Autoimmune disorders and fasting

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  • Hi to all,

    I am back for my second round of The Fast Diet – the first time, a few months ago, I completed the diet across 3 1/2 weeks. I was really getting into it and enjoying the diet – and was happy with the modest amount of weight I lost. I was then unexpectedly hit with a number of symptoms related to my autoimmune disease as well as some new ones I haven’t experienced before. I wondered at the time if the diet had something to do with this as I had been stable for quite some time.

    But now I am back on track and I am hoping the first time round was just a horrible coincidence and unrelated to the dieting. Fingers crossed.

    How have others fared with either specific autoimmune diseases or autoimmune type symptoms without an official diagnosis?

    Hi Emerald, sorry to hear about your flare up. Pleased for you that you are back on track. Do let us know how you get on with restarting the diet. Here,s hoping it works for you this time

    Me and hubby have just started this diet and I have a very serious autoimmune disease, I will be interested to see how it goes! Have just finished second fast day and unfortunately fatigue is worse on fast days so far, even hubby was tired today. We’re doing 24 hours, calorie allowance, 12 hours then feed day. As hubby has to work he may try 12 hours, half calories, 12 hours, rest of calories, 12 hours and feed day.

    We will see!

    Take care.

    Thanks Clare and august23, what do you know one and half weeks in and yep I have been feeling yuck – like the onset of a head cold / allergies since last Friday. When I feel so blah I can’t stand the thought of fasting. Again it could just be a coincidence but it does make me wonder if this just isn’t for me.

    Good luck to you both.


    Hello Emerald

    I am sorry it’s not working, you can’t say you didn’t give it a go. Hope you find something else that works for you.

    Take care.

    Hi August23 and Emerald, I have two autoimmune disorders. Type 1 diabetes and sjogrens dissease. I fasting now for my 4th week and I don’t have any extra problems with those. Emerald I’m feeling bad for you that you do! I understand why you want to quit with it, this diet is suppossed to be easy, but for you it isn’t. I wish you luch with your next diet. Maybe you specialist knows why you have these flare ups combined with this diet?

    This is my first day on the diet. I started out with “hump day” as my first fast. I will try Mondays and Wednesdays and see how it goes. I too have autoimmune disease, RA which has become very aggressive this year. I just received my 2nd infusion with Rituxan and I am hopeful that this will work for me. I was a Remicade patient for 11 years when it stopped working. Felt like I was hit by a semi truck over and over!

    I am hoping that this 2 day fast will help keep me focused on proper eating. I have been on the diet carousel for years, succeeding and then ultimately failing. All because I allow that failure to happen. I go haywire after I lose weight. I’m sure people shake their head when they see my weight gain.

    I will try to consume no more than 500 calories today and I am hydrating like crazy.

    My blood pressure is quite high so that needs to be my primary concern. It was an alarming 166/88 yesterday. May be related to treatment, but regardless I need to get that under control ASAP

    I’ve never participating in a posting forum, so I apologize for my rambling.

    Any advise would be appreciated and I will post my results hopefully all positive. I would like to lose 25 pounds which is a long term goal.

    Wish me luck as I wish everyone embarking on their journeys

    I too have a number of autoimmune disorders. Sjรถgren’s disease, autoimmune peripheral neuropathy, autoimmune problem with my ears etc etc I have been on corticosteroids for a number of years and gained a lot of weight as having been very seriously ill I was in bed for a very prolonged period of time. Previously I have never needed to diet as I was very fit and ate healthily. The long-term potential health benefits of this diet are attractive to me as well as the potential for slow but maintained weight loss. I have been on the diet now for four weeks and although I haven’t weighed myself as I don’t want to become preoccupied with the figures I have definitely lost weight and look much healthier. I have recently (a couple of months before starting the diet) started mindfulness meditation as well and this may be contributing to my well-being. I certainly haven’t had an exacerbation of my auto
    Disease on the diet despite the fact that I am due my rituximab infusion and often get a bit of a flare around this time. I hope you have better luck with the diet. I’m certainly going to keep persisting and I’m pleased to hear that other people with autoimmune disease have tolerated it well.

    I have SLE(Lupus), Sjorgren’s, Type II diabetes. and high blood pressure. I am in my 8th week. Several of the weeks I have done 4:3 instead of 5:2. I have not experienced any adverse side effects from the fasting life style. I have lost 12 lbs, and several inches in various places. Buying new clothes may be an adverse, but welcome side effect. I do have mid-afternoon low blood sugar on some days, but I have experienced that fasting or not. Still need to lose about 70 lbs so I expect this life style change to be permanent. Any suggestions on the low blood sugar?

