most mornings. I’m still pretty bad on the exercise front, but I am much, MUCH happier and more stable. I’ve convinced myself that sugar – and cheap bread – are REALLY bad for… yup, my mental health. It’s like they make me sludgy and emotional. I have arthritis and I can certainly feel it in my joints when I binge on these poisons – because that’s what they are. So… all I’m trying to say is, I reckon (and like I say, I’m no doctor), healthy weight loss and ANY exercise helps your MENTAL health HUGELY! Please take care and stay safe. x

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