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  • Hello all,

    I am a total newbie in the forum and only just bought the book too. Typically, I am obese with bmi of 38 and have type 2 DM with only metformin medication. I work in a hospital, operating theaters to be exact, so have a physical and busy job. I am in a process of planning to try the 5:2 lifestyle although am a little bit apprehensive. I don’t measure my BM as a rule but will be as i trial the fasting days since I am quite prone to hypos without regular (ish) meals. My main difficulty is that I never am able to take regular breaks as I sometimes spend 7 hours scrubbed for a surgery. I think I have to fast on non working days, or divide the calories to snacks as well or maybe fast from lunch time to lunch time.

    Any inspiration and ideas are welcome, the weight really needs to come off! For the last few days, I have found myfitnesspal very helpful, as I didn’t realize how many empty calories I was eating.

    Hi saz123, I’m also prone to hypos without regular meals and take Metformin too. I’ve only just started 5:2 and only had two fast days but I didn’t take any Metformin at all on those days. I regularly checked my BM and it stayed stable. It might be an idea to take regular readings for a week, particularly on fast days.

    Thanks aniann, much appreciated! My plan is developing slowly and I think I will try the approach of late breakfast around 10 or 11 followed by dinner around 8. I will calculate the calories so that I can have a snack of an egg or some veg like peppers if it feels too long or I start to feel funny.

    I must say that this lifestyle seems very doable and sustainable so am looking forward to seeing results in my weight, blood works and blood pressure…

    Hi Saz123, sorry about your Diabetes. Can I suggest you have a look at other posters comments who suffer similar issues to yourself. Also research WiltUSA and how a particular approach to ridding the scurge of diabetes can inspire an individual to into a radical approach to diet.
    Good luck.

    Thanks couscous, I have been doing some research on the subject. The benefits can be immense, and encouraging and I am glad that so many people have already seen the difference.

    Originally when I was diagnosed with a fasting bg of 17.6 I got told I was going to be on insulin within 3 months. After some info hunting I went low carb and within a week my numbers were always under 6.5. I lost 3 stone and have kept the weight off but now is time to lose more. I suppose I’m lucky since my diabetes isn’t causing me problems and my hba1c numbers are under the guidelines or just within the bottom numbers still and only metformin twice a day still after 5.5 years. I do enjoy the low carb side too but feel it being quite restrictive socially. I will post back when I have done my first fasting day, which is probably going to be Saturday…

    Hi saz123, I have to say I do not have Diabetes but being male, in my middle 60s, weighing in at the end of Jan this year at 15st 12llb I was told and recognised I was at risk of a number of serious illness including Diabetes, Heart problems, stroke and Cancer, nothing to worry myself too much about. My Cholesterol readings were high as were other related readings and I have serious PSA readings.
    In starting my 5:2 lifestyle on the 31st Jan 13 and having had a month off during my holidays in May if my scales are to be believed, my weigh in today following my 2nd Fast of the week showed I weigh 14st 3 llb. A loss of 23 llb.
    I recognise that while some serious research shows that Diabetes2 can be reversed as a result of a radical low calorie diet it is not for every one to undertake. I have found that for me the 5:2 fast is fairly easy to do, yes on certain days it seems to be a pain but over all it becomes a sustainable way of life. It works for me. For others it may be more difficult but yet again may be the inspiration for some to be radical in their approach to health.
    I wish you and others well in this 5:2 lifestyle project. I hope your health improves and your Diabetes becomes a thing of the past.
    Good Luck.


    so u went lowcarb share with us ur complete wk of meals
    if u want 2

    how many carbs g 20 / 40 / 80 / 400 a day?
    did u change it up the lowcarb?
    did u include fastdays & how many?

    r u getting near 2 u reversing ur type2diab?

    that is the conclusion i have lowcarbs
    doing 20 / 40 / 80 / 400 bliss day with 5:2 & 4:3

    & welcome

    Thanks couscous, I still live in hope of managing my diabetes by losing weight and the fasting should help w insulin resistance too. I believe my diabetes is mostly because of insulin resistance judging by the ease I get hypos since I should not with metformin only meds. Like said, testing is not supported so it is only my opinion…

