Advice needed to lose those last 3 Kg please!

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Advice needed to lose those last 3 Kg please!

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  • Hi fellow wise livers.

    I’m quite happy with my weight loss :). I’m 55 and 1.87 metres. Before: 103Kg After (I mean now): 78KG (fluctuating). I feel much better. I’m exercising 30 minutes daily.

    I’d like some advice/experience: I’d like to lose those last 3KG (I’d weigh 75Kg) to lose that little tummy pouch (I’m fine boned) but I’m finding it challenging: I’m eating healthily and trying to concentrate all my food in the evening when I arrive home from work (that’s when I’m hungrier, whatever I’ve eaten during the day). THE PROBLEM IS THAT I FEEL RAVENOUS AND TEND TO JUMP MY DIET AND EAT TOO MUCH.

    Any help/consolation welcome (please don’t advice more reading, I’ve got no more time for that).

    Any advice much welcome

    I had to add in an extra FD, so I did alternate day fasting. Cutting out carbs also helped. But I know tge feeling of getting so hungry I overeat too! I find cleaning my teeth once I’ve eaten helps with snacking later, not very appealing after that! Good luck!

    You’re right, I thought of learning more recipes, but the ones I have are good, so more recipes would make me fall to temptation. 2 or 3 weeks proper dieting should do it and them back to TDEE.

    How much did you loose and how long have you kept it? if I might be asking

    Thanks for the advice 🙂

    What are you eating now?

    I found that upping my intake of protein and fats helps to keep my hunger at bay I eat a lot of nuts and eggs and biltong (dried meat). On the other hand, if I eat sugar or starchy carbs I tend to go nuts and binge out.

    that’s a good question actually, I’ll tell you why. What I’m eating now while losing fat is typically:

    1st meal:
    – 2 pears (or a big one), 1 orange, an egg omelette (3 whites 1 yolk).

    2nd meal:
    – 1 cup of muesli (without sugars etc, just bare muesli) with some Soy milk and no-fat yogurt) + 1 sliced banana. 150g rosted chicken breast or 1 tin of sardines.

    3rd meal (If I have it, in days I don’t intend to loose that much):
    – a cup of cooked rice with vegetables + some protein food like Tuna.

    It’s a good question becase I have this issue: if I eat food without fruit or Muesli (such as the 3rd meal I listed), I get constipated. I wonder what food may I eat outside fruit and muesli to avoid constipation.

    Thanks for your answers

    Make sure you are drinking a lot of water, Antonio, that can make the difference with constipation. Exercise helps too.

    Food with high fibre helps bulk out your stools and soluble fibre helps hold water in it, to keep the stools soft. No wonder your muesli is good.

    Maybe a bowl of lentil soup for one of your meals?

    An ideal food is lentils because half a cup of cooked lentils not only has about half of your daily fiber requirements, but it also has high protein content. You could try something like a lentil dahl (spicy Indian lentil soup)

    The lentil soup tip is great. Will try this too.

    Thanks guys. I didn’t know lentils was so high in fibre, it’s a typical dish in my country (Spain, “Lentejas”) and I love it.
    I’ll try to make myself a list of highest fibre food when I find the time.

    Thanks a lot

    I did it, I stuck to eating between 900 and 1200 Kcal daily and doing some 30min exercise 5 or 6 days a week, which helped me jogged better and fell lighter!. This time I’ll try my best not to let my weight slip away again!

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