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  • Hi
    I just wanted to start a new thread to track my personal story. To begin with, I hope it will be good for me to get my thoughts on paper. In the long term, assuming 5 2 works, I hope this will help others.

    Today is my first weigh in, although I started 5 2 (for a second time but more on that later) last week.

    I’m a 41 year old female living in rural South West England. I’m 5ft 8″ and currently (I am wincing here) weigh 12st 9lb or 180lb.

    My end goal is 10st or 140lb. So that’s 40lbs of fat to destroy!

    My measurements are-

    Chest Waist Hips Thigh Upper Arm
    37 37 41 24 12.5

    My story-

    I have had to watch my weight all my life. All of my family have a tendency to gain weight if they aren’t careful and that includes me.
    I have been to Slimming World, Weight Watchers, I have calorie counted, fasted etc etc. Normally the diet is not particularly successful- I loose a few pounds and get totally fed up with counting calories or syns or whatever else. I fall off the wagon and put all the pounds back on! I have done a lot of soul searching in the last year and understand a lot more about my personality which is rather helpful. Motivations and triggers are very powerful when it comes to food.

    Also, I do really like cake, cheese and butter!! I really do try and restrict them though as it does not take much for me to start piling on the pounds. I can honestly say, compared to a lot of other people, I don’t eat much.

    I am pretty active and walk around 12-18 000 steps a day, every day, ride horses, go to yoga, occasional tennis game or bike ride and look after my two kids, the house, garden and animals. I also have my own business i have recently started, which is office based. I also still have a cleaning job for four hours a week (which doubles as a good bit of exercise).

    I have done 5 2 before and lost about 1 stone which was great. Unfortunately I had a pretty terrible year last year and I didn’t really have the mindset to carry on. Guess what? The weight is back! But, I do know this diet works for me so that’s all good.

    I normally have a cup of tea and coffee with milk in the morning (because I NEED them!) and then save my kcals for an evening meal. I try and have something like tomatoes, mushrooms, veggie sausage and scrambled eggs. You can actually have a huge plate of food for 400kcals if you are willing to have lots of low cal veggies.

    I’ll normally fast Monday and Thursday as it suits me and are days when I am pretty busy.

    I’ll be back next Monday to let you know how my first weigh in goes. If I lose 1lb a week that would be just fine!

    See you next week…

    Good for you, Munchie, for trying again [remember that Robert the Bruce had to try 7 times!] and for having figured out a few insights which may help you this time.
    Your food intake sounds reasonable. the only other thing that matters will be what/how you eat on Slow Days. Since you love the cakes, try to reduce the other starts [bread, pasta, rice] so that you have room for cake! I have observed that when I eat white rice and/or drink beer, it creates weight that is difficult to remove. Maybe you can find something like that in your diet to reduce/eliminate.

    Best wishes. Looking forward to your next post.

    Thanks Fasting_me! I love that Robert the Bruce was a ‘trier’ too. British history would be very different if he gave up after 6 tries.
    Totally agree about the white carbs. I don’t eat that much but I could be better. I’m trying to just reach for a slice of cake if it looks really, really good and I can’t resist. I am also staying away from places that sell such things, like coffee shops. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. This also helps my bank account so all good!
    I’ll be back on Monday.

    It’s Monday so it’s weigh-in day. I toyed with whether to post today or not as I am irritated and ashamed with myself. I weighed in, after sticking to my two fast days last week and found I have gained three pounds. I now weight 12st 12lbs

    I’ve just taken my dogs for a long walk to try and figure out where I went wrong. I could put it down to my hormones and it coming up to my time of the month (which because I am peri-menapausal could be anywhere between two weeks and eight). But until my period arrives, I just don’t know.

    It could be I just ate too much at the weekend. One of the kids here had another sickness bug and we all ended up hanging around the house mainly and I admit I had some chocolates from the tin and cake. But three pounds? I would think you really need to go some to put that weight on, but not me. I seem to have one slip up and I pile on so much weight.

    Anyway, whilst I do feel really down about this it has made me realise that, I personally, cannot just rely on two days of fasting to get weight off. So, this week I am going to try and do this a bit differently.

    Fast days the same. No cakes, biscuits or sweets. No eating after 8pm. Lots more water.

    I am really hoping this is a blip- will be back with you next week to let you know!

    Hi munchie and fasting me

    I wondered whether i could join your thread?

    Munchie when I read your post it was like reading my own experiences with weight gain and loss. Over and over again. I could relate with it so much.

