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  • BANANA & EGG PANCAKE – Good for non fast days
    1 Banana About 126 g (110 cals)
    1 medium Egg (70)
    Mundella Plain Greek Yoghurt 125 g (130)
    Woolworths Frozen Mixed Berries 150 g (76)
    OR 1 Fresh Passionfruit Pulp (35)
    Pinch of Ground Cinnamon (optional) (1)
    Pinch of Ground Ginger (optional) (2)

    Mash banana then mix in one egg. Add spices if having.
    Dollop mixture into frypan ( I make two small pancakes)
    Top with berries and yoghurt.

    I use free range eggs bought direct from farm and have put Mundella yoghurt because that’s the only one I use and I am not sure of calories for any others.
    SERVES 1.
    389 calories with berries or 348 with passionfruit.


    4 tbsp greek yoghurt
    2 tbsp chopped coriander
    freshly ground salt & pepper
    4 tbsp self raising flour
    1 tsp ground cumin
    1 large egg beaten
    2 tbsp cold water
    125gr carrots & 1 small brown onion grated tog in a food processor
    50gr fetta crumbled
    oil spray for cooking (or use oil on a NFD for more calories)

    For coriander yoghurt mix tog yoghurt & coriander, salt & pepper. Refrigerate.
    Mix together all other ingredients for the fritters leaving the fetta till last so it doesn’t break down too much. Season to taste.
    Spoon dollops into frypan sprayed with oil. Cook 2-3 mins each side till brown. Serve hot with coriander yoghurt.

    VERY TASTY – EVEN MY MEATLOVING OH SAYS SO! And what’s more didn’t ask for any meat on the side! Easy peasy too.

    Herbed Mushroom triangles

    2 Mountain Bread wraps
    Leek 50 grams
    Chives , dessert spoon chopped
    Lemon thyme, I use lemon rind sometimes , dessert spoon
    1 spring onion
    Parsley, 1 dessert spoon chopped
    Lite Philly Cream Cheese. 150 grams
    Mushrooms chopped 250 grams chopped.
    Sprinkle of paprika
    Sesame seeds

    Sauté leek, chives spring onions,lemon thyme, parsley and mushrooms in pan sprayed with oil for about 5 minutes
    Transfer to mixing bowl and allow to cool. Mix in the Philly Cream Cheese and season to taste

    Place the Mountain Bread Wraps on a tray and fill one half of each one diagonally.
    Fold over the other half u til they look like a triangle. Spray a little oil on the edges and both sides stick together. Sprinkle with paprika, spray with a little more oil and add sesame seeds .

    Bake for 20 min in moderate oven and serve hot. I serve with baby spinach leaves or lettuce and tomato on the side.
    Serves 2 at 295 cals per serve. Yummy

    Curried cauliflower filling for above.
    250 grams cauliflower florets
    150 grams Philly lite Cheese
    Leek 50 grams
    Onion . 50 grams
    1 teaspoon Curry powder.
    1/2 teaspoon cumin

    Same everything else as above and same method.
    Slightly less cals
    I don’t always have leeks so just use spring onions or Garlic chives.
    Whatever is in your garden I guess. Just mix and match.
    Don’t have to have the sesame seeds either if you don’t have any.

    I also make a filling of the cream cheese and baby spinach with a few herbes and onion, you can make up anything you have in the fridge. Just don’t need to cook the baby spinach.

    Great lunches for the cold days when you don’t feel like salad.
    So easy to make …enjoy

    Green bean Salad. For NFD as I haven’t worked out the calories.

    Green beans
    1/2 onion
    2 cloves garlic
    5 teaspoons Balsamic vinegar
    2 1/2 teaspoons olive oil.

    Zapp the green beans in the microwave or steam until just done. Allow to cool.
    Chop the onions quite fine. Mince the garlic and mix it with the olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. I use a Bamix. Add the onions. Once the beans are cool enough stir the mix thorough the beans. Cover and store in the fridge.

    Shepherds pie with cauliflower and pumpkin mash

    Fairly basic but hearty for winter and low cal and low carb.

    1 onion
    150g zucchini
    150g carrot
    100g mushrooms
    150ml passata
    3/4 cup frozen peas
    1T olive oil
    1 desertspoon minced garlic
    400g 4 star premium mince (Aldi)
    parsley, basil, herbs..whatever you like. I stuck in some paprika too.
    salt and pepper to taste

    400g cauliflower
    350g pumpkin
    1 teasp garlic minced.
    30g cornflakes
    30g lite cream cheese

    Chop veg into small cubes. add oil and garlic to pan and cook the veg for a few minutes with your herbs etc leaving the mushrooms till afterwards. Add the mince and brown. Add mushrooms and passata. Season. Let cook for around 20 mins. I added a stock cube and fiddled with the flavours. Put into a casserole dish and let cool a bit.

