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  • There doesn’t seem to be many before & after pics (I presume because most of us are in the ‘during’ phase!) but does anyone have any before & ‘during’ pics they would like to share? I find visual progress rather motivating!

    I’m just under 2 weeks & *think* I can see a few changes to my body already. This is with a 8lb weight loss (water weight included)

    Haha – well if that’s your ‘before’ photo then you really are a lucky Lucy. Good for you on your achievement so far, I’m sure you’ll be successful longterm.

    I’d love to motivate you all with my before and during photos but I don’t have much of a web presence, so until there’s somewhere on here to hang them you’ll just have to take my word for it – I was BIG and now I’m about the same as you luckylucy (or maybe more like your ‘before’ photo 😉 ).

    Well done Lucy.

    You look great but you did before as well.

    I think the main reason that there are not many photos is because this is a diet with a focus on health and not on body shape or size. For this to be a sustainable way-of-life FOR EVER (which may be another 80 years in your case) then people have to let go of vanity goals.

    Great achievement and remember a goal of good health for your 50s, 60s and beyond, not for next summer.

    Thank you for your lovely comments & congrats TracyJ on your weight loss!

    I will readily admit that the reason I started the 5:2 lifestyle primarily for vanity reasons, and the health benefits are just an amazing bonus. Plus I feel it is a safe way of weight management (I couldn’t for example bring myself to try Atkins again because the idea of it health-wise now repulses me).

    As someone in my mid-20s the long-term goals of being healthy in my older years (though admittedly I do want to keep diabetes at bay having seen a lot of my family affected by it..!) don’t stay on the forefront of my mind, so thank you janecw for the reminder. It is all very true, and I do hope that I keep on approaching 5:2 (& eventually 6:1) as a long-term lifestyle as opposed to a ‘quick fix’. That said, if I wanted a quick fix, I don’t think I would choose 5:2… Slow & steady wins the race and all that jazz 😉

    Well done Lucy, there’s definitely an improvement from your photos. I’ve been on this 3 weeks and my body has changed too – so much less bloated on the tummy. I’ve also started exercising this week. All for vanity as well, haha, well pretty much anyway. I didn’t take before pictures though, I should have!

    Thank you @2fast2furious ! My tummy is definitely the ‘wobbliest’ part of me so I’m hoping perhaps the 5:2 will help with it but I know that for me, tummy fat tends to be the hardest to budge & there’s no such thing as spot reducing. The de-bloating is definitely greatly appreciated though! Would definitely recommend taking pictures as we go along, as it can be really motivating to see the small changes as can often forget what the ‘before’ was like 🙂

    I’ve updated my progress pics with some week 4 pics which are less dramatic than week 2 but I like to keep a record:

    Weight has remained somewhat stable (1 lb more over the past couple of weeks) but I’ve still lost some inches here & there. I would love for my waist:height ratio to go down to the healthy ratio (currently sitting on 0.53)

    Still going strong, doing another 4:3 this week hopefully!

    Hi Lucy, are you still following 5:2? If so, how is your progress?

    I’ve been trying to find other bloggers, but not many people seem to be keeping up with their blogs…

    I’m only three weeks in, but am just starting to see a slight difference in my photos

    This diet changed my life! I’ve been on the 6:1 Maintenance now for over two years and my weight never vacillates more that 3-5 pounds if I slack off…and is easy to correct again by re-starting the 5:2 for a few weeks. Last Diet you will EVER need! And before this one, I had tried them all.

    Happy Fasting


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