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  • Morning everybody.

    So, I had a very bad day yesterday. It started off well, but then descended into biscuits, chocolate, flapjacks and pancakes with cream…

    It was like I just couldn’t stop myself! I felt full, and my tummy was a little bloated and painful, but I still went in for more! Two chocolate bars and 4 biscuits while I was at work, some chocolate buttons as soon as I got home, pre-pancake mini flapjack, POST-pancake mini flapjacks!

    I haven’t felt the need to eat like that in a long time, and I can only put it down to the fact that I went away to London at the weekend and had a ‘no-restriction’ policy towards food while I was there.

    I’m fasting again today (4:3 this week), so I really hope that I can ‘re-set’ my craving button! I’ve also got a yoga class tonight before bed, so that should hopefully chill me out a little and give me time to think.

    Do any of you have days like I’ve just had? I really don’t want to blow it now, as I’ve such a great experience so far.

    Don’t worry! It happens to everyone!! I find the policy of “eat what you want on non-fast days” quite dicey, as the little stop eating switch in my head goes kaput for a few days after that. Keeping a food dairy and writing every morsel down is the only strategy that works for me – unfortunately!
    Best of luck, and look forward, don’t worry about what’s done 🙂

    I have to echo Lotus – don’t worry, we have all been there – I’ve been there – I’ve even been there on a fasting day where I’ve been hungry all day then started eating and not stopped until I’ve felt physically sick. We are all on this eating regime because we have over-eaten and trying to adjust our habits. Be proud of yourself that this is the first blip you’ve had compared to it having used to be a fairly regular occurrence before fasting. Pick yourself up and carry on – you will feel so much better after a fast day and some yoga. You can do it! Don’t beat yourself up 🙂

    Thank you for the support Lotus and LittleDragon!

    I agree, there is a reason why we are here right now – we’re only human after all!

    I did think to myself yesterday evening – this is how I used to eat every single day without batting an eyelid. And it shocked me. I felt pretty bad by bedtime, and I still felt queasy this morning when I woke up.
    I guess this means that my body has already adapted to my new way of eating, and took exception to being foodily abused!

    I always track my food, fast day or normal day. Yesterday I was pushing 3000 calories (my TDEE is around the 1800 calorie mark). So that’s almost twice as much as I really needed!!

    Fast day is going well so far and I haven’t had any hunger pangs yet – I clearly ate enough yesterday to last me for a while!

    Really looking forward to yoga tonight. I’m going to try to use the relaxation exercise at the end of session to clear my head of all negative thoughts.
    Tomorrow is another day.

    Thank you again for your support. It’s good to hear that others have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

    No problem Clickbeetle. I’m glad you feel a bit better, I think to have a fast day after a bit of a bump in the road is good for your body and mind, it helps you get back on track mentally. It’s good that you track your calories, I don’t do that – I do write down everything that I eat every day though, which helps me keep focus. I think the fact that you realised that you used to eat like that every day, but now it’s a one off, is a really big sign of progress. I had a bit of a blip too yesterday, I had some tortilla chips I didn’t even need to have, some chocolate I didn’t need to have, and crackers with soft cheese and ham, again didn’t need to have it, and probably consumed an extra 400 or so calories over what I would have done if I didn’t eat those things but I woke up this morning and realised it’s a new day, I don’t need to get hung up on what I ate last night and just go on with what I had planned. Don’t worry, we have all been there and I am sure you’ll feel better after yoga tonight.

    Feel free to chip in on an ongoing thread I started last year – it’s called LittleDragon & Friends – lots of encouragement on there if ever you need it!

    Hi! Other side of the pond, so am responding late. I hope your fast day went well. You are doing great tracking food, the awareness that we have eaten too much a big step forward isn’t it? 🙂

    Thank you again LittleDragon and Lotus!

    I’m actually really glad I tracked my calories on Tuesday. I could have simply dismissed all the bad eating and played dumb, but it was a good wake-up call to see that huge figure pop up on the screen!

    I’m feeling much more positive this morning. I had a very low calorie fast day yesterday, followed by a blissful yoga session before bedtime.

    I’m so impressed with this way of eating. On any normal “diet” I would’ve thrown the towel in by now. I have to agree LittleDragon – a day of fasting after a bump in the road really does have the power to reset your way of thinking.

    Thanks for the invite to muscle in on your thread! I do read it regularly, so it’s about time I introduced myself to all the lovely people on it!

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