5:2 earned calories whilst exercising on fast days

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5:2 earned calories whilst exercising on fast days

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  • So today was my fast day, so I can only eat 600 calories.
    Consequently today I have exercised and burnt roughly 250 calories.

    So here’s a question that I have, and I apologise if this has been asked elsewhere in the forum

    Am I allowed to eat the 600 and the 250 on the same day?


    There are no “earned” extra calories on 5:2.

    The whole point is to eat 25% of the the calories you need per day on your fast days. It is based on men needing an average of 2400 calories per day.
    It takes a calorie deficit of approximately 3,700 calories to lose 1lb in weight and the average weight loss is 1lb per week.

    You can pretty much follow what you want and if you spend 2 minutes websearching, you’ll probably find some words to back you up.
    Going back to August 2012, I thought that Mr. Mosley tried to have zero calories on fast days, but settled on a nominal amount, might have been 600ish, because he felt happier eating something.
    And there are some studies that do support that eating something on a fast day is important.
    I go for zero calories as I know that is difficult to measure truly a small intake of calories – though it does help if you can be in denial of what you are truly eating.
    I think that it is wonderful that this website and forum has diverged so much, with so many people choosing what they like to hear.
    For me a fast is removing, not restricting, but if you’re thinking about what you eat and your relationship with food, then go for anything you like – though rewarding yourself with food doesn’t sound like that someone is having a healthy food relationship to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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