Americans! And anyone else who might like to join :)

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Americans! And anyone else who might like to join :)

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  • Simcoeluv,
    Good to know, I will try till Wednesday morning. So far no problem.Thank you for the encouragement.

    thank you for tips. Unfortunately I cannot eat any meat or animal products until May 1st. I am Orthodox Christian, and this is time of Great Lent now. But I’ll remember the tip, when the lent is over. I love chicken broth.

    I just got a kombucha mushroom from my friend, the tea supposed to be ready in 10 days. I wonder if I could drink it during fast. Anyone has an experience with kombucha?

    coldpizza- I have no idea if my metabolism slows down at some point. I don’t feel a difference. I feel essentially the same on the last hour that I fast that I do on the first except that I’m craving free and energetic.

    I’ve brewed kombucha and plan to do it again when the weather heats up. I, personally, wouldn’t be drinking it during a fast. It won’t be sweet anymore by the time you’re ready to drink it but it’s made with a tremendous amount of sugar and that’s converted to alcohol which your body converts back to sugar. And if it’s flavored with fruit or fruit juice that’s even more sugar. Still, it’s pretty yummy and has lots of healthy natural probiotics so when it’s hot and I’m drinking a lot of ice tea I’ll add unflavored kombucha to it. I’ll be monitoring how I tolerate it as I’ve never drunk kombucha when I was doing IF. I hope it works. 😏

    Wish I could get a bit of you SCOBY. I’m going to have to get one started from scratch.

    Hi LA Chubster,
    I remember my mom had kombucha and I really liked it when I was child. I am trying to make my first batch. I will let you know after 10-14 days, if it works.

    You could always try vegetable broth, coldpizza, until the end of Lent. Comes in the same little squares or packets. I think it is the liquid and the salt and the nice warm drink that helps, rather than the bird! Good luck.

    My fellow Americans! Today I started my 86th week on the 5:2 diet. I’ve been dieting since the 70s and it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I started at 153 pounds and now maintain a “high school” weight between 128-131 pounds, depending on whether I am in 5:2 mode or 6:1 mode. I really do think the weight loss is a fringe benefit of this diet. I thought fasting would be hard, and some days it is a challenge, but I feel energetic, and ethereal on fasting days. It’s incredible. I am constantly trying to recruit 5:2 dieters.

    YAY for you!!!!! 💥 🎉 👏 💥 🎉 👏 That is sooooooo impressive and truly inspirational.

    I’m just 13 weeks in with a whole lot more weight to lose than you did but I can say right now that the weight I have lost pales in comparison to how much better I feel.

    So encouraging to think that it really is a sustainable way of life.

    Hi, Mamabean,
    Thank you! I definitely will try veg broth. Why I did not think of it? This blog is helping so much. 41 hours already, and I am feeling great.

    Ohio Mom,
    Thanks for sharing. 86 weeks – so impressive! I started with 163 lb, now 151. Goal 120. Still have my high-school jeans, cannot wait to fit into them. 🙂

    Sorry with the details, but i noticed that the fasting really helps with bloating. I love how my belly feels empty, even though not flat yet 😉

    Hello All!

    Today I am hungry and HAPPY! I am just 2 1/2 weeks in but I think the fasting is getting easier. (Knock on wood)

    OhioMom – wow….thanks for sharing your amazing experience. I wish someone had converted me 86 weeks ago 🙂

    Hope everyone is tweaking this intermittent fasting thing to what works for them – there are so many variations to try.

    LA chubs – thanks for the encouragement! I have done a bit of baking – a not quite flourless chocolate cake that I cut into 16 teeny pieces and keep in the freezer. Fasting every other day has shrunk my stomach and I cannot eat more than one or two pieces without getting sick so it is safe in the freezer. (it’s like gastric bypass without the surgery!) I am avoiding artisan breads for now though, not sure I can resist yet – even with the threat of stomach pain.

    Hi NYCFaster,

    I’m in NYC, too! I lost about 50lbs on this diet a few years ago, and still fast a couple of times a week, albeit a bit half-heartedly to keep it off. I’ve maintained fairly well for over 2 years!

    Thank you, MaryAnn! That is important for us to know, because so many people loose a lot of weight, but not so many were able to maintain it for long. Great job!

    Checking in again….

    The scale has halted even with the same effort – but I know my initial loss was on the high side and that isn’t surprising to me. I just need to keep doing what I am doing and I am quite pleased that I have kept the initial 10 lbs off. Amazing how quick and easy it is to gain it all back.

