anyone else walk 7 hrs in a fast day?

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anyone else walk 7 hrs in a fast day?

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  • I did it and LOST 3 pounds in one day!!!! and that’s not counting the food I ate the previous day.

    It was a slow walk walked about 10 miles in 6-7 hours because I really had no energy just drunk water.

    I just did it for the second time in a week the previous fast day I walked 150 miles plus 45 minutes on insanity, but the previous day I pigged out.

    My target weight is 165 pounds I’m 5’11 I’m at 175 how fast should I achieve that
    thanks, great forum

    By fast I mean 0 calories and only clear water

    You walked 150 miles in a day? You really are a fast walker!

    i must admit that is some serious ground coverage

    I don’t usually have that much time to spend in a day simply to walk. But in April I was in training for walking Hadrian’s Wall and I did walk on both Fast and Slow days.
    While walking the HWPath, I usually didn’t have lunch as there were no places to get food, so we’d walk for 8 hours on what we brought in our packs. Usually I consumed lots of water [tap water, no ‘energy supplements] and some dried fig. On Mondays and Thursdays of the journey, I would have a Fast-type breakfast in our lodging and then east sensibly at dinner. Farthest I walked in one day was 19 miles from Carlisle to Bowness.
    There is nothing incompatible about Fasting and exercising.
    On flat roads, I’m close to 4 miles/hour. How fast do you walk?
    Is the walking for fun? for exercise? for meditation? or to stay away from the snacks in the kitchen?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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