5:2 – A giant success!

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  • 5:2 is a huge blessing in my life! Have lost over 20 lbs. in 8 weeks, skin clearing up, and cellulite disappearing, and for the most part, overall feeling of well being and better health. I have done a lot of research over the past 3 months on the benefits of fasting and about 5:2 in particular. I can’t argue with personal results. However, there is quite a bit of negativity and skepticism about this way of life from all kinds of sources. A neat idea for the founders of the 5:2 team, would be to showcase the many successes of this eating/fasting plan by way of gathering the success stories to their research, since we are all in essence, guinea pigs along with them. But then again, who’s to say they are not doing that already? I just wish more people would try 5:2 and reap the benefits for themselves (family members included).

    I don’t shove this way of life down anyone’s throats, by the way. Sometimes when I tell someone about this (after they’ve inquired), they give me that look of, “Here we go again with another fad diet”. It’s a little saddening to me, that they won’t at least give it a try. But who can blame them, I suppose, with the thousands of get skinny quick diets and flops that are out there. Just a thought for today….

    At my place of work nearly all my female colleagues are dieting. One is using SlimFast, one is going to Weightwatchers, one is going to Slimming World, one is counting calories and I’m following 5:2. When at work, I don’t fast and it gives me the greatest of pleasure to watch them almost starving themselves, when I’m sitting down to a normal meal. I have mentioned the 5:2 but I think they think it’s a fad. I aim to prove them very wrong 🙂

    I’ve been on 5:2 for 3 weeks – lost 5.5.lbs and 3rd weigh in (slighly overdue) is tomorrow. I have mentioned it to several people but always seem to get the same eye-rolling response that you describe aniann. They always think there’s a catch, that it is some kind of crash diet or start bleating on about low blood sugar and light-headedness.

    I also aim to prove them VERY wrong!!

    Listened to all these naysayers when I first started. This week I have weighed in at 10 pounds lighter than when I started (and it shows) I stopped discussing it. Tired of the “Oh..that can’t be good for you.” or “What does your doctor say.” Not only am I losing pounds but also inches…feel much better and dropped one size already…eat smaller portions naturally…but on non-fast days I eat whatever I like…including a chocolate cupcake on occasion. I’ve decided when I get down to my IBW and dropped a couple more sizes…that will speak far louder than I ever could.

    My work colleagues all started it after i came back after summer a few pounds lighter but some are dropping by the wayside now because they cant do without potatoes on the fast days or they got a headache. IM afraid i think ‘did you want to lose weight because you have given up very quickly’ but i wouldn’t say that of course.

    congrats/kudos on your success!!!! wow.

    i know what you mean. years ago, when i became an exercise addict, i didn’t tell people about what i did for the same reasons you mentioned – that glassy-eyed look that they give you/us.

    after those experiences, i chose to only speak to the ones already working out, who had a genuine interest in what i was doing. i was exercising and watching what i ate.

    i think when people start asking me (so far they haven’t because i just started and lost a few pounds), i’ll be very vague. then if they persist, i’ll tell them quietly and in private.

    nothing speaks louder than results, right?!?!

    Results most definitely speak louder than words! I think I like the vague idea. And….just say nay to the nay Sayers (in my head, of course). 😀

    Of course the CAmbridge Diet, Atkins Diets and cabbage diet are all good for you I suppose? I can’t see what is wrong with a fasting way of life after all in antiquity we didn’t eat everyday and somehow the human race survived.
    I have had one know all friend giving me her opinion and I thought why is everyone an expert? I tried to do it her way i’e more exercise and less calories and it just didn’t work for me. The frustration levels were very high and i got demotivated and thought that was it, fat for life. Now i have found something that works and I feel so much better than I have in a long time physically and mentally.

    I’m a big believer in doing what is right and will work for you as an individual. Some people CAN lose buckets of weight just with exercise or have little trouble with strict diets. For me none of that ever really worked, so 5:2 was an unexpected little miracle when it came to the weight loss (was expecting the health benefits – wasn’t expecting the dramatic shedding of weight).