    Been playing with fire a little bit on my TDEE days with carbs and sugary treats and the cravings have been rough. Much better today choosing high fat, low carb and staying well within my allowance for the day. I think it will be easier tomorrow as well.
    Hope everyone is hanging in there…..

    Howdy y’all, I’m in Texas and would love to join you in support. I have been doing 5:2 a little over a month now and it has been great. Definitely see this as a way of life even if I eventually switch to 6:1.

    I already lost 40 lbs with calorie counting but was always hungry, snacking or having bad days wanting to over-eat. With 5:2, I basically am no longer hungry all the time and not constantly thinking of food.

    I’ve definitely learned a lot of this site and have started watching my carbs more. Not giving up on carbs but reading labels and comparing products.

    Best part right now is looking forward to fast day. Sounds weird. Lol

    Hello Everyone! I’m in Georgia. I am in my 4th week, the first 2 I did 5:2 (M,Th) and lost about 1 pound total. Last week I started 4:3 and lost 1 pound in a week, so I am going to keep doing 4:3 (M,W,F) and adding 16:8 on non-fast days. My goal right now is 25 pounds.

    I thought fasting for 24 hours would be really hard, but I am amazed at how easy it is. I drink coffee when I get up with a little Stevia, green tea throughout the day at work, and I might heat up a cup of chicken broth if I need something “more”. Sugar free gum helps too.

    I started at 162.6 and weighed 160.4 this morning. I can see how this WOE could easily become a lifestyle. I am trying to get at least 1200 mostly healthy calories in my 8 hour eating window on NF days but not obsessing about it. Today is a NF day and I will be breaking my fast with a lunch date with my hubby.

    Encouragement to everyone! It’s only 1 day! (My mantra on fast days)

    Hi Hidden-star! I am from Texas too.
    40 lb – wow! Great start!
    I am fasting today, but I do complete fast (water, tea, coffee – no cal). I started in January and lost 11 lb so far. I try to complete 2 fasting days per week.

    Welcome and Good luck on fasting.

    Hi Coldpizza, love your name. Whereabouts in Texas. I’m north of DFW. Great job on the 11 pounds. I’m hoping for another 15 by summer than switch to maintenance.

    Hi Simple_Life. I will be visiting your state for vacation this summer. Heading to the upper NW corner. 🙂 My fasting is similar to yours. I fast on T/Th but I also kind of started a 16:8 on non-fast days where I basically skip breakfast and eat a bigger lunch and dinner. I call Saturdays my mini-fast days. I skip breakfast and lunch then enjoy family time in the evening. Family time usual have bigger meals like pizza.

    I agree fasting is easier than I thought. And I love my green tea when the tummy rumbles.

    Hidden-star, my husband lived in DFW for about 6 years. He returned to GA (where he grew up) in 2013. We are north of Atlanta, still in the metro area. We love our mountains :).

    I struggled yesterday with my NF day and ate a whole box of Goobers :(. I wasn’t hungry but passed them at the grocery store and then they were in my basket, and then there was an empty box on my desk. Oh well, today has been a good FD so far. one green tea down and I will have a cup of chicken broth later. And probably another green tea before I leave work.

    I do wish the NF days were as easy as the FD. FD I just tell myself , “5 more hours and you can have a healthy 500 calorie dinner, you’re not going to die in 5 hours.” It does work for me and I find myself counting down less and less as this (hopefully) becomes a habit.

    Had my first failed fast day yesterday…..fasted until 3pm and then ate my TDEE. Not terrible, but not what I had planned.

    This is my first failed fast in 2 1/2 weeks of ADF fasts so I feel like I have been doing great, I just need to get past this failure. I am a little fearful that this is the beginning of the end – at least that has been my past experience with diets and losing a bit at first before returning to my old habits. I just have so many years of failure to overcome, but perhaps I have been pushing myself a bit too hard.

    Anyway, I see this as my first bump in the road and am now looking to get another fast day under my belt today to feel confident again – so far so good.
    Cheers….hope you all are having a great day.

    I am from Austin. Moved here about 10 years ago. Love it so far, but wish the summers were not that cruel.

    Don’t concentrate to much on failed fast days – all of us had some of them, and will have in future. I started fasting in January, and two months it was easy. March though was a constant struggle. For first two weeks, I simply could not complete my fast days. I even gain some pounds back. But something change in my mood again, and I completed my first 48 hour (no cal) fast on March 15, and today I am again on second fasting day – 40 hours so far. The pounds I gained already lost. I feel cranky since I am hungry, but also proud, that I was able to do it.
    That what I like about fasting – it is flexibility. If you could not do it today – do tomorrow. Since it is not a diet, but the way of life, you cannot completely stop fasting, you kind of grow into it. The longer you are not fasting, the stronger the determination and will to complete the fast.

