A Fast Pantry must have list or grocery list?

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A Fast Pantry must have list or grocery list?

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  • After purchasing the new 8 week blood sugar book I miss something. A simple FAST food grocery list to compliment the weekly menu plan or a pantry list. I’ve got whiplash flying though the book full of do-able and enthusiasm, then – Bam – no grocery/pantry list.
    So surprised the important aspect of simply aiding folks with an time saving overview of ingredients is overlooked! The message in the book to keep active and not sit for long periods.
    Its a huge job for folks to arrange a shopping list around a week’s menu plan and overlapping ingredients.Lots of sitting & page turning or standing and page turning! Even a simple item pantry list would have been helpful.
    A Fast ‘Pantry must have list or key ingredient Fast Grocery list, print or App form, it would be greatly appreciated

    Uhhhh I never thought of it.

    5:2 Fast Diet would be pretty easy to put together as it’s nothing really that you don’t all ready have likely. More broth for soups and veggies to go in them more fresh foods less (or no) pasta and grains. No sugar.

    The 8 Week Blood Sugar now that would be an entirely different kettle of fish. I haven’t finished the book. I don’t “think” I need the diet 5:2 is giving me when I want and it is certainly sustainable. The 8 week blood sugar diet does give some interesting reading for me I don’t think it’s necessary to change my 5:2.

    Someone out there likely has an excel spread sheet shopping list for both 5:2 and 8 Week Blood Sugar. Must haves and nice to haves.

    Gogi berries, fresh avocados, green tea, to name but a few. I have a varied store cupboard, but I also agree a shopping list is ESSENTIAL.
    I lost 2 stone 4 years ago on 5:2, but family stress and hysterectomy all took their toll. 5:2 hasn’t helped me for over 18 months. My diabetic husband got the 8 week book and I am inspired to start to kick start the weight loss again. Have now got to go through all my cupboards and make a shopping list at the same time as reading all these tempting recipes! Wonder what nibbles will tempt me……..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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