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  • Yeah i took my son up to my family’s at the beach. Full on traditional Maori food which I can never say no to! It’s my guilty pleasure.
    But I did portion control… Kind of..
    So i have done my 2 fasts back to back this week and then i will be having controlled non fast days this week. I feel so much better already!

    Good work.

    Hi everyone

    I actually started this thread, started 5 2 again, didn’t really get into it properly, disappeared and am now reappearing!

    I have still been fasting each week but in a half-hearted manner and eating far too much at the weekends. As a result I have put weight on. I am thoroughly annoyed with myself and depressed by my current body size. I feel unwell and bloated.

    5 2 doesn’t work for me unless I am strict on my NFD’s. I seem to just be one of these people that holds onto fat like there is a famine on the horizon. I can do the healthy strict thing during the week but at the weekend it all goes wrong, I throw in the towel and graze my way through the cupboard.

    I really just don’t want to have to think about food and weight anymore. I think I just need to accept that I really do not need a lot of kcals to survive. I walk everyday over 10 000 steps and go to yoga once a week. I want to go back to my exercise DVDs but have knackered my shoulder (being active) so I have to be careful.

    I’m back on here as I feel I need some support. I know there are many of you doing very well with 5 2. And I know some people don’t have to count kcals on their NFD’s and others do. We are all different.

    12 st 12lbs today. Fasting today.

    Any advice from anyone who historically finds it hard to lose weight is welcome! Do you have to go over and above two FDs a week and if so, what do you do. Thanks in advance! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)

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