Americans! And anyone else who might like to join :)

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Americans! And anyone else who might like to join :)

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  • @mamatales – You might want to join into the April group. You post daily but it can just be if you are fasting or not. You can write as much else as you want and people are supportive.

    I broke my leg in January. I needed surgery to have a rod and screws inserted to hold the bones together while the leg is healing. I broke it on a Monday, a normal fast day and had surgery the next day. Leading up to surgery person after person asked me when was the last time I ate. After telling them I last ate Sunday afternoon, I had to explain why I didn’t eat anything on Monday.

    Well, an orderly, while wheeling me into the operating room area, once again asked me when was the last time I ate. When I started to explain myself yet again, he said, “You do 5:2? So do I”. We had a great conversation about fasting while being wheeled in for surgery; a very pleasant surprise.


    Greetings. I’m in SoCal and coming at this from the Paleo/ancestral diet side. I’ve heard marvelous things about intermittent fasting and, at 40 pounds overweight and nearly 60 years old, what do I have to lose?

    This isn’t my first rodeo after all. 🙂

    Got a long road to hoe unfortunately as I also battle with being overly fond of wine and martinis.

    But, I gave up smoking 9 years ago. I think I’ve been “allowing” myself a lot of leeway because of that. Probably time I pulled up my big girl panties and got over it.


    @bulldog02, welcome! You are halfway there, eating a Paleo diet! If you go to the top of this page, you’ll see the simple steps to start intermittent fasting. Like you, I’m 60ish and 40 lbs. overweight. I did Atkins in the 70s and 90s and had great success with it; however, it wasn’t tweaked as well as the low-carb alternatives out today. There is much more appreciation of eating larger fat percentages and many low-carb alternatives to those things we all love: bread, pasta, etc. There are other forums on this site that are very inspiring. The site will tell you everything you need to know, and the cheerleading, of course, comes from those on the various forums you might choose to participate in.

    Hi Mamatales
    I have been doing 5:2 since November 2016 with varying degrees of ‘success’ weight wise which is why I started.
    There are lots of benefits to fasting so I have stuck with it even when scales show I have not eaten mindfully.
    I also ADORE carbs and it has been a bit difficult to cut down on them. But I have managed to do so. I won’t ever cut them out as I am not in favour of eliminating any food group entirely, so I do eat less carbs , fast, have cut back on my total food intake and over time it is working.
    Lost weight more easily in November/December than now but still sticking with this WOL ( way of life) . I do like the feeling on fast days when my body feels like it is resting from having to constantly digest food.
    Good luck!

    Hello everyone. I am 80 years young, live in NY state and am on day one of the 5:2 program. Recently gained a lot of weight as a result of a fall which injured my shoulder and made me quite sedentary. Decided enough is enough.

    My first 500 day is today!

    Bulldog02 – cheering you on! Martyparty – welcome and great to hear your determination!


    Welcome and best wishes on the diet!

    I’m 68 and doing well with intermittent fasting (I eat one meal a day so I suppose
    I could call it a 23:1 fast). I’ve also tried fasts up to 48 hours which for me means
    “skip a dinner (don’t eat one day)”. I notice that I feel much more energetic about
    two to three days after a longer fast but, well, they are hard.
    And I lost 1.1 pounds a week very regularly, since last September.


    Am 2/3 the way through first day fasting. Had a cup of coffee (with milk) and that’s it. So far so good.

    Marty Party

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a carb addict who’s been eating one meal a day (23:1) and losing weight at a rate of 1.1 pounds per week since last September.

    I’ve been reading about metabolism a bit. It’s perfectly normal to go back and forth from metabolism based on ketones (fat derived) and metabolism based on glucose. Those of us who eat carbs tend to do so while sleeping.

    So I’ve wondered if there would be any benefit to being able to go back and forth more rapidly. E.g. go into deep ketosis in 24 hours. Without severe glucose cravings?

    Well, going from ketotic to glucose-based is easy: just thinking of a jelly donut is probably enough to release insulin. The other way is hard and some low-carb book suggest that it takes 3-4 weeks to get the full benefits. Bummer.
    Especially since I doubt I’ll every be able to eat low-carb for a month. But what if I could return to ketosis in just a day or so?

    Some of the factors to consider

    Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil — fats that must be burned immediately,
    can’t be stored as fat (can anyone verify this?) Competes with glucolysis and
    might lessen cravings …. speeds ketosis?