    I found out that it helps for me to count my hours of fast. I put in my journal encouraging messages almost every hour. Like ” 15 hours – I am still here!” I also noticed that during FD, I don’t drink all my coffee, and I am transforming into tea-person. I love rooibos tea, because it has mild sweet taste.
    Good luck everybody. Thank you for posting. It helps a lot knowing that you are not crazy after all for Not eating. 🙂

    PS: Oh, English is not my first language. Please forgive me if my sentences sound weird and have a lot of mistakes. 🙂

    MelindaShay, ADF is hard! Don’t be too hard on yourself. I did 4:3 for most of the time I was in the weight-loss phase. Having two “feast” days in a row helped a lot. It made it feel less relentless, and allowed for some flexibility switching days around for social/work events that involved eating.

    Cold Pizza – Thanks for your encouragement and sharing your experience. I will try not to dwell on the bad days in the past or yet to come. We are all human after all! I do plan to keep this up throughout maintenance and beyond. I love that it so naturally turns into a lifetime way of eating and then not eating.

    MaryAnn – I really appreciate your encouragement as well. It is kind of hard, but I love the results of ADF and they keep me going as well. I may try the two days of eating as well – seems like a nice break from the every other day grind 🙂 Congratulations on your wonderful success and thanks for sharing your experience with us all.

    Happy to say it is 9pm and I am off to bed soon, so I made it through my fast day and am feeling pretty great. It was much, much easier today than it was yesterday.

    Great advise. We do need to get past the little hiccups. Life happens and just keep moving forward. Last week, I took the kids to a burger place for a treat during spring break. Had good time came home and count the calories. The shake alone was 1600 calories. It made me depressed. The next day I did my fast day as normal (ok maybe a little more determine not to screw up after previous day). I ended up totaling my calories from the burger day and the next day fast (500). And realized that it total 2 maintenance days using TDEE. This just made my day. It really sunk in that I can do these occasional treat days. That was when I decided that I’m a faster for life.

    Funny – I do the counting of hours on fast days also especially as dinner approaches. “2 more hours, I can do this” 🙂

    I’m trying to decide if the scale is my friend. I weigh every day. It can be a great motivator when the number goes down, even the tiniest increment. But seeing no change or an increase can go either way. Sometimes it motivates me to try harder, and other days, I find myself saying “why bother if it’s not working?” I’ve tried limiting myself to one day a week. Maybe I need to put it in the basement. Any thoughts?


    I think it depends on a person. For some it works to weight once per month, for some it is more often. I weight myself every morning, and put the amount in excel spreadsheet. I created a graph from the data. I like to look how it goes down over time, but I also visibly see, when it goes up. I stated a limit of highest weight and weight goal for each month. So if I hit my highest weight or more, I will increase the numbers of fasting day (up to 3 per week), if my weight already below my weight goal for the month, I could have only 1 FD per week and relax a little bit, maybe even allow myself to celebrate and have a party food and wine.
    Good luck for you to find the method that works for you.

    I like weighing everyday also. It helps me focus on what I need to do that day. I’m not sure if your new to weightloss but it sometimes help to remember your starting number.

    I also take body measurements every month. Sometimes when the weight is moving slow, it shows something is really happening.

    Like Coldpizza said, find what works for you.

    After completing 48 hours fast Tuesday-Wednesday, I finally glimpsed the number I wish to have for March on my scale. Thursday was a feast day – and I ate a lot. I don’t count calories on my feast days and don’t restrict myself with what to eat and how much to eat (probably not smart…). Of course, I gain some back.
    Today I decided to fast again. There are only 6 days till the end of March to complete my goal for the month.

    Love to hear everyone’s strategies! I am finding that I am trying new things to adjust for different days and having all these new ideas to try is so helpful!

    After many different approaches to the scale I think I am ready to weigh one week during each month. I can tell from my belly if I am on track – and the scale is such a roller coaster. Once I am within 10lbs of my goal I think I’ll be able to handle weighing every day but for now I need to keep my determination slow and steady just concentrating on how my clothing fits.

    Coldpizza – Good job! Congrats on the new number for march. Hope your fasting day gets you back to it.