    Steam the cauliflower and pumpkin while the mince is cooking. Place into a food processor with the lite cream cheese and garlic and blitz. Season to taste. Let cool a bit.

    Carefully spoon the topping onto the mince and top with crunched up cornflakes (optional but nice).

    Bake at 200ish for about 30 mins till bubbling and crispy on the top.

    makes 6 serves at 236 calories each…


    A little spicy but easy peasy and very filling. A good FD dinner.


    1 onion
    1 pkt old el paso chilli spice mix
    1 tin red kidney beans
    1 tin diced tomatoes
    500g extra lean mince

    to serve (not included in calories)
    lite sour cream
    mushed up avo if you like it
    some grated cheese
    small flour or corn tortilla (corn ones only 57 cals)

    Brown mince with onions. I did not add oil but if needed you can add a bit. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cook. Season to taste.

    Serve with a dollop of sour cream and avo if you want. I heat up a tortilla in the microwave and make a mini burrito.

    Makes 5 serves at 224 calories per serve excluding condiments.


    Delicious, easy and a nice snack to take to work with crackers and is great with carrot sticks or celery for FD snack. 25g is 57 calories.

    1 tin chickpeas (drained with liquid reserved)
    1 teasp garlic (or to taste)
    1/4 cup lemon juice ( i always end up adding more)
    2T tahini
    2T olive oil
    1 teasp cumin powder
    salt to taste

    Drain chickpeas into a large plastic container and keep the liquid aside. Add water to the chickpeas and rub a bit, removing the skins. Do this for about 5 mins. Its very cathartic and helps the hommus be smooth as these husks are quite tough. You float them off then add more water and continue till you are happy most are gone.

    In a food processor place all ingredients and blitz till smooth. Add salt to taste and if its a bit thick add some of the chickpea water or more oil. fiddle with the taste, adding more lemon juice or garlic or salt, till you are happy with the taste. Dont let it be too thick at this stage as it thickens a bit in the fridge. make it slightly more liquid than normal hommus you buy in the supermarket.Place in the fridge…let it rest for a few hours before serving. Once you have done this you wont buy hommus again.

    Its really nice with crackers or leb bread which has been toasted a bit and is crisp. Its great with lots of things.

    AussieAnnie, I’ve been making this same recipe for years but I just learned the bit about the skins. I will have to try it with that extra step. I always add more lemon too.

    The “buttermilk fried chicken” (aka best ever, thank you dear SIL) recipe – note: it takes time between steps but even for me (not a fry cook) it was quite simple and easy.

    Chicken pieces (recipe calls for 3# chicken, use what you like)
    Flour (~2 cups) + seasonings (recipe calls for 1 T salt, 1 tea. black pepper, 1/2 tea. cayenne – I used less pepper and cayenne but added a pinch of Italian herbs). Put in a shaker bag.
    3 cups buttermilk
    1-2 onions, thinly sliced
    1 cup shortening (like Crisco), half a stick of butter (you may need more of each for multiple batches)
    Wax paper for chicken to rest on (very important step)

    The steps:
    Rinse the chicken – no need to shower or dry 😉
    Salt the chicken pieces, place in bowl, let rest 1-2 hrs.
    Rinse well, then put back in bowl with buttermilk and sliced onions.
    Let marinate overnight (or at least a few hrs) in fridge. The flavor is great from this!
    Then do this individually for each piece:
    -Put in flour bag and shake till coated
    -Lay on wax paper
    When all pieces are on wax paper, let them dry and get to room temp for 2 HOURS. This is the key to the recipe.
    Now, to cook:
    -Put shortening and butter in frying pan on high heat. The pan will need to have a lid.
    -When melted and hot, add as much chicken as will fit w/o overlapping
    -Cover pan, reduce heat to medium, let cook for 10 minutes, I LOVE THIS PART, NO MESS.
    -Remove cover, turn each piece over, cook UNCOVERED ~8-12 more minutes (12 for dark, 8 for white) but check doneness by piercing with fork to see if juices run clear.

    I did have to turn the larger pieces on their sides to make sure all got nice and brown. And if you have to do multiple batches, be sure to take a slotted spoon to the crumbles left behind from each batch or they will turn black and adhere to the next batch like barnacles!

    Also, the recipe says to discard the onions, but I tossed them in the flour and fried them the same way (though for less time) when I was done frying the chicken. I mean, why not. They were yummy.

