Advanced Blood Lipid Testing PLEASE

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Advanced Blood Lipid Testing PLEASE

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  • Folks I am looking for a lab and a specialist in the UK (London) that can provide advanced testing of Lipoprotein markers associated with insulin resistance and diabetes risk. Currently I have no way of measuring my insulin resistance, some form of score along with LDL Particle concentration and size would give better insight into how the disease is progressing and when to start medication should diet and lifestyle change is no longer sufficient. Similar to what you see here: I really want to take control and manage my condition. I don’t see any preventative action coming from my GP, if I end up fully diabetic then it will be too late. Not to mention the eventual cost to the health service.

    Many thanks

    Steve (getafix)

    Start tests early for Insulin Resistance!

    You might try ringing around the labs in the Harley Street area – I think if you google “blood labs Harley Street” you’ll find one that fits. There’s also this: Or you could go to a private GP and have them advise on which tests you should get and arrange it all; it looks like you know what you want, though.

    Good luck – and I’d love to know what you find out when you have it done.

    If you haven’t had any luck yet, The Doctors Laboratory – on Wimpole Street can certainly do all the tests you need (and take your blood if you visit). They do require a referral from a doctor and the tests aren’t likely to be cheap.

    Good luck!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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