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  • Hi,
    I’ve been doing to suggested (from the book) Fast Strength exercises for the last 2-3 weeks. I think the selection of exercises are great for arms, shoulders, chest, abs and legs but there are no back exercises. Does anyone have any suggestions for back exercises to compliment the others from the book.

    Hi wotdoino and welcome to the fast diet forum

    I can’t help you with suggestions for back exercises; whenever I think about exercise I have to have a lie down (on my back!)

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that-the old ones are the best.

    Hi Wotdoino, assuming you have access to the internet, have a look at some of the Pilates workouts on YouTube. Pilates is great for your back. Don’t go thinking it’s just for girls either! Check out the 30 minute workout from e30. The instructor has amazing abs. I know it’s a bit lazy to refer you on but it would take a while to jot them all down here. Enjoy.

    Ali 🙂

    Hi wotdoino, here to help!

    Where abouts are you aiming to work on your back? Upper, lower? They other exercises do work the back as well, in a secondary kind of way. For example, jumping jacks or lunges both need the upper body to be stabilised, so your lower back and abdominal/core muscles work to maintain balance together.

    For more intense lower back work, try some superman’s/bananas (depending on who you’re talking to!) Lie on your front, put your hands beside your temples like if you were doing a sit up, then using your lower back raise your chest off the floor as high as you can. Slowly lower down and repeat. Its not a massive movements, but you’ll start to feel it for sure!

    Pull ups or chin ups, lateral pull downs, dead lift, bent over dumbbell row, front squats, seated cable row are all great exercises to get rid of your back fat and also tone your back muscles.

    Sorry that I also don’t focus on back exercise. Hope you get a reply soon.

    I used to have occasional back pain. Literature I read at the time is that strengthing your core muscles is the key in most cases. I started doing ab work (crunches, leg raises, plank) & added squats as they were recommended as good for overall stability. Haven’t had any back issues for years (10 or more).

    Any good exercise using pull up bar for back?

    It all depends on what you mean by “back.” Do you mean lower back or upper back?

    The upper back is mainly used for pulling actions as it operates on the shoulder joints. The lower back is mainly used for bending and twisting actions as it operates on the core area.

    My advice would be to be very specific about what you’re looking for and then go on to youtube. But be selective on youtube. There are a lot of people posting who have little or no idea what they’re talking about.

    Personally, I like calisthenics (body-weight) exercises as they work more muscles. As an example; push ups are designed to work your triceps and pecs, but they also recruit the abs and quads as stabilisers to prevent your body bending at the waist.

    1) deadlift
    2) pullups
    3) bent over barbell rows

    i actually hit back twice a week. one workout for width, one to build thickness

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