Any Plant Based / Vegan People Following 5:2?

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Any Plant Based / Vegan People Following 5:2?

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  • Ive recently converted to an almost vegan diet. I do eat eggs. Am coeliac and dairy intolerant. Great way to eat I’ve never felt so well.

    I understand this is a very old thread. I’m replying for new reads… I was a new- read. Anyway, I’m combining whole foods plant based McDougall Diet with 5:2. I was losing weight after transitioning to the McDougall diet ,but I was tired and miserable from over eating constantly. Just generally not having the self control to not eat myself asleep is my reason for combining. I need the structure because I can’t say no to food. My fast days are zero calories. Weight loss moved from 3lbs/wk to 7 lbs a week for me. It’s been pretty consistent the last few weeks. I’m fairly lazy as well so I generally make a huge pot of beans and rice. Throw in tumeric and black pepper. After it’s done finely dice garlic- raw and throw it in salsa- grab some tortilla chips. Eat chips and salsa and beans and rice. Lots of taco salads and nachos. Sometimes a couple banana smoothies with a handfull of blueberries thrown in and repeat. That is pretty much all the time. When I crave junk, those days I’ll eat nothing but junk and take a multivitamin. That could be an entire cake or pie and a couple bags of potato chips. I just don’t eat normal food with my junk and do that on a feast day. Two days later in am when I weigh after fasting, I’m pretty consistently 2 or 3 pounds lighter even after entire cake days…

    I”m a full on vegan and I’ve done IF (delaying breakfast until noon) for about 6 weeks with some weight loss but decided on 5:2 and sometimes 4:3. It’s much easier for me to dedicate the fast days to fasting on 500 cal than fasting daily (delaying first meal until noon). It also works better for my family and social events. It took about 2 weeks to get the hang of it and now I’m entering my third month.

    On fast days I eat:
    handful of almonds,
    almond latte
    tumeric latte
    salad w/o dressing

    chia pudding with cinnamon and almond milk
    handful of almonds
    shirataki noodles in miso soup with veggies or just miso soup.

    The hunger pangs go away if you ignore then but drinking sparkling water helps a lot.

    Some days I can manage with 100 calories! Your body gets used to it.

    Lost some weight but because I don’t own a scale I don’t know how much. My clothes are looser and they feel more comfortable on. The fat around my belly is shrinking but my arms not so much. A little on my thighs. A few friends noticed my face skinnier so that’s a great sign!

    I will likely do this forever as it’s the only effective lifestyle for me.

    @EIYVR. Do you eat a lot of refined grain based products? Just goes to show that eating vegan doesn’t necessarily mean you are eating healthy. Eat plant based whole foods and you really cant go wrong. Ive found it really hard to get whole turmeric. Has to be a lot better than the powder.

    Good luck with the weight loss.

    I do eat a lot of refined grain foods, due to the fact that my family is not plant based so I go with the flow as much as possible.

    I found tumeric paste in a jar which is amazing and way better than powder.


Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)

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