    A little about me… this is now the 4th time I am starting the 5.2. The first time I did it, it was effective but work took over and k wasn’t able to stick with it longer than a few months. The second time it was great and I lost almost 2 stone and felt great. Got down to 10 stone and when I look back at pictures, I feel best at that weight.

    I then tried to get back onto it after a holiday and hit a plateau for ages. Couldn’t shift the weight and came off and on it a few more times.

    I’ve now got to a point where I’m desperately craving change. I don’t fit into any of my size 12 clothes. I’ve not weighed in years because I’m scared of what I will see. I have been through a series of very challenging love situations recently which have been any reason for me to not fast but I’ve decided to cast my excuses aside and give it another go. I have to admit that 5.2 is the only way I can sustainably lose weight and feel good about myself.

    This time I am not weighing because I find myself getting obsessed with the number. At the moment I’m wearing size 14 jeans and they are cutting in. It’s not a nice feeling.

    I have a big holiday booked in November so hoping that 5 or so months of consisting fasting will help me get back in track. I’m planning to do Monday and Wednesday fasts with at least 3 work outs during the week.

    Previously I found this forum such a huge source of support and encouragement when it was tough, which is why I’ve found my way back here. Really hope the same for this time around.

    Munchie, it is a Fast Day for us too. Breakfast = Mushroom-Eggs over Whole-grain [fiber =3 grams; protein =3 grams] Toast. Dinner = mackerel with gooseberry sauce + veggies

    But over the weekend, we were away and dined out twice. Nothing over the top. yesterday was Father’s Day, so we grilled a steak and had cake for dessert. i gained 2.4 pounds since Friday and my husband gained 3!! It DOES matter what you eat on Slow Days!!

    Good luck with your Fast Days and keep posting.

    Hi Fasting_me and Little Dragon

    I just thought I would have a ‘little look’ at the 5 2 forums and just found your messages! I am supposed to be working but since I am self employed I can get away with these things!

    Anyway, firstly- Fasting_me. Sounds awful and unfair for you and the husband but thank you for sharing. It does make me feel better as I keep thinking I am the only one out there with struggles. Weekends are ALWAYS my downfall. I get on such a high from making it through the week (!) that I tend to let my standards slip and be a bit free and easy with the treats. I need to eat at the weekend as I do in the week which means changing habits of a lifetime. Next weekend- I am keeping it in check. I want to see a weight loss on the scale, even just half a pound.

    Little Dragon- Yes, join in! Like you say, the support on this forum really helps. I totally get the scales thing. I must admit I felt so miserable yesterday after seeing a number on the scales. I want to be 10 stones too. It’s a good weight for me. Sounds like you are probably a similar weight to me right now? I am a 12/14 in clothes but I don’t like anything hugging my belly so tend to buy tops and t-shirts in a 16.
    I did consider weighing in once a month but then I think I need to weigh in once a week at the moment so I know if I am doing the 5 2 right (i.e. am actually losing some weight.) I am going to do measurements once a month though. Why don’t you get a month out of the way, no scales and just measure at the end of the month. Once those size 14s are getting lose then consider hoping on the scales?
    Either way, please join in. Slim for that holiday in November! Maybe that’s where you will find the love of your life and you can leave all the deadbeats behind!

    Here’s the good news: after Fasting yesterday, I lost 2.2 pounds and the ODH lost 2.5. Amazing how well Fasting works!! I weigh daily, just so I’ll know to lay off the fatty foods on a Slow Day. ODH weights on Fast Days and the day after.
    Hope your Fasting journey continues toward your goal.

    Hey munchie

    I spotted a typo on my last post and saw I had written love situations and actually meant life situations!! Some family illnesses/bereavement, job changes and house moves so it’s all been fairly full on. The one constant has been my lovely partner who I’ve been so grateful for!

    I am fasting again today it’s great to hear more about your back story and sounds like we are very similar. Are you fasting today?

    I’ve not found it as difficult today as I did on Monday. It’s 1pm I’ve not really felt hungry yet. Hope to manage ok this afternoon….

    Planning on having 2 eggs,2 veggie sausages and mushrooms for dinner tonight. Can’t wait until today is over!!

    I’m not sure how much I currently weigh as haven’t stepped on the scale for years now. I am guessing around 12 stone. Ugh it pains me to say that. But it seems correct given how my clothes fit and looking at pictures.

    Would love to be back at 10 stone.. Will be challenging. Trying not to get obsessed with numbers and more on how I am feeling, looking and fitting into clothes.

    LittleDragon, yes it is a challenge but you can do it.

