5:2 and low blood pressure

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  • In 2013 I lost 30 pounds doing 5:2 and really enjoyed this WOE. I have always had low blood pressure and sometimes did feel bit faint when fasting. After I reached my ideal weight, I stopped doing 5:2 as regularly. However, I then did experience actual fainting episodes and now see a consultant periodically – I have been told to always eat breakfast, eat little and often, to drink 3l water daily and increase salt in my diet. I have since gained weight and would like to try a safe style of 5:2. Do you think this is possible without risking my health.

    Thank you so much fasting_me for replying to my post – it’s the first useful advice I’ve had on how to manage low blood pressure; there’s so much more info about high blood pressure. I will check out the weblink.

    I have always had low blood pressure and a slow heartbeat, which confuses the medics, big people are not supposed to be like that. I am down about 40 lbs and have not had dizziness or other problems. Eating breakfast and eating little and often is the conventional old fashioned idea. My daughter eats nothing before 4pm and is doing well. I often fast totally – nothing but fluids for 48 hours – and I have no problems. Try whatever you want to try and see how it goes for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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