    Wiltldnr, I went totally against my doctors advice on the low carbing and initially stopped eating starchy carbs, all bread, pasta, rice and potatoes while buying the atkins book. My normal day consisted of app 40g carbs all from veg. I had no fruit either at all. Breakfasts: 1 boiled egg with a tomato/ scrambled egg with a dash of cream, 2 rashes of bacon, sausages, mushrooms/ atkins day break bar. Lunches: green salad with salad onions, cucumber and tuna mayo or feta cheese, creamy coleslaw/ baked salmon, steamed asparagus or broccoli with herb butter or a low carb shake when I was disorganised. Dinners: steak in cream and peppercorn sauce, cauliflower or butternut squash mash and salad or green veg/ chicken in different forms in tomato sauce with cream with green beans and/or other green veg. Snacks were invariably nuts, especially almonds and macadamias and sometimes a low carb wafer or chocolate bar. I use a variety of Splenda syrups to flavor puddings and whipped cream too.

    I can dig out my food diaries from that time if you want and post more detail here, but it was over five years ago so I don’t remember everything by heart. I lost three stone in under three months and got my blood sugars right down then and i have been very lucky that they have remained well under control so far. As far as fasting goes, I didn’t even consider it possible so never have tried it so far. I am planning to have my first fast day on Saturday and will post here how it is going.

    I am carefully optimistic that I will be able to reverse my diabetes with weight loss and improved insulin sensitivity, but will keep you posted!

    Hi! Perhaps I didn’t read everything right, but I never saw when you started to eat normal again, or are you still not eating a lot of carbs?
    I am a type I diabetic, for my fast days I take less then half of my advised insulin, thats going okay for me. If you have hypo’s often, shoudn’t you take less metformin? I think that you shoudn’t take any metformin on fasting days, to prevent getting hypo’s.
    I wish you luck with you fast diet and hope that you don’t get any hypo’s!!

    I started to eat normally again after about three months. I have remained on a very lightly restricted carb intake and avoid white bread etc as much as i can. You are correct about reducing metformin, but I am in a slightly odd situation. I always was prone to hypos from being a youngster and if I reduce my meds, my blood sugars become erratic and the hypos don’t really decrease. I find hard core low carbing hard work and regardless of the fact I can enjoy cream etc goodies, my motivation goes.

    Also, once I slip, it is very hard for me to get back on track again because i’m so hard on myself. This is one of the main reason for being intrigued by this lifestyle; there are no restrictions really so no self beatings are needed.

    I’m planning on not to take my metformin on Saturday and have mainly protein based foods like chicken breast, eggs, lean ham and some steamed broccoli or equivalent for my dinner.

    Right, tomorrow is the day! I will be fasting for the first time. I am a bit apprehensive but this is my plan for the day: mid morning breakfast of one boiled egg and cucumber sticks followed by a dinner of asparagus broth and veggie sausages and salad. I have a packet of WW oat and wheat crackers in case I start feeling hypo. I am planning on omitting my metformin and since I will be in the hospital, will take my blood sugars once or twice during the day. I calculated that the total calories for the day will be just under 500. Eek!

    Good plan. I normally have a bit of pure orange juice and a cracker. If you do go over the 500 due to having a hypo, don’t worry. I aim for 500 but as I’ve so much to lose, I won’t be giving myself a hard time if I hit 600. Good luck and let us know how it went 🙂

    Update 1: at work, feeling hungry. Made a black coffee to stave off the tummy rumbles for a bit. Two hours til breakfast, feeling anxious although am not feeling hypo or wobbly at all.

    I so admire you fasting whilst at work. No way could I do that. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

    Isn’t it fantastic that you don’t need medications on fast days. That says alot. I nursed bariatric surgery patients last year. Once they lost weight they also lost the diabetes. The consultant always told them that would happen.

    Aniann, after reading a lot here, I decided to try fasting at work. Distraction is what I need because my insides are in turmoil so need the time to fly… now am going to make a black coffee, feeling hungry again after having a boiled egg and 70 g of fresh cucumber at ten. My mind is truly rebelling now and i have to battle myself not to eat. Mug of water and a mug of coffee…………….

    It has now been three hours 45 minutes since my meager breakfast and my tummy is howling. I just took my blood glucose and it is 5.2 so no risk of a hypo yet. I feel a bit odd, almost slightly euphoric with the hunger. A mug of water is called for methinks, to try and dissipate some of the embarrassing noises….

    Work day is now finished, had another egg because was feeling wobbly. I now have a half an hour drive home and then it is time for dinner! I believe an early night is in order and then it is tomorrow and a new day! I can hardly believe it but it certainly looks like I will get through this!