    Drinkable ketones. Yuck. And I’m not sure how bioavailable they are but ….

    Low-carb meals (no calory restriction) pushes toward ketosis.

    High Intensity Interval Training. Strips glucose.

    Resistance training to failure. Strips glucose.

    Plain old low-intensity running, biking, kayak — burns glucose at a moderate pace.

    SOOOO … start in the in morning with bulletproof coffee (MCT oil) and strip glucose as much as possible using the above. The cravings strike in late afternoon. You are willing to sell your mother for a candy bar.
    BUT use drinkable ketones, tea, coffee (prayer?) to moderate cravings?
    Get to bed somehow. An ambien might be a good idea though not generally recommended.

    Wake up. Probably in mild, measurable ketosis. Feel fine, more bulletproof coffee (bulletproof coffee uses MCT oil) . The cravings start late afternoon but it is only a few hours until the fast ends.
    And this wekeend I’m going to run four miles, do intense HIIT, resistance training, then lock myself into a closet for carb withdrawal. The combination of exercises should go a long way toward putting me into ketosis …

    @larrynyc, the missing compenent in your post is “fat intake”. You will NOT crave carbs if you heighten your fat intake. Guaranteed coming from a carb addict myself. See Jason Fung’s videos on Low Carb High Fat diet, as well as a down-homey approach from “Butter Bob Briggs”, who has had great results doing LCHF – he posted about 20 videos. All on YouTube.

    @larrynyc – Your weight loss is awesome, 2kg a month is a lot in my view. I’m lucky to lose 1kg a month. However I’m living in a very carb oriented country and probably don’t get that deep into ketosis. I’m also trying to build muscle.

    You ask an interesting question about MCT. There are so many metabolic pathways in the body that what your saying might be true, I just don’t know. I would assume MCT can be packed away just as easily as any other fat. It might explain though why I keep seeing people talking about using MCT in coffee, etc.

    I have a question. I succeeded on this first day of 5:2 in eating about 300 calories between 6PM last evening and 6PM this evening when I then ate dinner. My question is: how many calories should I have eaten this evening when I went off the fast? I calculated I ate about 900 calories at dinner. Was that too much? I am looking for guidance here.


    Hi marty and welcome:

    You did not do 5:2 by eating 300 cal. in 24 hours. 5:2 is a 36 hour ‘fast’. See the FAQ, above, for an explanation.

    In short, you go to bed, get up, eat 5/600 during your waking hours, go to bed, get up and eat ‘normally.

    Here is how 5:2 works and some tips:

    Good Luck!

    Hi Larry:

    You cannot get into ‘ketosis’ in a day, regardless of exercise, and eating any carbs will take you out of ‘ketosis’ immediately.

    Here is how ketosis works – check my 6 Dec 15 post in this thread:

    Good Luck!

    Martyparty, according to the simple 5:2 diet, you should eat the equivalent of your TDEE on your non-fast days. That can be found by accessing the site we are on.

    Hi Marty,

    You basically had 300+900 = 1200 calories for your “fast” day.

    If you have your last meal at 6pm on Sunday, then all day Monday you have 500/600 cal. You then break your fast Tuesday morning, say 6 am and eat normally for the rest of the day. 36 hour period is a “fast day”.

    Larry, it is possible to get to ketosis quickly by fasting and exercising (in one day). Once you burn all of your stored glycogen your body has to start burning ketones for energy. If you have never been in ketosis very much your body won’t have the enzymes cranked up to do it very effectively and you will feel crappy. It does take a while to adapt to a very low carb way of eating.

    Much thanks for the clarification.

    It’s been quiet here. How is everyone doing? I’ve been fasting once a week and slowly losing. I’m down 10 lbs from my cruise induced winter weight. 181 lbs & another 10 to go. I’ve been exercising regularly and feel great. Going to try to get in 2 fast days this week.

    @diverdog that is great that you can fast just one a week and still lose weight at a good rate! Even more amazing it is working with exercise. I try to exercise a lot but it seldom helps with my short-term weight loss.

    DYkask, there are conflicting studies about exercise and fat loss. My take through long term (20 years losing and keeping off 60 lbs) personal experience and study is that exercise done and low and moderate intensity levels has minimal effect on accelerating fat loss. However intense anaerobic exercise like HIIT does make a significant difference because of the increase in HGH and other hormone levels it promotes. Intense weight training to build muscle also results in a long term increase in resting and active metabolism by sparing and growing muscle tissue.