    Well done hard judge on losing 12 pounds. I am impressed by you doing 4:3 rather than 5:2 though I don’t find the fast days especially difficult. I am sorry you are having problems with low sugars – what are you having for breakfast? I wonder if you need something a bit more ‘slow release’ like porridge or have you tried that already? Keep up the good work.
    I too have lupus/ primary Sjogrens and quite a lot of neurological problems as well. I have lost about 8 pounds which as I am on steroids I was really pleased about. I even managed not to gain any weight when I had high dose steroids oral and IV for a flare set off by shingles. Now back to normal dose so hope weight loss will continue. Like you I see this as a way of eating for life.

    Helena, I generally have the low sugar about 4 hours after breakfast when I have eaten carbs. My solution is that generally I eat an omelette that has a minimum of carbs. Interestingly this year have have had a serious bout of shingles which was activated by infusions of the new lupus drug, Benlysta. My wife has lost 20 lbs in the same time that I lost the 12.

    Hardjudge I am on Rituximab 6 monthly but shingles was just before an infusion was due so not related to that. Probably just general immunosuppression. Am hoping diet will help reduce inflammation as that is one of the proposed benefits but guess that will take time. Interesting that breakfast with carbs causes the problem- glad you seem to have found a solution.

    today was weight-in day. I was down 3 lbs, so last week was a success. That makes 15 lbs in 8 weeks. The breakfast with carbs and blood sugar problems is also connected with taking meds in the morning before breakfast.

    Hi I have an auto immune disease lupus also can get a chronic hives and oedema quite frequent. I personally feel it’s a battle to loose weight as my immune system fights me and tend to carry water. Does anyone else have problems with fluid retention and feel this diet helps them x

    Hi -I also have a from of lupus and did the 5:2 for about 16 months. I am now on maintenance. Although I am still on steroids I do not have the fluid retention I had on higher doses and have managed to go from about 95kg (which was my maximum after a long period of being very unwell and immobile and on high dose steroids) to 65kg. I did not find the diet difficult and certainly feel the weight loss and diet has contributed significantly to a general improvement in health. I have also begun meditation and therapeutic yoga as part of a lifestyle modification. So I would say, just go for it!! It will be worth it.

    hi everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
    So i get chronic headaches and occasional migraines… went to a naturopath and he said i have lupus. Havent had blood tests to confirm but he tells me im in early stages and prob wont show up in tests anyway… I also have type 2 diabetes in the family so he tells me i should do this diet for 12 months and I should be totally healthy (big call but ill give it a go) So i had a few headaches the first 2 weeks.. he tells me that if im a coffee drinker (i have 1 or 2 a day) i must have coffee on my fast day to avoid the headaches… and also i may have been detoxing.. I was also super hungry on my fast days ( i am an eating machine!) he tells me that i must have good high protein food the day before… this does work! And also we must up our water intake.. we get a lot of water from the food we eat so when we are fasting we arent getting that extra water… Also I am not fasting for weight loss.. I am 52kg so to make sure I dont lose anymore weight he says i must have 2000 calories the day before fast.. I havent lost any weight so far and its been 6 weeks fasting.

    The other issues i am having is fatigue… I really struggle getting out of bed every day.. that hasnt changed yet… I have a rash on my face which he thought was the lupus but last time i went and got tested again (2 weeks ago) he told me lupus levels were considerably low but face rash hadnt improved so now he thinks i have food allergies… gluten sensitivity.. cut out pretty much all gluten, the rash isnt as pimply and the redness has cleared a little but still hasnt gone away.. so clearly not the only thing setting me off ๐Ÿ™

    Anyways enough of my rambling… i think we need to stick this diet out for some time before the body will right itself… its a process that takes time and if we persist im sure we will all get good results.. Good luck to everyone out there with health issues, i really hope that this is what helps you to live a better life… I also think that meditating could be very beneficial to our health.. What have we got to lose?

    Hi hpearce – in response to your query re fliud retention. When I started the 5.2 about 18 months ago the first thing I noticed was loss of extra fluid. My face became less puffy, as well as my hands and feet/ankles. I found the 5.2 a bit too hard on me (I have dx of chronic fatigue, but am now getting RA type symptoms) so I changed to 8 hour diet and do it most days. I fast for 16 hrs a day and eat for 8. My weight is steady after an initial loss, but I don’t put any on – probably slowly coming off.

    Hello, here is all about lupus (autoimmune diseases) and nutrition ->

    Hope that helps

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an auto immune disease called ulcerative colitis, around the time i was diagnosed i put on alot of weight, this was not due to medication. Since being diagnosed in 2010, i have gone through lots of flares, but take no medication,,as i would rather suffer the disease than the cancer caused by medications. I have actually found in the week only, of doing the 5 and 2, i have lost three kilos, and am feeling quite good. I am wondering perhaps if the fasting benefits my intestines, by allowing them the opportunity to rest and heal. Anyway just thought i would share.

    I am still having tests to determine what is going on however…CRP has dropped from 21 to 13. It is still higher than normal range however, thought it a significant drop so adding in the info.