    I am fasting today after a treat filled day yesterday – how can it already be another holiday? So hard to find a month without the constant temptation of seasonal treats!
    I am excited about fasting now more than ever – I really can make up for the damage quickly and easily by not eating for a day or two. To make up for my wild indulgences yesterday (which are not nearly as bad as my pre-fasting indulgences, my stomach is most definitely smaller now) I plan to do two fasting days with an evening meal of 500 calories each day. I have been doing just a coffee/water fast for the last couple weeks so this is different for me. If I am feeling well enough I will go ahead and skip those evening meals. It just feels like a more gentle way of going into a two day fast knowing I can have a meal each night. And the total calories for two days would be a mere 1000 – an impressive deficit!

    Thanks for the responses. I think I will stick with weighing every day for now and see how it goes. If I get too frustrated, I will try to weigh less often.

    Today is my 3rd FD for this week. I’m sticking with 4:3, 16:8 NFD for a while. FD’s are easy when I’m at work. The weekends are a little more challenging, but I’ve managed so far.

    I took measurements for the first time yesterday. I wish I had taken them at the beginning, but I thought I would lose weight faster. I can tell that things are changing based on my clothes, but not so much the scale.

    One day soon I hope to accomplish a 36 hour FD, but it’s hard when I cook for 6 people and we all sit down to dinner every night. I haven’t shared my new WOE with the family yet. My husband eats often and lifts heavy weights to maintain his muscular build so his response when I mention that I want to lose is to lift more weight and do more cardio. Other than cutting back on carbs, food usually isn’t part of his recommendation.

    I do HIIT M-F so between the body weight strength exercises and the cardio combo, I get a pretty good workout. I can feel the hard muscles under the saggy fat ;). I know I am stronger and healthier even without the weight loss, and I know my weight loss is probably delayed because of the muscles I’m building.

    One day at a time. One day the results will be what I’m looking forward to. One day I’ll look in the mirror and see who I used to be.

    Happy fasting for everyone who shares my FD. Enjoy the weekend. Happy Easter. HE IS RISEN!!!

    Congrats on the number cold pizza. My current tiny goal is for my middle number to change from 6 to 5 and not go back to 6 at all. I hit the change this week, but I’ve gone back up to 6 after my NFD yesterday. I hope to see it again tomorrow. When I consistently see only a 5, I will adjust my goal to my last number getting to 5. I find that setting the smallest of goals on the scale(usually only a couple of pounds of where I am) makes this all seem possible. I just have to stay positive with the constant up and down from FD to NFD. Happy fasting!

    I agree with setting mini-goals on the way to the big one does make the goal more achievable. I am setting my mini-goals for each month, and also setting the highest weight possible for a month. If I hit the highest weight, I intensify my fasting – do it more often, or longer. Normally the strategy works, but in February I achieve “too much” and lose more weight than my goal, and that creates lazy mood for me. I could not complete any fast during first half of March. Now I am catching up with cruel 48 hour no calories fasting. So anxious to see my goal for March complete.
    I weight myself every morning and record it. I liked to play with numbers. For example, I also compare average numbers for a month. Seems like I lost less in average weight in March than in February, although the absolute weight loss is the same. Sorry, I am a geek. 😀
    Happy fasting!

    I am on my second day of fasting with the option of a 500 calories low carb high fat meal at the end of the day if I feel I need it. Dr. Fung talks about compliance in his videos…and I just love the word. I think an evening meal might be the key to improving my compliance on fasting days and allowing me to continue this long term. Which clearly will be necessary with 50 lbs more to lose! This weight loss won’t be quick no matter how much I hope/dream/imagine it might be somehow, someway. (I am a slow learner.) Patience, grasshopper.

    I haven’t done two days in a row yet so I am a little nervous, but I am feeling great this morning so I am off to a good start. And maybe I will try two days of fasting with just a day of non fasting in between. That would be quite a deficit. (See, still trying to lose faster….I am incorrigible.)
    Hope you are all having a great weekend.

    Simple-life -I haven’t shared my new WOE with my family yet either. So they still see me eating dinner with the family. I don’t think I will ever tell my kids cuz I don’t want them trying it when their still growing. Not sure when to tell DH. He is obese and really needs to lose weight. He believes he can do it with exercise but then he doesn’t exercise. I actually started losing weight in the hopes he will join me in a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to try to this out for awhile to see how if works.

    Cold-Pizza – another geek here. Love plotting the numbers, seeing what I accomplish and where things will end if I continue current trend.

    Melinda shay -love dr fung. His videos are awesome. I’m definitely trying to convert to less carbs/sugars in my food.

