Am I eating enough during none fasting days?

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Am I eating enough during none fasting days?

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  • Hi guys and gals. So I’m a type 1 diabetic and started my diet last Monday, fasted Monday and Tuesday and felt fine, reducing insulin accordingly. But on my non fast days, I’m not hungry and am eating under 1500 calories. Will this be counter active to my weight loss? Should I be eating around 2000 calories on these day to ensure the diet works properly?
    Need to lose 4 stone

    Thank in advance



    Weight loss occurs when we eat less calories than our bodies need. If you are feeling less hungry on non fast days and eating less than before that is fine.

    Good luck.

    Personally I believe calories are almost meaningless. It is just a measurement of energy, it tells you nothing about how beneficial the food is. If you eat well and listen to your body you should be okay. Personally I gained fat while eating below my “calorie” needs. Now I sometimes eat more than my body needs on paper. The difference is the types of food eaten. I probably only eat around 20% of the processed foods I used to eat. For me that is a big difference.

    Modern food companies want people to focus on calories. Personally I find it much better to focus on nutrition and let the calories fall where they fall. Fasting has been a great help because it gave my body back a voice. Now my body tells we when I should stop eating. I don’t always listen but at least I can feel it now.

    I personally have a low tolerance to refined sugar. Once I cut that back to under 20g/day on average, I noticed that foods started tasting different. I now can actually enjoy a lot of foods I didn’t in the past. It isn’t 100%, for example I can eat kale, but I wouldn’t say I enjoy it. However a lot of other dark greens I even crave sometimes. Big difference.

    I don’t eat a lot of sugar, but I do eat a LOT of nuts and I love cheese. The nuts always bother me, because on paper it is easy to eat way to many calories, but so far it hasn’t translated into fat gain.

    @patq you are on the other side of the coin, worried that your eating too low. As long as your BMI is reasonable you should be fine. If your BMI starts dropping below 20, then maybe you should consider eating a bit more.

    2000 calories (or your TDEE is the MAXIMUM calories for the day.

    Eating only when you are hungry is a good habit to get into. All the best.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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