Away from home for 4 nights.

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  • Hi all,

    I am still a beginner and I am just about getting used to fast days! Next week I am on a course with work and away from home, for 4 nights. I would really like to keep the fasting momentum going, so could anyone offer any advice. Places to eat / shop? Cheers 🙂

    How many FDs are you planning to have while away?
    If you are able to eat just one meal a day on a FD, then I’d recommend you stick to water, tea and coffee through the day (most training courses will supply these throughout the day). Keep a piece of fresh fruit in your bag that you can have during the day if you really need it then eat a moderate meal for dinner. If you order some that isn’t laden with pasta or rice, has a lot of vegetable and some meat, chicken or fish that’s been grilled or steamed than it should be within the calorie limit fairly easily. Just stick to a portion of protein that’s about the size of your fist – if they give you more than that don’t eat it. I also find it helpful to ask a restaurant or cafe not to put certain things on the plate – eg chips, bread, high calorie dressings etc – if they aren’t there I’m not tempted to eat them.
    If you are trying to eat healthily on the non-fast days then keeping a supply of fresh fruit in your hotel room as snacks could also be helpful. Not sure where you live – most cities in Australia have fruit vendor stalls in the main city street or mall, but that may not occur in other countries. If unsure, ask at the reception desk in your hotel, they should be able to give advice on where you can buy what you need.


    Every supermarket in the UK carries a “diet” range so wherever you are you’ll be able to get something appropriate on your FDs.
    You could skip breakfast, have a low calorie yoghurt and a piece of fruit for lunch and either a salad or sushi for dinner. I often used to eat sushi on FDs if I was out and about and if the calorie count was a bit high I would leave some of the rice.
    Allow yourself a bit of leeway if calories are a bit higher than you would like and have 600 calories on FDs. It’s a better option than not fasting at all.

    Good luck.

    Been here as I had 2 holidays (4 and 3 days) twice in Aug. Before 12 Aug, I was on 4 days with 2 meals and 3 days on 1, and everything was amazing. Came back from 1st holiday, and 1 day meal became impossible, as I had cravings by night time.

    And then went to the 2nd holiday trip, but made some changes this time and it worked. Now I am on 2 meals a day, or 16:8 fasting. And in 5 days, I am back on same weight, which I had before the 1st holiday.

    So, just enjoy your holidays, eat with friends and family, and start the fasting regime, with 16:8 which is pretty much normal way of eating in many European nations.

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