    Well done Fasting_me and OH for that fab weight loss! I know you said you put a couple of pounds on after Father’s Day so is that the weight back off again or is it extra? Either way, anything over 2lb is a pretty good boost.

    LittleDragon- How did it go yesterday? Did you make it through the day?! Made me laugh with the typo. One little error and it’s a totally different story. Sounds like your year was probably as (would love to add an swear word here beginning with s and ending with t here!) difficult as mine. We all have years like that I guess but it’s all settled down for me now and I feel I have more energy to focus on myself now rather than just getting through the day. Hence back to 5 2.

    It’s my FD again today. I’m sticking to my usual routine with coffee & tea in the morning, a can of Pepsi Max for lunch and probably a big bowl of soup and bread for dinner. Has anyone noticed how amazing food tastes at the end of a FD? I was making all sorts of ‘mmmmmm’ and ‘this is lovely’ noises last week whilst eating a tasteless and cardboard like rice cake. Even Heinz tomato soup was amazing- could have been Michelin starred food it tasted so good!

    Anyway, lets not ‘blow’ our good work this weekend and I hope to report a bit of weight lost on Monday and hear about some success too!Good luck!

    Hey Munchie.

    I completed yesterday’s fast pretty easily actually- I didn’t struggle really at all. Was so glad of that as Monday was really tough.

    I’ve also been doing 16.8 with non fast days.

    However I’ve been having real trouble sleeping on nights where I’ve fasted during the day. I used to have this problem before when fasting. Last night it took me at least an hour to drop off i had been asleep maybe an hour and woke up again to use the loo and lay awake in bed til 6am. Absolutely miserable. Today I don’t feel as awful as I thought I would but last night was so bad.

    Does anyone else experience this?

    Ps munchie totally agree with you on food after a fast… I treated myself to 10 sweetcorn kernels while cooking dinner and they were like drops of gold! Hahaha.

    Have a good weekend. Happy Summer.

    Hi guys,Just thought I would crash into this thread as all of your stories really resonated with me!
    I’m 35 year old professional who owns my own business and works full time. I struggle. Big time. I just got on the scales last week and I’m my heaviest I have ever been…horrible!
    So last week was my first week doing 5:2 and in lost 1.5lb. So that’s not bad (then i stupidly got on scales yesterday 3 days early and it had all come back on, but I am trying to put that out of my mind for now…) anyway. I Find fasting not too bad at work. Its when i get home thats the problem… i am not sure how long to fast for… I usually eat dinner and fast from then until dinner the next day.. does that sound about right?
    I am also using myfitnesspal to try keep track of calories as its so easy to go over!
    Anyways, any help/pointers/encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
    You guys are all doing amazing!

    Hey SlackNZ – firstly well done on your first week – getting started can be a challenge but you did it. You can actually use your calories as you wish but personally I find that saving my calories for the evening meal is better for me. I have read that the benefits are better the longer fasting window you have, which is what it sounds like you’re doing i.e. Dinner to dinner.

    Your scales dilemma sounds like mine, which is why I have decided not to weigh myself at all. Yes it can be great to keep you on track but it’s not called the sad step for no reason. I found myself becoming obsessed with the numbers. Massive emotional highs when I saw that I’d lost weight, but then lows when I felt like I had gained. I didn’t want to be a slave to the numbers anymore, and in any case, the scales don’t actually represent loss accurately, because you bloat, retain water, and it does make a difference. Maybe think about going on measurements and how your clothes feel rather than stepping on the scale and feeling demotivated when you don’t see numbers dropping?

    Thanks LittleDragon.
    Yeah I definately feel far less bloated and better in my skin even only after 3 fast days(i am half way thru my 2nd week). So thats good. And i had a super salty/carbfuelled meal the night before I got on scales that second time so I am hoping it was just water. I fasted again today and man am I peeing like crazy! So maybe that’s all the water coming off. I might modify my fast slightly as I often have a little snack for bfast but from now on I might try just a tea or coffee instead, to prolong the fast like you said. I drink a hell of alot of tea when it’s my fast days!
    I think I will start measurements tonight….. oh god I might be traumatised! Will keep u posted.

    Hi everyone!

    Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend and welcome SlackNZ. Do join us for the ups and downs of trying to be healthy and lose weight. I think with fasting, how you do things is up to you. Personally, like LittleDragon, I like to keep my precious kcals mainly for dinner and also use My Fitness Pal to make sure I don’t go over 500. But I do not count calories on NFD’s because I hate it. Seeing those numbers tick down and down over the day and worrying I won’t have enough for the dinner I want to eat etc etc. It’s weird how psycho I can get over numbers (the scales too- feel your pain LittleDragon!) when losing weight so I am trying to limit it to one weigh-in a week, one measurement session a month and counting kcals on FDs only).
    I still save apx 100 kcals so I can have my morning tea and mid morning coffee with milk. I don’t function well without them!