    I had minor arm surgery this week and suppose to take it easy for 2 weeks. It’s driving me nuts justsitting around. But decided that I will fast 3 days next week MWF since I’m doing so little activity. Will see how that goes.

    Have a happy Easter everyone.

    Hello Fellow Fasters!
    Hope you all had a great weekend.

    So the two day 500 calories in the evening fasting went really well. After two days of being really good I felt no guilt enjoying the Easter goodies and now know that with more fasting those calories will be used up within the week.

    I did notice that as much as I dreamed about how good all the foods were going to taste while I was fasting none of them were *that* good when it was time to eat. (Well, maybe the first bite.) Once I took the “forbidden fruit” aspect of dieting away suddenly it is pretty easy/natural to stop at reasonable portions. This is a new concept for me. Food has been taboo all my life and finding a balance is pretty exciting and gives me hope to get to my long term goal.

    I am starting fast day one of two and look forward to feeling empty and empowered.

    Hidden Star: Hope your surgery goes well and that you find your fasting days manageable while you stay off your feet.

    I just started this weekend as well. I’m from Oregon. And I’m so glad that they have a forum! My first fast day is today, so I did all the measurements and the goals. I’m shocked at how far I have to go but I’m excited to at least get going!

    Hi Jehzell and welcome:

    Here are some tips that will help as you go forward with 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    I didn’t restrict eating on Easter. I don’t think that I went crazy but I did eat more than normal. Today is my fasting day. Been good so far but stomach is grumbling like crazy. Seems weird that after a big eating that I would be so hungry. Anyone else getting this?

    Hi Guys!

    I’m about a week behind from packing, making a quick trip home for Easter, and then unpacking and trying to get back in the saddle.

    I packed in fasting and everything else for the 3-day holiday. Maybe I could have tried harder not to give in like that but I must confess I enjoyed it and it felt more like a holiday for it, I think.

    Today I’m making up for it. I’m having a clean fast so far without much trouble. I’ll fast again tomorrow and then I’ll see if I can manage Wed. too. Then I’ll feel like I can move ahead again.

    It was gorgeous and full-on Spring in LA and today is sunny and glorious here too. I have company coming for a week next week. I’m crossing my fingers that this weather will hold out for them. If not, they’re from San Francisco so they know wet and cold too.

    Hoping you all had a lovely holiday, took good care of yourselves & your loved ones, and are ready make the most of the coming week!

    I have a confession, my fasting friends.
    After glimpsing my March goal weight for ONE day, I started uncontrollable eating. I could not complete my Friday fasting, and binged over weekend plus Monday. Tuesday I felt so bad, emotionally and physically, that start rereading my journal and analyzing all the data I had. I realized that 48 hours fasting trigger overeating for me. I decided to repeat February pattern – 36 hours fasting twice per week (Wednesday – Friday). Fasting today.
    I definitely will not meet my goal for March, so I am looking forward to April.
    Still 12.6 lb for 3 months is better than nothing. 🙂 I am lighter and healthier with this diet, even if I screw up sometime.

    Hidden-star, how was your surgery?
    I also realized that eating sweets triggers “I want more food” mood. I think, that I need start count or at least approximate my calories intake for non-fasting days.

    Hi everyone I’m in Michigan. I started in Sept at 199# traditional calorie restriction type diet. Got to 183 went to 186 and said I need to shake things up so this is week one on 5:2 for me.
    So far so good. I used to fear hunger now I am growing more comfortable and discerning on how to respond. Also practicing, on non fast days, eating more calories per meal with less in between meal eating to let my insulin levels drop instead of always being “on”. Down 4.2# which I look at as a gift not something to expect consistently.

    Welcome Princess.
    I moved from Michigan to Texas 10 years ago, and still miss Michigan.
    Great job on weight loss and insulin level drop!
    Keep us posted on your success. What are your fasting days?

    My plan is to fast Mondays and Thursdays so tomorrow will be my second fast. I will push to save my coffee with protein powder, cocoa powder, soluble fiber and stevia morning wake up drink to 12:30 again. That leaves 430ish calories for the rest of the day. Seemed to work well on my first fast day.
    Love your name, Coldpizza.

    Princess Cilantro is a pretty cool name as well!

    Glad you’re here and what an interesting way to start your day. What do you use as soluble fiber?

    Hello everyone, surgery went well but this sitting around and taking it easy is driving me nuts. Stitches come out on Monday so I hope I can get back to exercise and normal activities.

