Adding flavor without calories

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Adding flavor without calories

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  • Hi, everyone. I’ve been doing this for 11 weeks with great success. I have honed my fast day meal pretty well so that I’m having essentially the same foods on each fast day. It means looking for ways to add flavor or make the same old, same old more interesting. For instance, I eat a half an apple sliced thinly. If I sprinkle it with cinnamon it tastes like dessert! A little sprinkle of parmesan cheese on my bowl of broccoli makes it much more appetizing. I suck on an Altoid between meals or chew a piece of gum. I’d love to hear from all of you about what little “flavor” tricks you have. Thanks.

    Hey Maybell! I don’t really have those flavor tricks, I just add spices to a lot of my food. And I try to switch between cooking and baking to make it just a bit different for veggies. Back home I would add Cajun spices to a lot of my meat and fish, because I like spicy things and it adds a nice crunch to fish filet.

    Then again I’m currently cutting crabs so neither apples or parmesan are going to cut it for me sadly 😛

    Nandos chilli sauce has almost zero calories, but spices up bland foods 🙂

    Has carbs though 🙁 I use peppers and garlic mostly of late.

    It’s 8% carbs, but since you don’t eat much they shouldn’t be too bad. They’re not refined so maybe not so bad, unless you’re sticking to some other diet too.

    I don’t eat many chili sauces, since they do have calories and carbs, just not many and you don’t use much.

    I’m currently cutting carbs as well, so yeah ^^ I kinda miss them though, just being able to add sauces… but it’s a few more weeks, when I’m in New Zealand I’ll probably add some more back into my diet (sauces and such). Just because in NZ you actually know what stuff is and there’s just a lot more food choices that I’m used to anyway. Here it’s all a bit… meh. So might as well cut carbs here 😛

    For cheese, I haven’t found any stronger than a local ‘double barrel’ 3-year poached cheese. you need the tiniest of scrapings to get a massive amount of flavour it last for ages and tends to dry out and keep for ages in the fridge rather than going off (just keep using it like parmesan)

    If you want chilli.. get the ridiculously hot ‘psycho juice’ stuff from

    I have some of the scorpion pepper psycho juice. if I want to spice up a tin of beans, I put the wrong end of a teaspoon into the bottle, so there’s about an inch of sauce on the spoon, then scrape most of it back off again and mix the beans with that end… still blows my head off and I love chilli… almost 0 calories

    I’ve been using chill salt on nearly everything I eat on fast days. I got a packet of it for my birthday but I think you can make it by mixing chill flakes and salt together! It’s great.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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