    One of my little tips- diet fizzy drinks! I don’t like them most of the time but a Pepsi Max on a FD is my lunch. It’s not filling but it does seem to shut my stomach noises up for a bit. Then herbal teas- peppermint is my fav. Also, see if you can find any food which you vaguely like which is really low kcals in case you really feel you need ‘something’. For me- celery, cucumber, raspberries, rice cakes. A rice cake with a thin spreading of low fat cream cheese and some cucumber, salt and pepper comes in about 50kcals. Have a can of fizzy diet pop too and voila- a low cal snack to save the day!

    With regards to the sleeping issue I actually find the opposite. I am a good sleeper anyway but I find I sleep even more like a log on an FD night. Maybe it’s because my body isn’t focusing on digesting food. Sorry to hear you have problems. Maybe if you can eat more for dinner you won’t wake up because you are hungry? It’s all trial and error to see what suits your body I guess.

    So, anyway- really long post from me! Apologies if you are dying of boredom.

    This week’s results.

    12 stones 10lbs so that’s 2lbs off. Much better!

    That being said- after putting on 3lbs the week before I am still heavier than when I started fasting. 🙁

    I have been thinking of trying to really cut back the sugar from my diet too as I am totally aware of my addiction to it. I know I said last week I wouldn’t eat any biscuits etc but I did. Yes, I’m going to be really honest on this forum. I have these Nature Valley bars which have a peanut butter filling. My partner loves them and so I buy them for him and then eat them myself. And then I did eat some chocolate and an ice cream bar thing and maybe a couple of other ‘bits’. It’s always the weekend and it’s always the evenings!

    So this week I am going to challenge myself and go sugar free- sort of! Tomorrow I am not going to have a 1/2 tsp sugar in my coffee. I realise there is sugar in things like ketchup and baked beans which I will still eat a bit of (mainly for convenience) but I’m going to try and not eat the usual favs- cake and those Nature Valley bars.

    So, I declare it here- Sugar free week for me! Let’s see if it helps! See you next Monday for the next weigh in and I think since it’ll be the start of July I will do some measurements. Hopefully I would like to lose at least 1lb. And even though I have not got off to a great start with the 5 2 this time I feel I am kind of in the swing of it now. Got to do some tweaking (hello, biscuits) and I think I will start to get the weight off.

    Hope you all have a good week!

    Well it was weigh in day today. Even though I had hopped on the scales and totally bummed myself out on Sunday, I was feeling really good and alot smaller in my tummy (a problem area). And this morning I was down 2.6lb! So that’s just over 3lb after my second wk.
    I know it’s mostly water but it’s the motivation I need!

    What fast days do you guys do? I’m currently Mon and thurs… just wondering if any specific spacing between fasts work better?
    Anyway just had to share my news!
    Hope you all have great weeks!

    Great results, Slack!
    We do Monday + Thursday, tho next week we’ll do tues + Thursday due to traveling.

    Hi Slack

    Well done! That is great- you must be pleased.

    I mainly fast Monday and Thursday. I find only one day inbetween fasts is a bit tricky for me and I find the second FD of the week harder because I am hungry! That being said, i move it around if need be and occasionally I just can’t fit those FD’s in (See below!)

    I have only managed on FD so far this week. It should have been yesterday but I ended up with a very rare day off work without kids here (I’m self-employed), with a beautiful Summer’s day to boot (also pretty rare in England!) I wanted to enjoy a bit of food and drink so shelved the FD but then realised there have been a couple of social events I have to attend today/ tomorrow so not really conclusive to fasting. I don’t plan on doing bumping my FDs often but I really had to take the opportunity for a day in the garden yesterday- it was lovely. HOpefully, even if no weight is lost, I won’t gain.

    See you all on Monday to see how I get on!

    Have a lovely, sunny weekend wherever you are….


    It’s Monday today so weigh in day and I am pleased to say I have dropped 1lb! That is my aim each week and I kind of missed my second fast day this week due to one thing and another.

    It’s 9.15pm on the eve of my first FD this week. My bf has decided to give it a go for a while too as he has a few pounds to lose too! It’ll be good to have a bit of moral support at home for a bit. 🙂

    The weather in the UK has been pretty warm for the last few weeks- unusually so for England. I’m not walking so far as it’s too hot for my dogs, extremely overgrown and teaming with horse flies where we live! I have been to our local outdoor swimming pool with the kids after school though so that makes up for the lack of long walks.

