Autumnal Spiced Apple Pud – 100cal per serving!

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Autumnal Spiced Apple Pud – 100cal per serving!

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  • Picked up some windfalls yesterday and rather than turn them into pie or pud (I will make both at one stage over winter!) I stewed them. Might seem obvious to some but is absolutely flipping delicious and ridiculously low cal:

    *350g cooking apples, peeled, cored, cubed (post-prep weight!)
    *35g ‘total sweet’ sugar alternative (comes in at about 85cal, agave nectar would be approx 105)
    *25g sultanas
    *tsp mixed spice
    *tsp cinnamon
    *25g flaked almonds

    Put all ingredients except almonds in a pan and cook over a medium heat with the lid on for approximately 10mins or until softened.

    Add flaked almonds at the end of cooking time and allow to cool and refrigerate.

    100g of the stewed apples = approx 100calories

    So I served myself 100g of 0% fat Greek style yoghurt (57 cals) with 50g of the apples stirred through (50g). Soooo tasty!

    The sweet tooth that hounded me last time I quit smoking has returned this time round (2weeks+ smoke free!!)… But determined not to let it beat me!!

    LittleWing, Hi, I am playing golf at the weekend (well attempting to hit a very small ball while trying to look good). There are some Apple trees on the course shedding their “load” so I will “aquire” some and give your recipe a go. Will keep you posted.
    Keep off the Cancer Sticks, (oops sorry). Well done for the two weeks keep it going.
    Good Luck

    Everyone knows what I am having for dessert tonight now (except the sultanas, I don’t like those)….. sounds amazing – must go pick up some 0% fat yoghurt and apples. Any excuse for a walk – works for me.

    Tomorrow night’s pud!! Without the almonds in my case. I have some apples in the fruit bowl that need to be used so I won’t need the sweetener. Thank you.

    I made this for dessert a few days ago (minus the sultanas) and it was delicious. DH has asked me to make it for him again one evening. Our daughter ate it too and she loved it.

    This ones is definitely a keeper. Makes a nice change from low-cal jelly which is our usual dessert.

    I also added a splenda tablet (crushed) for extra sweetness in the apples – but as they are almost zero calories – it didn’t change the overall calorie amount.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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