    A small lesion in my adrenal gland has shrunk from 15mm to 8mm.

    Tests I had recently showed I have low cortisol, so am hoping when I see the endocrinologist to sort that out.

    Otherwise, I’m keeping on with 5:2. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like it and thank you to all involved in introducing it to us!

    Hi everyone. I have several chronic illnesses including RA since youth, hyperthyroidism, and autoimmune ear issues. I’ve been on the 5:2 for about 4 weeks and appear to suffer increased fatigue at about the 15-17 hour mark on a fast day. Must be the body stress that signals repair. So I stop fasting at 24 rather than 36 hrs to recover faster the next day + have 2 days between fast days. My issue – my arthritis has flared badly this week – thinking it could be the diet – if my immune system is improving and counteracting my immunosuppressant medication then it makes sense… I’ve had other improvements that suggest my immunity may be higher. The balance is always so tough. Anyone have any updates or similar issues?? Hayley

    Hi Hayley,

    I also have Hashimoto’s and RA. Mine is all quite recent – H about 12 months ago and the RA confirmed 6 months. Everything seems to be under control with medication. 150 mg thyroxine and 2 plaquinels with anti-inflammatories when I feel sore. I’m only on week 3 (and sore and very tired today) but am happy to swap symptoms etc as we go.



    Hi there everyone. I’m glad I’ve found this thread. I also have an auto immune condition. It’s called autoimmune neutropenia. No one has every heard of it! It means my neutrophils (white blood cell count) goes low sometimes.

    A nutritionist recently told me that diet has a big impact on autoimmune conditions.

    If you’re interested check out the film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. I know the title is a bit off putting, but he managed to cure his auto immune condition through his diet. It’s pretty amazing.

    Been on 5-2 for 8 weeks and have had an easy time of it. I had read that it may help my psoriasis but it really has not affected anything, except 8 pounds of fat!,, my diet hasen’t really changed’ because even on fast days I just eat what I normally eat only far,far less!, it doesn’t seem possible that eating like that would have any effect on any autoimmune disease. So I really feel this diet is for weight loss only and when u loose weight, you just get healthier, period!

    Very interested in this thread as I’m about to start this diet – switching from the 2 day diet – a low carb version as its no longer working for me.

    I have 3 autoimmune disease’s – SLE (Lupus), Sjogrens & Coeliac disease (which most people don’t realise is auto immune and NOT an allergy. All OK at the moment so will be interesting to see how I feel as I want to do 4:3 from the off! I also have exceptionally low blood pressure together with a very slow metabolism and think my thyroid is starting to not work as last year I lost over 2 stone on The 2 Day Diet and this year in 6 weeks only lost 3 lbs!

    Hi. I have lupus pcos and have been doing 4:3 for 4 weeks. I must admit I’m not super strict on my feed days, but have managed to loose 4kg. i have found 4:3 easier than 5:2,and I don’t tend to overeat as much. Feeling much better, mood more stable, much less fatigue which is a win. Only trouble is taking meds on fast days,they don’t go so well on an empty stomach! Hopefully I can stick with it for another month or so and then switch to maintenance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hello everyone, I’m 3-4 weeks in, have AI Thyroiditis and AI HLA B27 (it has another name but my doctor hasn’t furnished me with labels!) lost 10lbs, I find the only issue is diarrhoea after a fast day, with a few very close calls!!! I think this may be down to me not giving too much thought to what I eat on non fast days. I also have IBS and I’m sure this doesn’t help. I’m hoping it will settle, I’ve read to avoid carbs for breakfast… Any thoughts? Thank you

    I have Coeliac (hla dq2 positive too), hashimoto anthoibdies of 750 but now they are 15, RA has also gone.

    I have changed my diet completely but am looking for something longer term to fit in with what I eat, hence 5:2

    Matrika, I was most interested in your post and was wondering how you were getting on with 5:2 and low cortisol? I had been fasting regularly for 2 years and loved it until recently. I was admitted in May this year after a collapse. Subsequent tests showed low cortisol and am waiting for endocrine review. Have been thinking about restarting 5:2 and would be interested to know how you are getting on, or anyone else with low cortisol/addison’s disease. I also am hypothyroid but found 5:2 worked well with this and kept my weight well maintained and felt energized.

    I have crohn’s disease and enteropathic arthritis. I am about to start the diet along with my husband. Hoping not to get any side effects. Am not going to fast on Fridays as have infliximab infusion and methotrexate injections on a Friday.
    Here’s hoping.

    2 and a half months into this diet, I developed an auto-immune skin disease called Bullous pemphigoid. Otherwise I felt very well and lost 5 kgs. Also my blood levels improved (cholesterol, triglycerides). I just wonder whether the disease could have been triggered by the diet or is this just coincidence? Any similar experiences?


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