5:2 and 4:3 results compared similar results

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5:2 and 4:3 results compared similar results

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  • Now I was been reading the 5:2 website for the first time Yesterday(mentioned in a post here) and was surprised to find in their survey of 1500 people who had been on the diet up to a year there was no significant difference in weight loss between those who did 4:3 compared to 5:2. Have I read this correctly ? Are there other studies that bear this out.?Interestingly their study also showed the average weight loss was about a 1 lb a week .

    hi nice Beavergong

    yepper ๐Ÿ˜€

    that’s why next wk just going 2 go back 2 5/2

    if use their individual calculation by age gruop i think 45-69

    the stats r lower

    & mine were higher yippee ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good on you wiltdrn !! Me too!.I’ve lost .405kg per week (.89lbs )by their stats for 26 weeks.

    Good morning,
    when i started 5 2 i did 4 3 for the first month or so, when i dropped to 5 2 i didnt notice any changes in weight loss compared to the 4 3, so would agree with whats been said.

    i dont think 4 3 is for faster weight loss i think its there as an option if things stop moving and the boby needs that extra boost to kick start things again.

    i have been doing 4 3 for about six weeks and plan to go back to 5 2 in a couple of weeks or so, it can be a useful tool. xx

    Thanks fastforlife
    I wasn’t poo pooing 4:3 I was just surprised at the results. I too tried 4:3 when weight loss slowed and I tried HIIT High Intensity Interval Exercise,Michael also did a Panorama program about, as well as eating up to my TDEE on nonfast days. So of course we all need to try different things but the results surprised me and I wondered if I had read them correctly and if it was a valid study?

    lol, dont worry beavergong i didnt think that at all x
    i wonder if the 4 3 folk have been doing 4 3 for the whole time or is it just snipets of a few weeks at a time by many members as they switch between to the two plans. xx


    congrats on ur .89lbs!!!

    woohoo!! ๐Ÿ™‚ we r both above average

    i just clicked on twitter & facebook up in right hand corner
    what a busy place however the links 2 the b4 r so

    facebook again busy but colorful

    fast for life

    ur right i was in a plateau & needed 2 kickstart
    i bet they do go back & forth

    Logically, there will be a difference in weight loss between those who did 4:3 compared to 5:2.

    From a practical standpoint, a 5:2 lifestyle makes more sense in our schedules.

    A 5:2 is much easier to maintain for longer periods, as a 6:1 would be even easier.

    It becomes a way of life, once the target weight has been reached.

    At some point, the weight becomes irrelevant, and the discipline becomes a habit.

    We each will know which style, 4:3, 5:2, 6:1, or 7:0, to use to guide our life course.

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    just checkmarking
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    4 ur topics & replies

    I expect this was an old set of stats you were looking at on my forum? The majority of users are doing 5:2, so the 4:3 stats are comparatively minimal, however now we have stats from more users you’ll see there is some difference:


    thank you moogie x

    Hi all, I’ve been doing 4:3 since the end of June, results have been a loss of almost 2 stone. I’ve just had a weeks holiday where I did 7:0 and haven’t put anything on, which is obviously quite pleasing, have continued with 4:3 this week as I want to get to my goal ASAP. I’m figuring with 5:2 it’ll take longer??


    congrats!!!!!!!1 that’s 28lbs in 2 1/2 months wow

    i think ur right based on weight loss
    & moogie’s stats i’m going back 2 4/3 w/ locarbcyclingmedit on my 3rd or is 4th plateau ๐Ÿ™‚

    again thanks

    Thanks wiltldnrUSA. I’d plataued last week aswell so I thought it was a good time to do 7:0!! Weigh in Friday, have to see if things have kick started again.

    hi guys, 4 3 always gives me a boost if i hit a sticky patch, good luck! xx

    It’s not really a plateau if it’s only for a week or so, natural body weight fluctuations can mask the (relatively small) 5:2 losses ๐Ÿ™‚ Wrote a bit about longer plateaus here:


    mayb u should do what this blogger is doing

    not his 30daysfast but a version of it on the 7/0

    he is doing 30 days w/ his doc a brothfast



    i thought of that 40day religious 1
    4 fasting w/ water

    but i read somewhere that ur body readjusts & fights hard

    & super slows down ur metabolism

    those religious fasters r not all skinny ๐Ÿ™‚

    good luck on the 7/0

    keep us posted we

    r interested 2 c

    ur weight daily up down

    if it shifts it i might do it 2 broth wise ๐Ÿ™‚

    i’m a type2diab don’t want 2 mess w/ that 2 much

    u can give ur stats 2 moogie

    a 7/0 ๐Ÿ˜€


    The 7:0 was only last week while I was on hol, back on 4:3 this week.
    Moogie, it had been a few weeks since I’d plateaued, hopefully I’ll start again soon.
    Thanks both for the advice on your previous posts.

