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  • I started this diet on 15 September 2014. I weighed 83.5 kg now I am down to 68.8 kg with a goal weight of 66.2. So almost their. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays. I have 1200 calories on every other day. So have had a good steady loss. My husband is also on the 5:2 he has gone from 98.5 to 85.5 with his goal being 82 kg. Thank you for a great diet that works.

    WOW Holly2448…many thanks for sharing your weight loss so far….I am enjoying reading posts on the forum and have been inspired by so MANY wonderful success stories…my husband and I started this 10 days ago…certainly looking forward to seeing where we are in three months time…

    Well done, it is interesting to read that couples are doing 5:2. Alas my husband is not keen on the idea, but little does he realise that I am basing our meals on 5:2 with a bit more food for him on feast days! He put on some weight over Christmas – it has gone already GRRRR! I don’t feel that this is a diet as there is no restriction on the types of food and drink, just being careful not to overindulge on non-fast days. Only my first week, so early days yet, hence posts like this are so helpful and inspiring.

    Holly, good job! That was 3.5 years ago — still Fasting?

    Nicolew, how ’bout you?

    galexinda, how have you and your hubby done with 5:2?

    binda, sell your wares elsewhere.

    Well done, really good job.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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