A year of success

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  • hello to everyone who reads this,
    tomorrow will be my one year anniversary of doing this plan, and what a year its been.
    never before have i been able to stick to any plan for this long, ive just about done every diet going since the age of 18, always losing to begin with then becoming bored and regaining all the weight plus more,

    to date ive lost 39 lbs, i was a size 24 top and 20 jeans, i can now get into size 18 tops and 14 jeans, i weighed 15 stone 11 lbs, i now weigh 13 stone.

    i except it will take me at least another year to get into the healthy bracket, but thats ok, this time i know i can do it,

    i expect to hit more plataeus, again thats ok, because when i do i know more inches will drop.

    ill be brave again and post my pictures of then and now, one day i hope to post my after picture to show the whole journey. xx

    <div style=”width:480px;text-align:right;”><embed width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”http://pic2.pbsrc.com/flash/rss_slideshow.swf” flashvars=”rssFeed=http%3A%2F%2Ffeed494.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Frr307%2Ftinkabell333%2Fbefore%2520during%2520and%2520after%2Ffeed.rss” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” />tinkabell333's before during and after album on Photobucket</div>

    Hi fast for life,
    as the saying goes “a picture’s worth a thousand words”! WOW, you look great, congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing with us, what a motivation for all 5:2ers. Hope tomorrow is not a fasting day for you and you can celebrate your wonderful achievement with a glass of champagne – or whatever else strikes your fancy 🙂

    Well Done. I agree with fastinginberlin the picture says it all. Huge difference in you. Keep going.

    How lovely to put a face to the name! You’re looking great, fast for life! It’s successes like yours that keep me going – my progress is very, very slow but I’m sure there’ll be a slimmer me this time next year.

    WOW, what a difference fast for life. You look great! Keep up the good work. I bet you get loads of comments from the people you know. You’ve done amazingly well. I’ve been meaning to do this diet for a year now, stated in January and stopped again and started again last month. I hope I can stick with it as long as you have. I’m certainly seeing benefits already!

    Wow!!!!you look wonderful! such an inspiration for us just starting out. Thanks for sharing you experiences with us all.

    fastinginberlin, thank you, im not fasting today so may just have a glass of something nice,x

    midfiftiesgirl, thank you, its been such a long time since i started this way of life its now normal to me,x

    StephB thank you, i have no doubts you’ll make it, when things get slow just remember slow is good, ive managed to keep skin normal and when you lose it to fast it tends to go baggy, x

    JennyM thank you, your right many have commented on how much better i look, and im always keen to share the 5 2 lifestyle with anyone who asks, its amazing how your shape changes and fairly quickly too, x

    MountainMyst thank you, the inspiration on this forum is one of the things that helps me keep realistic about goals, slow and steady will win the race xx

    Congratulations on such great progress 🙂 Your success is a great inspiration to others.


    Thank you so much Sarah, im hoping others will follow suit and post their before, during and after pics xx

    fast for life

    wow nice 2 c the future

    could u explain how u post pics here

    i put my pictures on photo bucket,(its free) make an album public, then copy the link to here or you could use any other photo hosting site, xx


    wiltldnrUSA your very welcome, and thank you for your comments x

    Well done you – you look fantastic. Excellent 🙂

    Thank you SueWR, just got back from my weekly swim, feel very tired this evening, i think an early night is in order. xx

    The Official Fast Diet forums › Site stuff › Suggested improvements
    has info from Clare on how to post photos: “Send the before and after photos with and a brief summary, to stories@thefastdiet.co.uk. There may be a day or two delay before posting.”
    Looking forward to more inspiring pics. Best wishes to all fellow fasters!

    Hi, Fast for Life,

    Your story above is amazing. You have come such a long way. Congratulation on being on the program over a year now. That in itself is a milestone let alone your achievements with weight and clothes sizes. Keep up the fantastic efforts. Jenn

    hi Jenn, thank you, the really strange thing is i still feel i could do this forever, in one form or another, past diets have all been for the short term, never being do-able long term. this is the best way of life ever! x

    Hi fellow fasters,
    i just wanted to share my mile stones, today i have dropped from the obese range to the overweight range. my BMI has gone from 36.8 to 29.8, thrilled to bits! hoping for more good news when i visit the doctor to review my BP. total loss now 42 lbs. 3 whole stone gone forever. this was just the boost i needed as today ive been feeling really tired, a bit low with lack of energy, ive made sure ive had a good feed today and will be having a full roast dinner tomorrow, ready for next weeks fasts. wishing you all a lovely weekend xx