    Of course people at work have noticed and I don’t think they are particularly ‘anti’ due to health concerns. Most of them are already on some faddy diet anyway (I never bothered with those ‘beach’ diets but they do). However they all seem to object to it for themselves because they can’t get their heads round the idea of just not eating for a bit. One girl tried & was apparently like a bear with a sore head all day (although I think that was mostly her perception, as I saw no real evidence that she was in a mood that day). I do find it weird that the people who can exhibit enough will power to be on some freaky diet for 2 months when they’re desperate to get into a dress or a bikini, can’t last for 1 day on 500 calories. Weird! I guess it just isn’t right for them.

    Anyway, I have successfully indoctrinated my boss, who has taken to it really easily and I can see her shape changing already, after only being on it for a month. My mum & step dad have also been doing 5:2 for a few months now and have both had really good results with very little effort.

    I also bumped into a lady at the pool the other day, who came over and complimented me on my loss. She asked me how I’d done it and I told her (hesitently, as I expected ‘the look’ and didn’t really want to waste swimming time trying to explain it) but she had actually just started it herself, so she was then really encouraged by my results. I gave her a few quick pointers & off we swam. That was a nice feeling.

    i have had success from the Zone diet and the 20/30 Fiber plan by Gabe Milken. also got success when switched from all cardio to using light weights.

    however, i think because i am perimenopausal, my body doesn’t respond like it used to to the Zone or 20/30. so i think the 5:2 diet was made for perimeno women like myself! at it seems that it fits many other “situations” based on what i have read on this forum.

    Tidy – 🙂

    TracyJ – i would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall when you gave her advice! so COOL!!!

    Bless her, I could see she was over the moon when I said I was on the lifestlye that she’d literally just started. I’ve never been so openly oggled by a woman before – I had to suggest we get in the pool, it must’ve looked a bit weird to anyone watching us.

    Not that I’m anywhere near my goal weight or anything yet but it IS a pretty noticable amount of weight for someone who sees you in your swimming cozzy, she obviously remembered me from last year and had probably wanted to ask for a while.

    Tracy i love reading your posts, i can relate to so many things you discribe, plus we have been doing this for almost the same amount of time, with the same fantasic results, i know just what you mean about people looking you up and down, ive had so many positive comments from people i havent seen for 6 weeks of the summer hoildays, our results speak for themselves and so many people are now asking about the plan, of course im more than happy to share, whatever their reactions xx

    TidyChick i feel the same about this plan being a blessing, it truely has been life changing, finally to see success where so many other diets have failed xx

    fast for life – yeah, we properly are fasting ‘twins’ aren’t we. I saw your post somewhere saying that you’d lost 42lb in the last year – EXACTLY the same amount I lost in a year!!! Bizarre 😉

    @ fast for life
    “i know just what you mean about people looking you up and down”

    This is true more for women then men. It’s more subtle for men, the clothes hide a lot. It also seems more acceptable for men to be overweight by 20 to 30 lb.

    I will be going on a retreat with over 200 men again this year. Food becomes important and I’ve never heard of anyone consistently fasting, even for religious reasons. Most are meat eaters and drink alcohol. Those that keep an active lifestyle, which are the younger groups mostly, look more fit. Health is only occasionally discussed, looks more seldom.

    In contrast, my wife had brunch with her friend yesterday. From what she told me, the subject of 5:2 fasting came up, and my wife’s friend immediately accepted this for herself & intended on getting the book immediately. I told my wife that she did well to encourage her friend on the path of fasting. I don’t think that would happen for me & I would not bring up the subject of fasting unless asked about it specifically.

    There is a difference in perspectives.

    Mindful of a retreat that I’ll be on with other men tomorrow, I’m fasting today.

    My wife is also fasting today & we can be of support for each other. It’s great comfort & we’re both progressing well.

    It occurred to me of how ecological fasting is for so many areas in the world. I will contain myself at the retreat from advocating fasting. I think others think of fasting with so many different perspectives, most of them negative as a result of past experiences.

    Unless there is an ongoing relationship, just discussing fasting doesn’t seem to shift perspectives.

    It’s certainly an experiential experience.


    Sounds like this retreat will be a neat experience. Thanks for sharing what works for you. It is really helpful.

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