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  • I don’t know what went wrong yesterday but I ate everything in sight. I didn’t even particularly like what I ate so I didn’t do it because I was ‘missing out’ on anything. I just couldn’t stop. Consequently, I feel like a right porker today. I’m trying to fast today but I feel like it would take a whole month of fasting to make up for that lot! Feeling a bit low. BUT there are SO many people in the world worse off than me in SO many ways so I should stop being vain and selfish and just get on with living! Have a great day everyone.

    Hi Chrissie, don’t worry I think we all have bad days – and it is a marathon not a sprint as they say.

    One day of binging, even a bad one is not going to make so much difference in the long run, so try not to beat yourself up about it, even though I understand it makes you feel low. You can’t change it now, the important thing is not to give up and concentrate on the things you can change going forward!

    Good luck – and once you get through today I hope you feel better tomorrow 🙂

    I am fasting today too after spending the weekend eating birthday cake.

    Like Cathyork says, try not to beat yourself up over it. 1 day of binging will not matter in the long run. Just concentrate on getting through your fast today. If you still feel as bad about your 1 day tomorrow then maybe squeeze an extra fast day in during the week to balance everything out. So instead of doing, say, Monday and Thursday do Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Good luck. x

    Thanks folks! I think I’ll add another fast in this week.


    Most everyone has a binge day! You can’t be 100% “good” on any eating plan, or you will go crazy! I have been doing 5:2 for 11 weeks now, lost 22 lbs and have had several “bad” eating days.

    On other diets in the past, this would have made me beat myself up for days and overly obsess about the experience to the point it would make me overeat again and plain give up. Just a vicious cycle, over and over again.

    I won’t say that the negative thoughts don’t try to creep in now, still, from time to time, (because trust me, they do), but the difference this time on this eating plan is, I am forcing those thoughts out. Sometimes you even have to “fake it til you make it”.

    Bottom line, 5:2 works! Binges, successes, good days, bad days and all. Don’t give up and forget all the binges of all the yesterdays, as today is always a new day!

    I had a gorgeous curry takeaway with all the trimmings last week. I loved it but back on with fasting today. Treats taste better when they are treats not a daily event.

    I had a boozey weekend the weekend before last and then was out again last weekend for a calorific meal and wine! I enjoyed what I ate/drank and got back to the fasting plan this week. Remember, life is for living.
    Yes, all of us here are wanting longer, healthier lives but not at the expense of actually living them. the whole point of the diet is guilt free pleasure (feast days) and paying for them with fast day currency. Don’t worry and enjoy not having to make food such an issue. Good luck xxx

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