bad symptoms after 2 months of intermittent fasting

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bad symptoms after 2 months of intermittent fasting

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  • Hey guys. I am following a 6:1 diet in which 6 days I eat a single meal per day consisting of one salad, one carb product (like bulgur wheat, rice or tomato sauce pasta plate) and half bread, and in the 7th day I eat a pizza or whatever I feel like eating.

    This has been great and I lost 8 pounds in january (not sure if good but thank you so much!) The problem is now that I get some nasty episodes of faintiness (I feel like I’m losing conscious and difficulty breathing) that are fixed when I have a second meal. I add salt and drink lots of water, what am I doing wrong? Thanks

    Go to a Doctor. This is not normal, but then the way you are fasting is not the recommendation either. I’m no expert but you seem to not be following the 5:2 diet at all. Also I notice that everything you eat is carbs – no protein mentioned on your fasting day at all. Why not re-read the 5:2 diet book and do it properly? Fast only on two days a week, make sure you eat a well balanced diet including protein, fats, veg and carbs. On fast days I don’t eat any grains at all because they’re too high in calories and I find they don’t serve me as well anyway. The book has suggested menus – try that instead of the extreme thing you seem to be doing. I bet if you don’t have any illnesses, that doing this fast correctly, on only two days instead of six, will correct any faintness.

    Hi Pajeet

    I agree with Zetteon you are not doing the 5:2 diet!!!! Your eating plan is not giving you any protein, healthy fats, lacking in variety of vegetables to ensure that you get all the essential components of a healthy diet.

    Click on Forum above then onto Most Popular Topics – scroll down until you find “The Basics for Newbies – Your Questions Answered! ” On Page 1 of that forum Simcoelove has written a great post giving you great guidance on what constitutes the 5:2 diet or Way of Life

    I would strongly advise that you change your way of eating promptly to a healthy one PLEASE


    Thanks for the advice both of you. I get the protein from the chicken I eat in between the bread (not fried, ovened) and the ayran (turkish drink) that I drink but I guess I just need to supplement with more nutrients. Calorie counter says that I need about 1800 calories a day to lose two kilograms (4 pounds) in a month so I’ll go with two daily meals rich in protein and other nutrients.

    I also forgot to mention that yes I do have diabetes type 2 and emphysema. I guess my body is not fit to go through these blood sugar losses and I need to supply carbs more often while still keeping to my daily limit.


    Pajeet, if you are diabetic you should be looking at cutting down the carbs and eating more vegetables, healthy fats and protein.
    There are many diabetics and in some cases ex diabetics who follow 5:2 so have a look in the health section and read some of the diabetes realted threads as I’m sure there will be some useful information that will help you.

    Thank you but I also have hyperthyroidism which gives me an abnormally fast metabolism. I’ll still do a week trial of a lower calorie diet and higher protein / potassium / sodium / calcium / B12 intake. I’ll check out the health section

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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