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  • I have suffered with anxiety for the last 2 years.recently I started the 5:2 plan approx 3 weeks ago.i started the plan to lose weight but since I started I have noticed that I have no anxiety symtoms at all on fast days!!this is bizarre.i have not gone down the medication route as I know this anxiety is due to personal circumstance and believe it will go eventually and I have tried yoga,mediation and many other things to try and relieve my anxiety over the last 2 years however I found that they do not work for has been so nice having relief from these symptoms on fast days and it has made me wonder if what I put into my body in non-fast days may contribute to these feelings.just wondering if anyone else has felt this amazing feeling of peace on fast days?!!

    I have been reading postings on this forum since January and this is the first reported case of anxiety being reduced with intermittent fasting.

    This is great.

    I do get a great sense of peace on fast days, as others have reported.

    Yeah I think it’s really interesting.ive tried to google and search if there is a link but I haven’t found anything

    hi there I’ve just joined this forum and am very interested in this. I also suffer from anxiety and would love to have something to alleviate it! Im definitely going to try this. What feelings do you notice are different on the fast days? How are you doing do you fast up to lunchtime etc?

    hi Louisep, I’m just fasting 2 days from when I go to sleep at 12 midnight to 6pm the next day when I eat all my 500 cals and continue fasting until breakfast the next morn.ive noticed that i experience no anxiety symptoms at all on fast days which is great.i just feel very ‘peaceful’.thats the only way I can explain it!it has made me wonder if food contributes to my anxiety symptoms.looking forward to hearing if you experience the same


    What sort of foods do you normally eat loulou?

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