acknowledgements 2 many posters

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  • all the postings b low just reaffirm

    our positive beliefs prevail


    “I have only found this site helpful as you did”


    “a really pleasant supporting atmosphere on the forums”


    “that this site is normally peopled by folk who are sharing, supportive, encouraging and informative.”

    Annie Somerset

    “I have been loving the fact that this is so supportive.”


    “This forum is helping me through the fast days especially, to carry on and put your best foot forward.”” “tips, advice and experiences really are very helpful!”


    “It’s tough out there. If any of us has just one supportive person in our lives, consider yourself very lucky”


    “the quality of the research and posters comments”


    “Well done everybody and I so enjoy hearing all your stories”


    “I really appreciate this forum and it has helped me a lot”

    aniann (who is home w/ the flu)

    “Thanks everyone”

    if there is anyone i did not paste

    please paste it

    we really do have a great forum w/
    an abundance of positive
    help & encouragement & great insight

    when i go back from leave i will not b around as often

    however, i will still try

    as we all do

    people may think we r ignoring their posts
    we r not we r reading & learning & being guided through


    as couscous said

    “personal trials and tribulations”

    in this very busy world


    “We all participate the best way we can”


    i never left

    as u will c w/ the dates & in one of my replies 2 saraann

    however, i did want 2 change the topic title

    i chose 2 stay even
    b4 all ur great comments


    i realized i can’t b upset over some people
    when this forum has been so helpful & caring & astute

    i miss jeanius

    thanks 4 not minding my ee cummings way of writing (u can tell i’m not a typist)

    or as couscous said

    my “mad hatter” ways πŸ˜€

    i tend 2 b a toy chihuahua nipping @ their heels very protective of the posters & this great site

    by the way has anyone noticed the check box @ the left hand side of submit?
    that says

    Notify me of follow-up replies via email (cool we now have that yay!)

    however, i hope this does not let us forget our unanswered topics

    thanks 2 all

    wish all success

    Glad you’re sill on board with us all on this amazing, challenging, emotional, sometimes turbulent ship we call 5:2! I’m dying to ask, wiltldnrUSA, what does your username actually stand for? I’ve been trying to work it out for weeks now… πŸ™‚

    oh well it’s not a password

    so i guess i’ll tell

    where is luv

    to luv

    do not relinquish


    i guess u would not have guessed

    Aha! I don’t feel so stupid now for not being able to work it out for myself! πŸ™‚

    it is a recurring mantra in my mind 4 me
    2 not relinquish that dream
    of someone 2 luv & someone 2 luv back

    i’m surprised i told u & all
    super vulnerable here ugh

    never feel stupid
    u r not a telepathic person r u?
    how would u know how i feel πŸ™‚

    want 2 know
    ur guesses


    by the way what language?

    as u know i speak hola & bonjour & another
    but that would identify me

    French, German and Spanish are what I teach – and I love my job! As for your name, I got as far as “What I Like The Least…” or “Would I Lie To…” but never managed to come up with a suitable ending, apart from the USA bit, of course πŸ™‚

    cool i only go up 2 phoomph in german

    cool guesses it made me laugh

    well bon appetit & buenas noches

    i don’t know where u r?

    wish there was a way 2 send a private message it would be nice 2 practice my languages w/ u

    maybe some cryptic message w/ cryptic clues giving my phone #

    not as intelligent as jeanius or a computer guru

    however 4me it is my 1meal soon yay

    my fast yesterday was destroyed by me
    not much

    but 4 the 1st time i did not feel like stopping after having eaten my 1 meal that night & ate some more stuff airpopcorn cheese edamame so went over

    so it’s a do over 2day πŸ˜€

    take care

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