Am I doing something wrong? :-(

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Am I doing something wrong? :-(

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  • Hi

    I have been on the 5:2 since end of July and lost 8 pounds. Let me stress I am really enjoying all the effects and am amazed at how much better I feel.

    However, I am a little concerned I may be doing something wrong as my weight loss seems to have drastically slowed down. I have only lost 1 pounds from 4/8 to 23/8 (so lost 7 pounds during first few weeks).

    Is this normal? Will this be my weight loss ‘speed’ now? Am I doing something wrong? Can I fast an extra day a week if I want?

    I have noticed that I am feeling a little more tired now (after initial adrenaline rush of waking up full of beans at 5am and thinking of doing the ironing before work!) and I am also struggling to eat anywhere need my calorie allowance on a non FD as I just don’t feel hungry.

    I would appreciate any help/advice you can kindly offer.

    Thank you very much

    It is normal to have weight loss that is not linear. It does come in waves. Also while the 5:2 diet says you can eat anything you want, if you choose your foods wisely it will work a lot better. I avoid all grain based foods like bread, pasta, pizza etc. Avoid sugar like the plague. No chocolate, biscuits, cake, ice cream etc. Starchy veggies like potatoes are also a no go. Avoid fruit juice at all costs. If you want fruits make sure they are whole fruits and go for the berry type fruits. Don’t be scared of fats like cheese, nuts (walnuts almonds, brazil nuts), avocadoes, high fat low sugar yogurt. Take two table spoons of apple cider vinegar before any meal.

    It will take you months before your liver starts to detox and function well. You can fast 4:3 if you want but I only did 5:2, and now maintain at 6:1. The average weight loss is about 1 pound per week. I only lost 0.7 per week. About a 45 pound loss over one year.

    Hi Emer and welcome:

    The average weight loss on 5:2 over time is about a pound a week – a little less for women. Your initial large loss was water weight, and you do not have enough water left to lose to maintain that initial rate of loss. So your two pound a week loss to date is not unusual, but that rate will not be sustained. You can expect to have weeks when you lose nothing, or even gain a pound or two (water weight, again), but those weeks will be compensated for by weeks when you lose two or three pounds ‘magically’.

    Here are some tips: You might read the ‘Really – No Weight Loss’ post for an idea of what might happen as you go forward.

    Good Luck!

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