    I hope you are all enjoying some sunshine wherever you are and manage to have a good 5 2 week..

    Not a fast day today but I was little conservative on my intake as I went over a bit on my fast day.. thanks everyone for the tips!
    I usually feel great after my fast but today I am feeling bloated. Like really heavy! So i am trying to drink lots of water (which is hard because on a cold winters day thats the Last thing i feel like!)
    Weigh in day tomorrow but I might push it back by a day if I am still feeling like this.

    I actually have not shared with anyone the fact that I am doing this until I get a bit of a roll on it and have lost a bit more weight.. I know people may try to say it’s a silly fad diet etc and I don’t think I am ready for that just yet!
    Anyway. Onwards and upwards!

    Hi Slack

    One suggestion for a drink on cold days (as I find I get so, so cold on FD’s in the Winter) which is Kcal free and gives a kind of warming feeling- ginger herbal tea! Or peppermint.

    I totally understand about keeping quiet about your diet. That’s one reason I struggled to fit my two days in last week. I kind of changed my day but then had a social event and if I wasn’t eating I would have been asked why and then would have to explain blah, blah, blah and have a debate on why fasting is so bad (or so they believe) etc etc. I want to get a chunk of fat off, have people notice and ask how I did it and then I will tell them! Results always speak for themselves don’t they!

    Good luck with the rest of the week. I’ll be fasting again on Thursday (definitely). Don’t weigh in if you think you feel bloated and suspect you haven’t lost weight- why set yourself up for a fall. And perhaps you have lost some- if so, and you don’t weight in then next week’s weigh in will be even sweeter!

    Thanks Munchie..
    I have been getting into the peppermint tea! I have been missing out all this time! It’s great.
    I did end up weighing in this morning. . Half pound down but i know I am still holding alot of fluid so that’s not bad. Haven’t seen that number on the scale in a while so small victory there.
    My BMI is almost (almost) back into the 20s so I will be stoked when that comes along! Looking forward to a good fast tomorrow!

    Hi all, hope you don’t mind me joining in?
    I’m a newbie here from Leeds. Quickly read Munchies’ profile and thought I recognise this. I have spent my whole adult life battling weight, sometimes with spectacular results but then I fall back into bad habits and the pounds pile on again.
    I’m 61, 106kg and seriously under tall for my my weight. Height I can’t do anything about but weight I can starting again in the morning (it’s 2am now).

    As the saying goes “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”

    My journey starts again today after numerous false starts. I have to do this now, failure is not an option.

    Welcome Bestway… I’m new too.. Just 3 wks in and just ever 2kg down.
    feeling super after my great fast yesterday ..
    However as often happens, good hearted friends gifted me cream donuts and biscuits today and insisted we sit and partake! I was actually really disappointed… I didn’t want to be rude but now I think I might either fast or do controlled intake tomorrow.
    I’m a bit deflated…
    I feel far more in control of my cravings lately and they don’t control me anymore.
    But now I feel bad for eating when I didn’t even want to! Grrrrr

    Hi Slack,
    Friends armed with sugar bombs…ouch!
    My first real test will come this weekend as we are away at the coast with the grandchildren and stepson & daughter-in-law. No scales in sight until we return home. Any loss no matter how small over the next few days will be a positive. I was chatting with a colleague last week and he put it very simply…any weight loss is no weight gained. I realise that there will be very good weeks, some not so good and others that we just won’t talk about. I am unusual in that when I focus I can drop weight rapidly without making radical changes other than limiting alcohol and watching the white carbs. I can also put weight on very quickly as well which just shows the effect of the bad dietary choices and lack of self control can have.

    I lost my Dad recently but he had been slim his entire like so I didn’t inherit his genes in that respect. Mum passed over 10 years ago but she had various health issues none of which were helped by weight. Dad would have been glad to know I was taking control of my weight once and for all. Whatever happens over the weekend Tuesday and Thursday will be FD days so I won’t beat myself up if I stray of course but simply re-set the clock.

    The warm weather and World Cup haven’t helped either as this has seen a marked increase in liquid refreshment but both will soon be over.

    It doesn’t get any easier to lose weight as you get older but it has to be done as it is hard work running around after 2 year old James who is everywhere. His sister Jessica is only 5 months old so we don’t have much time before they are both charging around. They say that kids keep you young 😀

    Just checking in … doing 4:3 this week to try regain control after my big over indulgent weekend. Hopefuly the scales reflect it tomorrow… does anyone else do 4:3 occasionally?

