After 2 years on 5-2 Diet all of a sudden I put on weight and instead of loosing

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After 2 years on 5-2 Diet all of a sudden I put on weight and instead of loosing

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  • When I started 5-2 I slowly lost 7 kg within 8 month, then I held my weight till
    suddenly I started to put on weight (still on 5-2 Diet with every now and then
    a day break ). I am 79 years old and everybody tells me that one won’t loose weight
    at that age any more because of slowing metabolic rate, internal organs are
    working less etc But I don’t believe that, the only thing is that I don’t walk any
    more for hours but just 2 hours a day because of bad Arthritic joints.

    I hope someone chimes in with some helpful information.

    I’m 59, and I’m looking for answers this morning because the scales tell me I have gained more than 4 pounds overnight!!! I have been doing 5:2 religiously since mid-March 2016 and have slowly but steadily lost weight. I was at my lowest weight in 20 years on Saturday. Didn’t weigh in on Sunday. Then this morning I’m up more than 4 lbs. Grrrrr. I hope it’s just a blip, but what could have caused it? And I sure don’t like having to lose those 4 lbs twice!

    HI Edie,

    maybe you need to check your calorie intake as you might be eating too much for your current weight.

    Micky, it takes an excess of 3700 calories to gain 1lb in weight so you can’t have gained 4lbs in 2 days. Our bodyweight can fluctuate by several lbs over the course of a day but it doesn’t mean we have gained fat. What ans when you ate, whether you are well hydrated, dehydrated, retaining fluis, constipated or not can all affect what the scales say. Don’t worry about what the scales say as I’m sure it’ll go down again.

    Thank you for that, Amazon. Hope you’re right! The weird thing is that my food intake and routine over those couple of days we’re no different than they have been over the past 7 months, and I’ve never seen an overnight gain like this before …

    It’s one of the reasons why I don’t weigh myself more than once a week, it drizes me crazy!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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