    You’ve succeeded. Well done. Yes an early night does help. Try not to fear the fast days or see them as a chore. I’m trying to see them as cleansing. My next fast is Monday and I’m going to try zero noodles with some chicken, vegetables and a thai sauce. Will let you know how I get on with them. So pleased to hear you got through it without having a major hypo 🙂

    Thanks aniann, it was an interesting day! I have no willpower at all but managed to resist brioche today as well as crisps and my housemate’s cheesy garlic bread… I just kept repeating that tomorrow is another day…

    In summary, I am surprised how I didn’t feel worse. It was hard at times and unexpected but certainly doable. I suppose I will get used to the odd feelings but now they will not be unexpected. It is amazing how my mind is such a slave for food and the internal battle that raged at times. But I won, yay!

    I think I will fast on Monday next, and try a slightly bigger breakfast than today, maybe some porridge.

    Now, good night all!

    Hey, just to let you know despite having two feast days where I had chocolate and cake (yes I know being diabetic, I shouldn’t), I’ve lost 2lbs over the week. Very encouraging because tomorrow is a fast day 🙂

    That’s fab aniann! This was my first week of calorie counting and i only have one fast day behind and I lost seven pounds in all. I am fasting tomorrow too and have opted for some gammon and an egg for breakfast and vegetable and gammon soup for dinner. I am going to omit my meds again and have a low calorie shake in the bag in case I get a hypo. I’m looking forward to tomorrow in a strange way. I have an opportunity to break a lifetime cycle of overeating and become healthier in a natural way!

    No hypos and managed to get to 15:00 before real hunger kicked in. Home made vegetable soup is a godsend 🙂 Thai curry tonight with slim noodles yay!

    Fab! My fast yesterday went really well as well, wasn’t hungry much and didn’t struggle with the fast either. I had 500 calories and a really good day! It is strange how my mind is so set on times like lunch. It is like I have been brainwashed or conditioned….

    Low-Carb Diets Prove Better at Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

    of course i still put in the fastdays

    Eight-four volunteers with obesity and type 2 diabetes were randomized to either a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet (less than 20 grams of carbs/day) or a low-glycemic, reduced calorie diet (500 calorie deficit). Both groups attended group meetings, had nutritional supplementation and an exercise regimen.

    After 24 weeks, their glycemic control was determined by a blood test that measured hemoglobin A1C, a standard test used to determine blood sugar control in patients with diabetes. Of those who completed the study, the volunteers in the low-carbohydrate diet group had greater improvements in hemoglobin A1C. Diabetes medications were reduced or eliminated in 95 percent of the low-carbohydrate volunteers, compared to 62 percent in the low-glycemic group. The low-carbohydrate diet also resulted in a greater reduction in weight.

    “It’s simple,” says Westman. “If you cut out the carbohydrates, your blood sugar goes down, and you lose weight which lowers your blood sugar even further. It’s a one-two punch.”

    Low-carb is definitely the way to go for those with type 2 diabetes. Luckily slim noodles (zero noodles) are very low carb. My problem is bread. I work two 12 hour and one 7 hour shift each week. The 12 hour shifts are difficult because I have to have sandwiches. I don’t like the taste of low carb bread. I do however, choose wholemeal bread. My whole diet has got to change, I’m aware of that but it’s going to be a slow process. Following the 5:2 is part of that change. Yesterday’s fast wasn’t easy but I still did it and that’s really something for me. Thanks for all the information you share with us 🙂

    hi aniann

    congrats in making it

    every-time u think it gets easier

    bam ur super hungry

    but we do get through w/ the mantra

    weeeeeee haaaaaaave tomorroooooooow

    bread is so true i like that better than sweets

    i was all happy about the meditrn

    but now lowcarb meditrn is better ugh @ least i can go high calorie & not count

    but i’m not as hungry 4 alll the things i wanted 2 eat the next nonfastdays

    which is so weird

    finn thin crisp with garlic & olive oil
    very meditrn & lowcarb super wholegrain
    4 carb 25 cals

    or creamcheese & sugar-free jam

    if u don’t like carb i think u will like that

    very meditrn & lowcarb super wholegrain
    4 carb 25 cals

    mayb i should try 2 use air popcorn 2 make bread 🙂

    i really enjoy the popcorn menu w/ that

    low carb @ least 🙂

    this is not a computer glitch
    just checkmarking
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    as a matter of courtesy who have posted

    u should all
    4 ur topics & replies

    wish there was a better way ugh

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