    Hi, Bestway, and welcome.
    Some of you mention not wanting to seem antisocial, so you don’t tell people that you are Fasting. Maybe I’m just more of a proselytizer, but when confronted with a social situation, I always tell people straight up about ‘the terrific diet that i’m on…’ Early on in our Fasting, we were invited to friends for a cup of tea and a muffin on a Fasting Day. We hadn’t seen them in months, so we accepted. We told them that the tea would be great, but we’d take a raincheck on the muffin. They understood, especially the wife who wistfully said, “I wish I could lose weight.” Later we were invited to a pot luck, on a Thursday of course. We took a Fast Day Pizza, which we ate and shared. We could have fit right in, but we told people about Fasting straight out. They were curious and skeptical and teased us a little, especially when the dessert came out. But you know what, a few months later our host and hostess were Fasters, too!

    Stay on course, Slack. When I get into a spot when the weight won’t budge, I count calories on Slow Days — just to make sure I am in control of the total.

    Munchie, what’s new?
    How’s it going, Little Dragon?

    Thanks Fasting_me . Unfortunately my partner is an athlete and I know will think I’m crazy! Totally against everything they believe in! But are generally happy I am slowly losing weight. So that’s nice.
    Today I did measurements and weight and I have managed to lose a few cm here and there and another (almost) lb. So i am happy about that. Down 5.5lb total.. I have been using myfitnesspal to track intake on NFD as I am a mindless eater!
    Anyway that’s enough from me.
    Have a good week everyone.

    Morning all and hello Fasting_me,
    Was in a similar boat to Slack as my weekend didn’t exactly go to plan but the damage wasn’t too bad. Back on the track with FD today but will be glad when the World Cup is over…too many social distractions! Must admit I wouldn’t want to try 4:3 at this stage. Doesn’t matter if the weight loss is slow or not, any loss is a positive so well done Slack, keep up the good work.

    I had the opportunity to use some leg curl equipment on Sunday for the first time in a few years and I was shocked and annoyed with myself to realise how much leg strength I had lost due to my own stupidity in recent years. I’m away next week but hope to do a fair bit of walking on the holiday and when we get back we have an exercise bike arriving which will be built into our regular routine along with increased resistance training.

    I am trying to break my long-established habit of daily weigh-ins as many years of yo-yo’ing proves that it is pointless. I aim to use a much simpler visual test e.g are my shirts and jeans any slacker?. Will know a week on Saturday! I don’t mind telling people that I’m on a healthy regime (I don’t use the D word) and I usually find that people soon become interested when they see positive results. I am my own worst enemy as I believe fully in the principles of 5:2, I understand the science and I know what I eat and drink and what the consequences are. It really is down to me now but thinking about it will be case of setting clear targets which for me is shirt size. My immediate goal is a comfortable fit on an “XL”. “L” can wait, one size at a time is the order of the day for me.

    Morning all and hello Fasting_me,
    Was in a similar boat to Slack as my weekend didn’t exactly go to plan but the damage wasn’t too bad. Back on the track with FD today but will be glad when the World Cup is over…too many social distractions! Must admit I wouldn’t want to try 4:3 at this stage. Doesn’t matter if the weight loss is slow or not, any loss is a positive so well done Slack, keep up the good work.

    I had the opportunity to use some leg curl equipment on Sunday for the first time in a few years and I was shocked and annoyed with myself to realise how much leg strength I had lost due to my own stupidity in recent years. I’m away next week but hope to do a fair bit of walking on the holiday and when we get back we have an exercise bike arriving which will be built into our regular routine along with increased resistance training.

    I am trying to break my long-established habit of daily weigh-ins as many years of yo-yo’ing proves that it is pointless. I aim to use a much simpler visual test e.g are my shirts and jeans any slacker?. Will know a week on Saturday! I don’t mind telling people that I’m on a healthy regime (I don’t use the D word) and I usually find that people soon become interested when they see positive results. I am my own worst enemy as I believe fully in the principles of 5:2, I understand the science and I know what I eat and drink and what the consequences are. It really is down to me now but it will be a case of setting clear targets which for me is shirt size. My immediate goal is a comfortable fit on an “XL”. “L” can wait, One step at a time.

    Hi All
    Apologies for my very late entry for this week! I weighed in on Monday and now it’s Saturday. Lots of work, a bit of illness and end of term busy busyness with the kids have meant I haven’t had a chance to check in with you all!

