5.2 Fasting and the coronavirus

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5.2 Fasting and the coronavirus

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  • I am 71 years old and have been advised by a friend to temporally stop intermittent fasting in order to avoid getting the coronavirus badly. The friend said I should make sure my system is strong and therefore I should eat “normally” and not fast at all until the virus has passed.

    Hi there,

    Since the outbreak of Covid 19 millions of armchair experts have appeared across the world giving out unsolicited advice based on nothing but their personal opinion or something they’ve read on social media posted by another armchair expert.

    If you’ve done any research at all regarding IF you’ll be aware eating a varied balanced diet ensuring you get all the nutrients you need is the way forward for everyone especially as we get older as our immune systems become less robust.

    We all have to make our own decisions, sometimes guided by experts and if you are healthy and coping well with IF and following all the advice regarding social distancing and self isolation (I’m assuming you’re in the UK) ie staying home unless you need to go out to buy food or some fresh air, maybe you should ask yourself if there is a good evidence based reason for you to stop.

    Good luck.

    Well said Amazon.

    thanks @amazon, I totally agree!

    Hi Amazon, lovely to cross paths with you again: I’m now living in the UK too. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. I’m in my 6th year of IF and have no plans to stop. This is a perfect time for more people to begin fasting. If everyone suited to IF ate 75% less food 40% of the time, there’d be plenty of food on the shelves for our doctors and nurses when they finished their exhausting shift work, we’d have a wonderfully healthy nation and potentially more free hospital beds! OK, I’m being simplistic of course – don’t write in please!

    Hi thin,

    I was trying to tread a fine line between saying don’t listen to others and then dishing out advice which is rather tricky, but the subsequent responses make me think I might have got it right.

    I’m actually struggling with compliance this week but the thought of what a bonus 12 weeks of being away from all temptation could be is spurring me on.

    I absolutely agree we could all do much good by eating less. Being overweight increases our risk for so many health conditions.

    Thanks for all these reassuring comments. I fasted yestderday (Saturday) and will fast again on Tuesday according to my usualy pattern.

    Oh, some friend! OH and I are continuing on our 16:8 maintenance pattern. The good habits we learned when we started IF in 2016 have stood us in good stead.

    Just eat healthily, including on your fast days.

    Thanks for this. Do you practice 8/16 eveyday or just some days?

    Every day. We found that the best way to cope with the initial 500 cal, or 600 for OH, was to delay eating as long as possible. Once we reached our targets we found maintaining on 16:8 so easy.

    If we’re staying in an hotel and breakfast is included we eat it, of course. But not indulging ourselves in a blow out as we’ve have down in the past. We’ve found that our appetites have changed considerably.

    There is a world of difference between fasting 24 hours to 36 hours and fasting for a week. While there is likely some strain on the immune system, the improvement likely far outweigh the strains. However I would be cautious about doing multiday fasts right now, at least until you know you are safe from being exposed to the virus. On the other hand, when you are fasting you don’t have to go out shopping for food as much!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thgVz3837l0 <– Interesting video about NEJM article on fasting.

    For myself I decided to start taking a multi-vitamin for a while just to make sure I would have enough vitamin D and zinc, as well as just cover the bases. I’m not a fan of it, but if probably doesn’t hurt just to take one a day, at least for now.

    Responding to Pollypenny’s post I decided to eat my first meal every day at 12.00 noon with a view to phasing out my fast days or reducing to one fast day. However, I struggled to do this each day. I didn’t feel hungry but my mental capacity reduced so that I could not do any mental work at full efficiency. I am 71 years old and wondering if I did too much too soon. Any suggestions welcome.

    I don’t think OH or I have found any decline in our capabilities. Or maybe we have not noticed?
    Still doing the crossword, quizzes etc. 😄

    Hi DTC, you know you have got 5:2 (or whatever permeation you like) right when it is easy and sustainable.

    It is good that you are analysing what you are doing and how it effects you.

    You might need some breakfast to help your brain get into gear (I do). You can play around with what works best and whether your brain responds best to having protein at breakfast, or maybe complex carbs eg porridge. You might even find a bowl of soup suits you best. A small amount should do.

    You could see if 10am is a fine time for breakfast, or if you need it earlier.

    All power to you working it out.

    The vitamin D deficiency isn’t a result of COVID infection, they are saying if you have an existing deficiency you may be more likely to be symptomatic and have worse symptoms. However combined with other mass studies that show over 1 billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency, it really adds that I better get more sun and/or take my D3 vitamins

    That’s why I bookmarked this link https://www.vitaminexpress.org/uk/ I saw a few weeks ago as it provides almost all types of vitamins which we need in our regular life.

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