Best way to introduce exercise?

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Best way to introduce exercise?

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  • Hi all,

    I’m not going to lie, I am a massive fitness-phobe! I guess I never really found anything I enjoy doing regularly. I have upped my activity levels, parking further away, taking stairs, walking to places etc. I was thinking of starting a DVD of intense workout for 30 days. However, should I keep adding the exercise gradually? I worry that by adding it so soon will mean that when I get to a plateau, I won’t have exercise to turn to, to help boost the weight loss. What are other people’s experiences? Xxx

    Well done with the changes that you have made.
    Remember that exercise is just moving your body, it doesn’t have to be anything scary!
    I would rather stick pins in my eyes than do follow a DVD, and I know that i wouldn’t keep it up and then I would feel cross and demoralized.

    How about getting a pedometer and walking 10,000 steps each and every day? Most people only manage 3-4,000 steps, so that would be a great improvement. Plus muscles burn more calories that fat, even when you are just watching tv.

    If you plateau, just change the exercise that you were doing. I am building up running(new venture)with the goal of a half marathon in Sept. I plateaued last week and is it is too hot to run,I went swimming instead and plateau is over.

    Hi Riafaye,

    Like you I don’t enjoy exercising just to exercise. I know that for myself if I make exercise too long, too hard, I will quit doing it. On the theory that some exercise is better than none. I have added regular exercise very gradually. I use a pedometer and if I don’t get 10K steps, I ride my stationary bike for 22min. I have gradually increased the time from 15min. but if I make a big jump, I simply find that I don’t do it at all.

    I would like to find a sport that offers moderate exercise to participate in weekly but so far none has appealed to me. Nothing like getting in your exercise and really not thinking about it because you are enjoying the activity. Perhaps someone on the forum has some suggestions?

    Good luck to you and if you are like me, I would stick with gradually increasing your daily exercise. You are much more likely to stick with the routine.


    Have you ever tried Ceroc?

    Hi Annette52,

    I have never even heard the name. What is it?

    Oh, I’m in the US.


    Ceroc? That’s not something I can say I’ve heard of?? X

    ‘Ceroc is an abbreviation of the French phrase c’est Rock.
    We have been introducing complete beginners to the world of partner dancing for over 28 years and today we are the biggest dance club in the world with hundreds of classes across the globe.’

    Thanks Jenius.

    It is a mixture of salsa, jive and tango that doesn’t require any complicated footwork-just the ability to walk forward and backward.I go once a week, no partners required as lots of single folk go. There is a lesson at the start, when you partner up to learn the various ‘moves’. It is great fun, wear what you like and great exercise for a couple of hours.

    I go on a Tuesday from 8-11pm and there are probably 200 other souls that go. Some go to different venues through the week too.

    How about tap dancing?

    Hey, annette52, the Ceroc dancing looks great fun and very well organised. I know me: I get so enthusiastic and throw myself into this sort of thing 110% and then my 80% knees and other joints pay a price. I will enjoy thinking of you enjoying yourself, though. Exercise, weight-loss and people having fun – perfect!

    Hi all, I’ve been doing the 5:2 for 14 weeks now and losing very slowly (8lb) so far but that’s ok – I don’t mind how slow as long as it keeps coming off. However, I want to incorporate some exercise to help it along. I work as a secretary so my job is sedentary. I’m not an overly sporty person. I do have a treadmill which I use occasionally. the problem I have is that a few months ago I damaged my achilles tendon and now am a bit nervous about what exercise to do. I don’t like swimming and cycling so any thoughts/ideas would be welcomed.

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