    Although any movement / exercise is a good thing for health, most people are not willing to put in the effort required to improve hormone levels and build muscle.

    Hello, all! New Orleans here. I am just starting 5:2! Today is my first FD. I am very excited to try this way of eating/fasting. Also upping my exercise. Like some others here, I need to cut back on my alcohol consumption.


    Good morning! I’m just starting the 5:2. I lost 10 lbs.(daughter’s wedding) watching my carbs, but started putting the pounds back on with the first carb I put in my mouth! I’ve got to do something before all 10 lbs. come back. I got up to 143 and shouldn’t weigh more than 120 lbs. Today I’m already back to 136 after getting down to 130-133. I just want a plan that I don’t have to think about with every bite I put in my mouth. Is that even possible?

    Hello from Orange County, California. I would like to join you all. I am returning to 5:2 after having success with it about 4 years ago. This time I’m doing it differently, I’m using Dr. Mosley’s updated guidelines of 800 calories. That is more sustainable for me. I read a few new articles by him in the U.K. press, and I now feel it’s a plan I can stick with. I bought his 8 Week Blood Sugar books too. This seems to be a busy, lively group. Glad to be here!

    Coffeegirl, my last successful go round with this, I only counted calories twice a week and ate freely the other five. I lost well (and I’m no spring chicken), so it is possible.

    Thank you for the encouraging words, Sheryl_joyce! I know this plan can work.
    I’ve never been part of a group like this, but I’ve been reading the posts for a while and think it’s a great idea.
    The 800 calories sounds much better, but I’m not familiar with that plan. I believe I’ll look for the book you mentioned.
    My first reason for getting my weight under some control is for good health, but I just went to a high school reunion and could easily see that those who are near their normal weight seemed much younger than those who have let the pounds creep on. Made me realize that I need to make some changes now!

    Even as a 66 YO 180 lb man I find < 500 calories in a fast day is not difficult IF I stay away from high glycemic carbs and sugars. If you eat non starchy veggies and protein with a bit of fat it’s actually quite a large volume of food that digests slowly to control blood sugar spikes and the resulting cravings. A typical meal for me would be a piece of salmon and lots of steamed veggies with a bit of grass fed butter or olive oil or two eggs scrambled with sauteed onion and lots of spinach. Plenty of bulk and lots of nutrition without excessive calories. I usually eat my meal at ~4:00 PM with just black coffee to drink before.

    I’ve lost >60 lbs and kept it off for 20 years. I find 5-2 / 5-1 are really great way to lose and or maintain fat loss.

    I’m usually quite active on my fast days and will do a very intense HIIT workout with no issues. I also do a very intense weight workout but never on a fast day as I need lots of protein and eat ~ 3,000 calories to promote recovery and muscle growth.

    Nice to see more life here! 🙂

    Could anyone explain “drinkable ketones”?

    So, drinkable ketones are for competitive cycyling or intense athletes – not me. I barely come in above sedentary, I’m afraid.

    You have kept 60 pounds off for 20 years! What a great example you are to all! I wish for that kind of discipline and commitment to healthy living.

    @diverdog Thank-you for outlining your progress, is it ok if I copy your last post and share your post with the April Challenge group? I think your experience will inspire and guide the group.✨

    Okeydokey, sure you can repost my stuff. I’ll check out the April group too. I’m happy to share my experience if people think it will help. Lot’s of others have helped and inspired me.

    Hi, I am Gail from Georgia. I started this plan two weeks ago and have lost 9 or 10 pounds. I would like to join the group, but hope it gets more active. I noticed that it has been 7 days since there was a post. I was wondering if there is a group that shares their food plans each week to help. Thanks, Gail

    Hi gail and welcome:

    5:2 was started in the UK and picked up quickly in Australia. It has been slow to catch on in the U.S. In addition, this is a UK based site. U.S. based 5:2 sites are few, and relatively inactive. This site is probably the most active I’ve found.

    With 5:2 you can eat any foods you want, so there are not real ‘meal plans’. Most newbies wonder what they should eat on their diet days, and many finally decide to eat nothing at all. There is, however, a meal plan section on this site:

    Here is some basic information about 5:2, and a thread where you can find answers to many of your (upcoming) questions:

    Good Luck!

    Gail0531, there is another more active forum on “April 2017 Challenge” which will be teh “May 2017 Challenge” soon enough, if you want to join. Just post something and get included!