    Hot and sour noodle soup – 115 calories

    250 ml chicken stock -18C
    250 ml water
    1 TBS -25gm Miso paste- 41 C
    3 spring onions peeled and shredded 15C
    1/2 carrot julienned – 17 C
    1/2 stick lemongrass finely shredded
    Small thumb Gingerfinely chopped – 9 C
    1 chopped red chilli. -9 C
    100 gms sliced Shiitake Mushrooms- 13 C
    200 gms Shiitake noodles
    1 tsp Mirin

    Bring water, stock ,Miso paste to a gentle simmer. Add remaining ingredients except the noodles. Cook gently for about 10 minutes Drain the noodles through a sieve and rinse well. Add to,the soup and cook for a few minutes.

    NB – the Shiitake mushrooms don’t smell very nice but do taste good when cooked.

    Hi all, please find following my recipe for a vegetable frittata. My inspiration was from the movie Morning Glory with Harrison Ford making one. (mine is better)
    Serves 1.
    2 eggs 800kj – 191cal
    3 egg whites (100grams) 200kj – 47cal
    100grams capsicum diced (3 cheeks) 115kj – 27cal
    100grams broccoli 85kj – 20cal
    50grams peas (de-frost in a bowl of warm water) 135kj – 32cal
    50grams onion diced 106kj – 25cal
    1 tomato sliced and slices cut in half 90kj 21cal
    1 tsp dried oregano

    mix eggs, egg whites and oregano in a bowl until combined and pour into a 20cm cake tin lined with baking paper with the baking paper going up the sides of the tin. ( use a dab of butter in the cake tin make the baking paper stick)
    Add all the vegetables into the mixture using half the tomatoes to cover the top of the frittata
    Place into an oven at 200c for 35-40mins until cooked.
    Remove tin from the oven and lift, using the paper, on to a plate.
    Using a spatula or shirt lifter, gently go around the edges to seperate the frittata from the paper then remove paper.
    Serve with a glass of your favourite water.

    Total 1531kj – 366cal

    Hi all, I appear to have posted in the wrong thread. Please enjoy my mistake.


    Love the Aussie Thread… am following
    I tend not to eat at all on fast days as i worry that i won’t stop if i start preparing food.
    However your recipes might just make me change my ways…..

    Val’s Traffic light zucchini slice.

    Remember that supermarket chain that was getting all the HCB plugs a few weeks ago? This recipe is a slight adaptation of one that was in their February 2017 free magazine. Notes following the recipe indicate changes I made to the original ingredients and instructions. Nutrition values are per the magazine.

    1 Chorizo sausage, finely chopped
    1 tspn paprika
    1 zucchini, coarsely grated
    1 cup (160g) corn kernels
    1 carrot, coarsely grated
    ½ red capsicum, finely chopped [my addition]
    4 spring onions, finely sliced
    ¾ cup (90g) coarsely shredded tasty cheddar
    ½ cup (75g) self-raising flour
    ½ cup (85g) cornmeal (polenta)
    4 eggs, lighly whisked
    ¼ cup (60ml) milk
    2 tbs olive oil
    50g Fetta, crumbled

    1) Preheat oven to 180C. Grease a 22cm [6 cup, 1.5l] ovenproof frying pan. Line base with a disk of paper.
    2) Heat a medium frypan over medium heat. Add chorizo and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until golden. Stir in paprika. Transfer to a bowl. Gently stir in zucchini, corn, carrot, capsicum, spring onion, cheddar, flour and cornmeal.
    3) Add egg, milk and oil to the chorizo mixture. Stir to combine. Season to taste. Pour into prepared pan and smooth top. Sprinkle with fetta. Bake for 40 mins or until firm to touch.
    4) Set aside to cool. Cut into wedges. Will freeze. SERVES 8.

    Nutritional profile per serve (as per original magazine):
    Energy 1134kJ/271 Cals
    Protein 12g
    Fat (sat fat) 15g (6g)
    Carb (sugars) 20g (3g)
    Dietary fibre 3g
    Sodium 348mg

    (NB I don’t used MFP or any other calorie counter so I did not check these figures)

    Notes on my ingredients and methods:
    – the original recipe stated a 20cm frypan, but the picture was of a 26cm (well-known french brand) cast iron pan; there is no need for a frypan if you are comfortable taking a handle-less cake pan out the oven and I used a 22cm round enamel pie dish, which was filled to the brim and cooked to a nice rounded top
    – I grated the zucchini about an hour before I started preparation and let it sit in a colander. Before using, I squeezed as much liquid out as possible before adding to mix
    – rather than a chorizo sausage I used 50g finely chopped Spanish chorizo from my bulk foods store
    – the red capsicum addition – for the traffic light effect – is not included in the nutritional profile
    – I gave the corn kernels about 1 ½ minutes in the microwave to ensure that they were tender
    – I used Spanish smoked paprika from my bulk foods store
    – the cornmeal was fine cornmeal that I also use on my pizza peel to ensure that pizzas slide off
    – next time I will experiment with using wholemeal self raising spelt flour

    Enjoy, Val

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