    SlackNZ- excellent result. Down is down, no matter what! With regards to telling others about 5 2, for me it depends who it is! Some people are supportive, others tend to almost want to see you sabotage yourself. ‘Oh, just have one biscuit…That won’t do any harm.’ etc etc
    Sometimes I just tell people no thanks and then add a little white lie like, ‘I had a huge breakfast’ or something. Then I don’t end up having to justify myself and explain 5 2!

    Hi Bestway- welcome to the thread. Yes, do join us! I guess we all need to just stick with 5 2 and keep at it, (except Fasting-me who has already done incredibly well 🙂 The fast days aren’t really the problem for me- it’s the weekend. I can’t just ‘eat normally’ it seems (see previous posts where I gained weight!) I still have to watch carefully what I consume, despite being pretty active, but I have always had to. Since the age of 13 or so. Let’s just keep a trend of the scales going down, no matter how slowly. 1lb a week is great, if it’s less that’s ok too. If they go up- not so good!

    Anyway, I think I managed to lose 1lb this week. Taking me down to 12st 8lb. I have old scales with a dial. It’s not always super clear whether it has gone down if it’s only a 0.5 or 1lb. So, it may have said 12.8 1/2. Anyway, only two days to the next weigh in. Hope to see it is definitely at 12.8lb or below. Two fast days this week were Monday and Friday. It all went ok as they were busy days. See you all on Monday!

    It’s weigh-in day and I am pleased to report a 1lb loss taking me down to 12st 7lb. Just what I hoped for.
    When I started I was 12st 9lbs but then had a bad first week where I gained 3lbs (partially due to that particular time of the month and eating too much on my NFD’s) taking me up to 12st 12lbs.

    I’m going to say I have, so far, lost 5lbs as it’s more motivating!

    My FDs were pretty easy last week as I had two busy days and it was a relief not to have to find the time to eat during the day. I ate thoughtfully during the week but I had three meals a day of healthyish food I enjoy. I went to a festival on Saturday and ate and drank pretty much what I wanted. I’m pleased a lost 1lb.

    I’m going to carry on in the same way this week- having a few treats but generally not overdoing it. FD’s on Monday and Thursday. The end of term is looming fast so I am wondering how easy fasting will be without my usual routine based around the school day. I might swap my FD’s about to make sure I pick busy days rather than lazy days.

    Hope your Monday’s have all gone well.

    Pretty gutted today. Gained 700g this wk. However… I haven’t been to the toilet (you know what I mean) in a few days so might remedy that and weigh in again later in the week. Grrrr!

    Oh SlackNZ- gutted for you. 🙁

    Don’t get disheartened though- if you are like me the weight loss can be really random and seems to depend on other factors too. I find it more motivating to look over the course of a month rather than weekly.

    Get another FD in and then weigh again. Fingers crossed for you.

    Thanks Munchie..its weird. I had another FD on thurs and today is a regular NFD . But i cant find my hunger. Just dont feel like eating. Its strange. Oh well less calories I guess might mean my scales will be kinder next week. I think its because my partner is heading overseas for 3.5wks and im feeling a bit funny about it. Oh well can knuckle down and get this weight sorted…

    hi, to all of you.
    Slack, isn’t it odd how some days you don’t feel like eating and other times you want to snack all day? And then sometimes those ‘snacking days’ are also Fasting Days and you have to give yourself a good scolding! Use the next 3 weeks while your partner is away to do some cupboard-cleaning [get rid of tempting snacks] and some serious Fasting. Then see how really good you feel 3 weeks from now.

    Munchie, yeah, I’ve heard people say that they don’t do the daily weigh-in thing… But weighing in can be so valuable. Try one a fortnight, at the same time of day. Or, if you insist, measure yourself once/month and write it down so you can see your progress.

    Well my long wknd is done and dusted (with way too much farewell food as my partner left for Spain today for 3.5weeks)! Eek. If I can keep the 2 yr old alive and my business running then all i need to do is nail my fasts! Easy!😂 pity I just ate my feelings….
    Wish me luck! Fast day tomorrow!

    I had a woosh! Hooray! Had gained then plateau but hard work pays off! Very happy . How’s everyone’s week?

    Good Monday Morning to you all!

    How are you all? Sorry for my lack of posting last week. I had a great chance to take my two kids to stay in a mobile home in Weymouth last week with my friend! I had to get all my essential work in on the Monday (am self employed so luckily I can do that) so we could get ‘on holiday’ asap! This meant I literally had not time for forums or weighing in. I did fast on the Monday but skipped the Thurs (as I was on holiday!) I weighed in today and appear to have lost 0.5lb. Not amazing but actually quite good considering the holiday. I’m now 12st 6.5lbs.