    Really pleased to hear your news, fast for life! The 5:2 lifestyle is clearly working its magic on you! Good luck at the doc’s. let us know how u get on x

    Fast for Life, that is a huge milestone. CONGRATULATIONS. Moving into the Overweight BMI range is a health box ticked off. It means that even though you are losing weight you are also gaining heath benefits that are measurable. Good luck with the doctor and your BP. 3 STONE GONE, How many 2kg flour’s is that, (sorry not sure of the conversion), but I bet it is heaps. Your are doing so well. Jenn

    thank you ladies, i will post next week after doctors visit, i think its about 19kg, 9 1/2 bags of flour? xx

    A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!

    9.5 X 2kg bags of Flour. That is fantastic.


    wow, fast for life, that is absolutely amazing ! I hope you did celebrate !

    that’s 19 x 1kg bags of sugar !! if you put that in a rucksack and carry it around for a while it is a stark reminder of how much you have lost. well done you !

    funny you should mention that, i did pile loads of tins and almost everything i could find from my cupboards into two huge shopping bags weighing each item as i went, i could hardly pick them up! a great way to see and feel just how far we’ve come on our journey,
    something else happened this morning, another first for me, lately ive been weighing every morning this morning id lost even after a feed day, i was shocked but delighted, all these things just help keep me motivated, hope everyone has had a lovely day. xx

    Fast for Life, what I great way to measure your results. You should be very proud. I must remember to to this down the track when a get some bigger results. Jenn

    Hi fast for life

    What a story-well done you!

    Reading about your journey on this ‘eating regime’ helps pretty much everyone who reads it.
    And you lost weight even after a feed day-how on earth did you manage that? I’m green with envy but very pleased for you.

    I don’t use the inspiring word lightly but I am inspired by your story-I would love to lose 3 stones-I bet you feel like a different person altogether

    fatgirlslim4life im sure it wont be long before you can start to add items up into a shopping bag even 7lbs in tins is a lot visually and to carrry about. xx

    PreciousBooBoo thank you for your kind comments, the feed day weight loss was short lived after another fast and feed day it was back up by about 4lbs, but i still lost 0.75 lbs that week, its so strange how our bodys work, but this is all part of the journey that i accept about this way of life.
    its people i havent seen for a long time that i get the biggest reactions from, most do a double take which makes me grin, i always point them to the horizon program if thay ask because it explains far more benefits than just weight loss and the science behind it that i cant always explain very well. xx

    Hi fast for life

    I am hoping that I will be posting similar threads to you when I’ve been on this for a year.
    It would be so wonderful to put on clothes and not worry about how heavy I look or to be constantly tugging and arranging my clothes; so I’m more comfortable.

    Like I say; reading posts from fasters like you encourage, I would think, all of us to keep on keeping on!

    Hi everyone, i hope your still going strong with this plan, and your all well,

    i thought id give you an update, after having 3 appointments canceled i did get my blood pressure checked this week, it was normal, yay! i hope it is still normal when i go again next week and i can get off the meds,

    i did 4 3 for a while and did really well, now back to 5 2, its taken my body all of this month to settle back into things and the weight is now shifting again,

    in september when i first started this thread i was 13 stone and 39 lbs. my Current Weight is 12 stone 5.25 lbs and 47.75 lbs lost to date.

    even after all this time i still can not believe how easy this plan is. xx

    Great to hear how well you are doing, fast for life. Long may your success continue.

    Re blood pressure meds. I hope your doctor is a bit more understanding than mine. Largely thanks to the Fast Diet, my BP has dropped to 103/63 – teetering on the brink of low – but still she insists I continue to take the meds, admittedly in a very low dose, “just in case”. Likewise with once-high cholesterol which is now at an acceptable level of 4.8 – although you never know when they are going to move the goal posts again and decide the desirable level is less than 2. I don’t quite have the nerve to wean myself of the wretched pharamaceuticals. But if my readings continue at this level I just might.

    I only saw this thread now, want to congratulate you on your pictures ^^ Where’s the new one? 😛

    Wow, you look amazing, congrats on you.

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