5:2 with weight training / running

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5:2 with weight training / running

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  • Hi everyone, this is my first post and I’m just looking for some opinions / advicd. This is the second time I’ve done the 5:2 diet, did it for a few months last year, but this time I’m trying the updated 800 calorie version with a 14 hour fast.

    I’m also incorporating weight training along with running. I’m in a job at the moment where I’m working 8-4, and I have a busy homelife with 4 kids and various clubs, so I work out in the mornings before work.

    Currently, I go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I run on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m following a coaching program on an app named freeletics.

    I fast on a Tuesday and Thursday. I do the 14 hour fast the evening before, so no food from 10pm until lunchtime the following day. I tend to have a 300 calorie lunch and 500 dinner.

    My concerns are, although I’m eating after the gym and therefore replacing calories / protein to allow the muscles to repair, I’m going to the gym following a fast day. I have a small breakfast beforehand like a banana or bowl of cereal.

    I then fast the same day as I run, but I run first thing in the morning. I’m reading on here that it’s more effective to run on a fast day as the body burns stored fat, but I’m running first thing, so not really having fasted.

    My goal is general fitness / strength. I’m not aiming for an amount of weight loss, a Greek godlike body or superhuman strength, just general improvement all around.

    Does anybody have any observations or thoughts? Anything that may improve results / effectiveness? Unfortunately I can only exercise in the mornings before work. I could incorporate weekends if it made a big difference, I just don’t really want to so I can enjoy some family time.

    Thanks all.

    Mhnewman83 don’t worry about the protein so much. As long as you get enough within a day of working out you should be fine. Personally I prefer running during a fast because it feels easy and even when I feel slow my times are typically faster and running fed. However I typically only run about 5km to about 7km, so not that far.

    I’m at a point where I’m not afraid of working out while fasting because I haven’t seen any problems with losing strength or muscle mass. It just too awhile to get to the point where I was comfortable with working out while fasting. However I typically do HIIT, stairs or running and body weight exercises like pushups, dips or pullups. I don’t use weights very often.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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