    Since I’m so sedentary this week, i’m going to try fasting 5 days doing only a 500 calories evening meal. This is a one time thing. Plan to get back to normal 5:2 next week. Mon and Tues went well. I’m feeling fine and as long as I’m feeling well I’m going to keep going. If I start feeling weak or anything else, I’ll stop.

    LA Chubster – glad you got I nice holiday in and got back on track immediately. This has always been my downfall with calorie restriction (before 5:2). I’d go on holiday and then not be able to start back up. So way too go.

    Coldpizza – it is good (and important)to identify your triggers. My biggest trigger is pizza but I’m not willing to give it up completely. So I will buy a small frozen pizza in the store (600 calories) and have that occasionally. This way I can’t over eat cuz once it’s gone is gone. 12.6 is great. Definitely to be proud of.

    Princess Cilantro – sounds like you got a good plan to move forward with. I’ve started to eliminate snacking and concentrate on bigger meals. It seems to be working for me and controlling my hunger better.

    Hidden-star, I am still very much behind on what’s going on around here. I missed so much. I don’t know why you had surgery. But I wonder if there are some things you could do to not let your program get away from you.

    I, personally, wouldn’t attempt 500 calories for 5 days. I’d be afraid that i would be building up nutritional deficiencies and hunger that would go out of control eventually. But, if you can do it, more power to you! Are you at least taking some vitamins to fill in in the interim? Meantime, are there some chair-bound things you could do? I have developed the habit of pulling my diaphragm up and back, Pilates style, when I get in a car seat. I pull on my seatbelt and pull in my gut. There may be other things that would isolate muscles not jeopardized by your injury/surgery.

    Meanwhile, so nice to meet you and have you adding to our strength and support! Good to have *everyone* here sharing the challenges and accomplishments!

    LA Chubster,
    Here is promised updates on kombucha:
    Got my first kombucha tea ready! The taste is a little mild, I guess because it is completely new butch. I will set up another butch today and use 20 % of old liquid. The problem is that there is some mold growing on top of the pan. What should I do with it?

    Sorry to say if there’s any mold you will need to throw everything out, clean your container and anything else that has touched your kombucha or will in the future and start again. Mols can breed some weird persistent diseases. DON’T drink any while you’re not sure that your kombucha is mold-free!

    However, all that looks weird is not necessarily mold. Look for soft or hairy “fuzz” above the surface of the SCOBY. Usually mold develops darker color too tho SCOBYs can get stained by the tea as well. Here is a site where you can do a search on “mold” and see lots of pix of what it and is not mold.

    I am still just trying to get my first SCOBY going. I am watching it carefully too as it is not looking like my old SCOBY (that I had to throw out because of mold, BTW) yet. But they’re all different. Like kids — you can do the same things and get very different results.

    Hi Coldpizza….thanks for sharing your challenges and discoveries. I find myself dealing with similar issues!! I love, love, love that you continue to experiment and see what is working and what isn’t and go from there.

    I just finished my second two day fast experiment and while it wasn’t too hard to manage the two days of fasts – my food obsession and desire to make my eating day a feast feels insatiable. I too am wondering if I need to return to single day fasting so I can achieve more “normal” eating days. Though I will continue ADF because if I don’t see/feel results I won’t keep it up. That being said I am 4 weeks in and down 13lbs. Woo hoo!

    I do think two days fasting is a great way to make up for holiday feasting though and think I will try pre holiday fasting to try to manage those extra calories next time.

    The balance for my “compliance” (new favorite word/idea) seems to be somewhere in between seeing Results (capital R Results!) and not feeling deprived for too long. If I can manage to find that balance I think I can keep doing this for the long haul. This balance also includes avoiding the scale for particular weeks of the month that I know I retain water.

    Hidden Star….I think it’s great you’re trying 5 days with the option to change your mind if it doesn’t work for you. As long as you stay hydrated and don’t feel badly seems like a good idea to me. (Pretty sure Dr. Fung would agree, though don’t quote me on that 🙂 )

    Thank you LA Chubster,
    I will check it out more closely. I don’t think that the mold is on Kombucha, but on top of the liquid. It looks like very small white spots.

    Congrats on losing 13 lb in 4 weeks! Wow!!!
    I lost my 12.6 lb in 3 months. You are doing so much better job! I will try harder in April. I will keep you posted. It is literally a “healthy competition” 🙂

    Reversed 5:2? Respect. I succumb to my temptations too easily. Glad that your surgery went well, and that you are feeling better.

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