    u lost 44.53 lbs wow

    so a plateau will last more than 2 months?

    i’m going 196 195 194 193 & up down

    can’t get it 2 move ugh

    but as ur blog said

    “Itโ€™s as if the body just needs a bit of time to catch up with itself and register that it has a new โ€˜normalโ€™ weight before it is willing to lose any more”

    that made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

    worth inputting the link again


    thanks again

    oops i thought u meant fasting 7 days

    my bad


    shortwave in brain ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


    If your on a plateau is it worth ditching the diet for a few weeks and then starting again?
    Just a thought, as if your not shifting any weight then why put your self through it, your body may think it’s back to the old ways again so when you go back to the diet things will start to shift again, what do you think? Just a bit of out of the box thinking! ๐Ÿ™‚



    a wk of fastdietcation

    sounds good

    mayb i’ll do that when i get back 2 the grind

    4 now @ home i’m in that fastday lifestyle groove

    was on 4:3

    back 2 5/2

    keep up ur great loss!

    how much more is it u want?

    us women it takes longer

    all those hormones flying around like whirlwind ๐Ÿ™‚

    however, i have lost 25+- since 3/2/13

    don’t think i will ever 4get that date

    Hi all, I thought I’d check in, I always read and learn from the posts.
    I’m GETTING CLOSER- to my goal, that is, I’m at 140 lbs, (10 stone, if I’m correct) and ultimate goal is 130 lbs.
    I’ve switched temporarily from 5:2 to 4:3, or even every other day, and the weight is starting to move again (I was maintaining, not losing, but grateful not to putting the 28 lbs lost previous to 5:2 back on yet again! When I break the 140 barrier it will be a big step for me.
    I also feel more energy and well being since starting this and you’re a great group, very supportive and friendly.

    wow, Moogie, your pictures on your blog are as much motivation as your words !

    I am on Week 2, so some way to go, but am so inspired by everyone posting here. i lost 5lbs in the first week, 45lbs to go ! But that is already 10% ! I know it will not be that rapid every week, but I am so thrilled already.

    And your pic of the bags of sugar made me laugh too – if someone asked me to put all that in a rucksack and carry it around all day I would think they were crazy…. so I am 2 1/4 bags down already YAY !!!


    cheers on being so close 2 ur goal

    we will be rooting 4 u keep us

    posted by topics u created

    like 7 more 2 go

    arrived 0

    just a suggestion

    keep us posted

    Thank you for the encouragement wiltldnrUSA (phew, did I spell that right?) I should have read what you wrote
    before I went into a trance and ate that cookie. I’m finding 4:3 just enough more difficult than 5:2, however plan
    to have a salad and small piece of chicken tonight, and continue the 500 cals until tomorrow eve.
    I’ll definitely send a notice to the forum when I reach the finish line.
    I wanted to mention also, I had routine blood tests last week and all results in healthy range. (i’m 73)


    all ur results r range
    that’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i remember when i was in my 30’s
    1 of my best best best friend was in her 70’s

    the 4/3 is hard

    that why i alternate 5/2 4/3

    the adf is haaarder
    did that 1 wk
    never again

    still have 0 cals 2day

    concerning my name it does not matter ur intent is more important
    just copy paste a name that’s what i do

    i don’t know if we can change it
    nope (The usernames cannot be changed.)

    my new one would b



    still long



    still long


    simple no?

    mulville post ur journey not just ur finish line

    again suggestion only

    u can always click the name 2 find out more after ur cookie ๐Ÿ˜€

    we r here

    oops meant 2 say healthy range

    c i should have copy/pasted ๐Ÿ™‚

    Does 6:1 work too in the beginning? Tips for helping lull at tea time very welcome! X

    Things seem to be on the move again weigh in this morning and 2 pounds down ๐Ÿ™‚

    You might want to post-stalk me and read my post on alternate day dieting (my last post). It is totally undoable for any extended length of time and not conducive to something you can make a lifestyle. 5:2 is a blessing. I’m so glad I’m back doing it.

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 since April and at 5’9″ and 168 lbs at the beginning, weight loss was not my primary objective. I want a long healthy life. I was 147.5 lbs this morning and don’t have an interest in losing more. As a matter of fact, I’m deliberately eating more on the other five days so I won’t. I’m afraid to go onto 6:1 as I don’t think it has the same amount of health benefit. Short term markers don’t change my opinion, only long term human trials are truly meaningful and those who think otherwise are only kidding themselves (that doesn’t mean that Mosley and others are wrong, it simply means they are making educated guesses).

    If you are only trying to lose weight, this diet seems great as I don’t lose muscle mass, just fat and water weight. However, I want the gold at the end of the rainbow and at 70 years of age I can’t wait for long term trails.

    Hi is it better to a day on and a day off fasting or do them both together ?

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