    Jersey Girl from the Jersey shore here!

    I just completed my 2nd fasting day but now I’m slightly confused after reading here.

    5:2 means to me 5 24 hour periods & 2 24 hour periods.. Someone above posted that you should be fasting for 36 hours.

    I eat a large meal in the afternoon then only 500 calories before the next afternoon. Like big meal at 4pm, then 500 calories until 4pm the next day. Is this wrong?


    Anyway I’m a 47 yo single (well engaged) mom of 2 teenage boys trying 5:2 because I gained 39lbs after my Lyme diagnosis in January of 2015 and LCHF isn’t working for me. I am an old hat LCHF – have done it on and off with great success so I’m not sure why it’s not working (bloodwork is fine)

    I like doing 5:2 so I’m hoping it works for me!

    Hi Ms:

    There are over 140 24 hour periods in a week, but only 7 days. If you read the FAQ, at the top of the page, you will see that a diet day works like this – you go to bed, get up, eat 500 cal. during your waking hours, go to bed, get up and eat ‘normally’, which really means to your TDEE or less.

    You are attempting an every day reduced calorie diet, but not 5:2.

    This will answer many more of your questions:

    Good Luck!

    I’m sorry I don’t think I was clear.

    I do what I mentioned 2 days a week. So Sunday I had my last meal at 4pm. Went to bed & then today ate about 400 calories before 4pm. At that point it had been 24 hours of fasting so I resumed eating my TDEE.

    I swear I read that is a way to do this WOE in the notes on this page. I’ll go see if I can find it.

    Ugh I wish I could edit that post. I don’t then eat 2000 calories at 4pm. I probably eat less than 1000.

    with that said, I found a post of yours on the newbie thread that says

    “To explain, I see people not eating (fasting) for 24 hours (say, 2 pm to 2 pm the next day) and thinking they will automatically lose weight. But they eat their TDEE before 2 pm (because they will not be eating for a ‘day’) and eat their TDEE after 2 pm the following day (because they are hungry), often with 500/600 calories in between. ”

    So from that, I gather that realistically the fasting period is more than 24 hours, closer to 36 hours. Eat dinner at 6pm, eat nothing else that day, go to bed, wake up & fast that entire day (500 calories) go to bed & not eat until you wake up the next morning? Is that correct?

    Hi Ms:


    Thanks 🙂

    BTW found where I read about doing it 24 hours.

    MsSuzie simcoeluv has described it correctly 500cal over about 36 hours.

    I’ve lost another 1.0 lb with one fast day last week. Right at 180 lb. Workouts have been great. It seems like I’m getting stronger after each one.

    Heading to France and Italy for three weeks this Thursday so I don’t expect to lose any fat! LOL I’m just hoping to hold the line. No gyms where I’ll be staying so workouts will be body weight and exercise bands

    Hello from South Jersey! I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. I also tried vegan and raw vegan for about 2 years. I stumbled upon Michael Mosley’s documentary on YouTube recently and it made perfect sense. Purchased the book and have begun the diet. Most of my questions were answered by the book. The rest is just common sense from living as a vegetarian for many years. Thank you all for being very helpful and supportive to each other.
    Best regards, Tee

    I would like to join into this discussion. I am new member here. Thanks!

    Back from three weeks in France and Italy. I actually lost 1.5 lbs and weigh less than 180lbs for the first time in a year. However the way I lost it was not pleasant. I did eat and drink moderately, walk tons and did body weight exercises for the first two weeks. The last four days I was sick as a dog and ate very little. I spent my time either in bed or on the toilet. Fortunately I was able to get back home without any issues. Hit the gym today for an upper body workout and was pleased that I didn’t lose much strength. I’m very grateful that I’m recovering and able to get back to good health.

    Hello. Brand New from Dallas. Seems this discussion thread is going nowhere…Last post was in May, if I read right…Did you all give up and gain it back? Does this not work in the long run? Or are you all Skinny Minnies (and Mickeys) and no longer need this kind of support?? I can be saucy because I have yet to try a “2” day! Hope to hear from some USA-O body soon. (We visited Korea, and Americans are called “USA-O”s.)

    I think most of us have moved into the different threads like the monthly challenge. I was over busy with work for a few months and stopped kicking life into this thread. I see diverdog posting too.

    Thanks, dykask, I will check the other threads, and not post here.

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