    Am having a FD today and another on Thursday. In-between I am going to keep a good eye on my evening snacking so next week I have a 1lb weight loss (hopefully!)

    Ideally I would like to be 12st by the time the kids go back to school. That’s five weeks away. In theory, very achievable! Just need to limit the evening munching on NFDs!

    Hope you all have a good weigh in, fast day and week in general. Our scales are going down (even if it is slowly in some cases) so that’s all good!

    I’ll be back on Weds for my monthly measurements, which I am going to do on the 1st month from now on….

    Hey, Munchie, take up knitting! If you snack while watching TV, keep you hands busy by doing some sort of hand-craft. You could knit for charity, and eat less at the same time.

    Yep, I do actually crochet! I haven’t picked it up for a few months as I have got stuck on these 164 granny sqaures I need for the blanket I am making for my little girl! I think I’m at square 80ish. I need to re-find my motivation for crochet and stop me snacking!

    Measurements for August-

    So, I am going to try and do this once a month to help my morale.

    I did measure when I started. Bear in mind I didn’t get off to the best start putting on 3lbs after the second week and taking three weeks to lose it again. These were the results, from day one-

    Weight- 12st 9lbs

    Waist- 37 inches
    Bust- 37 inches
    Hips- 41 inches

    Upper arm- 12.5 inches
    Thigh- 24 inches

    These are my August results-

    Weight- 12st 6lbs

    Waist- 36 inches
    Bust- 36 inches
    Hips- 40 inches

    Upper arm- 12 inches
    Thigh- 23 inches

    Am really hoping to see my September results are down to 12st and ideally some weight off my stomach which is definitely where my body stores its fat.

    I just want to add a few thoughts I have had about the start of my journey, as I think the psychological side of a life change/ diet/ healthy eating change (whatever you want to name it) it almost as hard as the physical change in what you are eating.

    Looking back at my first few weeks back on 5 2 I can see that although I was trying hard, I was struggling a bit with the motivation and when I hit my danger point (evenings) I would feel a bit negative about the whole thing and not be as controlled as I would like to be.

    I think, for me, this between 12st and 12st 12lbs is a real sticking point. I will go all the way up to 12st 12lbs, then one way or another I lose a few pounds, then gain a couple and then I lose 4lbs, then I gain 7lbs. It just goes on and on. Up, down, up, down. The same old pounds go on and off.

    I am so keen to get to 12st as I think that getting past the 12 stones sticking point will really help my motivation. That’s because I will be heading into numbers that, no matter how much I lose every week from then on, I will be able to say- well, it’s the slimmest I have been for ‘x’ years!

    Does anyone else have a weight sticking point? Or some point where they just really want to get past?!

    So, here’s hoping for another 1lb off on Monday, inching towards my 12st (or nearly there) target for when the Summer hols finish.

    Have a good weekend with lots of fruit and veg!!

    If I lose another 6 -7 kg (I have lost 3.5 so far…) I will be the lowest in about 8 yrs…. since I “settled down” with My partner and started to spread ha ha. I am certainly dying that as a goal but decided yo break it down to manageable 5kg lots.. so I am only 1.5kg off my first goal!
    I second knitting. I taught myself off youtube few months back and am knitting for the homeless and women’s refuge axnitnid freezing cold winter in NZ fight now.
    Scared to weigh in after this week’s holiday!

    Slack, good job with the weight loss and charity knitting.

    Munchie, good numbers — going down!

    How’s it going, Bestaway? LittleDragon? Had a good Fast Day yesterday, with decent losses prior to the weekend.

    God i need to fast today. I have fallen completely off the wagon on holiday last week. I feel horrible! I woke up starving so had a small breakfast(otherwise I would be set up to fail for sure!) and that should be it until tomorrow. I usually do 16:8 on fast days but I couldnt do that on my first day back. I feel horrible. Headache, sore stomach. I think it’s all the bad food.
    Wish me luck. Because I sure need It!

    Ah, Slack — will that lesson stick? hope you’ll feel better tomorrow. good luck.

    Yea I think it will!
    I know I’m doing ok in my fast because I am losing all the water weight like i did when i first started about 6 weeks ago. I am going to try and have just a cup of tea for dinner if I can, othwrwise a bite of fresh fish is on the menu.

    Did you have an ‘all-inclusive’ holiday, Slack? That seems to be Death to the Diet. In time, you can train yourself to stick to Fasting even when faced with a full buffet. Then you won’t hate yourself afterward.

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