4:3, low carb diet and lifting weights.

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4:3, low carb diet and lifting weights.

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  • FD today, tomorrow = feast day.

    Today 193.8 lbs.

    I have a 3 meals/day clean diet, very simple and healthy. I love it, it is my creation so to speak.

    About 198-199 lbs today. Fast day.

    Hi everyone,

    Crazy times! I read a little here on the last posts, very interesting to find out about people’s life in different parts of the world.

    Here in Southern California is OK. No complains for now. I was ready for the craziness. Since we are in an area where an earthquake is expected…I had food and supplies for 2-3 months. So yes, I was ready.

    I also went to the store about 2 weeks ago, before the craziness started and bought everything I needed, just in case. It was a good idea!

    I’m 197 lbs now but losing weight is the last thing on my mind right now to be honest. All I want is to stay healthy, calm and composed. My husbands works from home now so I’m happy about it. I contacted almost all my friends and relatives and they are OK, doing just fine.

    Since I’m an introvert, these times with social distancing and all this is not a problem for me. I keep busy with cooking, cleaning and organizing my house, working on my hobbies and exercising.

    The most helpful for me is meditation, twice a day for about 20-30 min per session. Then having a very clean diet and then working out. I’m into Pilates these days and walking in the forest. I love spending time with Mother Nature, she’s so soothing for my nerves.

    Stay healthy everyone! This too shall pass.

    Very interesting article about the virus:


    This change can be a great renewal, rebirth, something positive for people. The economy is not going to recover, at least not like it was before. We’ll have a different monetary system.

    This was able to bring more people together, families to spend more time with each other. Also people to introspect what is important and what not in their lives. No more unnecessarily time lost in traffic, commuting. A more simple life, less polluted air, more time spend with pets. More time for hobbies, more healthy cooking.

    It depends how you look at it…I guess.

    Stay safe everyone.

    The article about the Diamond Princess is lame nonsense. Several key factors weren’t even mentioned and in the week since it has been 3 more people have died and there are still over a hundred people that haven’t recovered. With people now all over the world it is possible the death rate is even higher than recorded.

    Here are the factors that weren’t considers or perhaps avoided.

    1) People were working hard not to become infected. The people were in a quarantine! People were infected in spite of that. The article assumes that was a low rate of infection, it wasn’t. If people were left on the ship for longer the infections would have likely continued to climb. Countries flew back their people because they were afraid in another week or two everyone would have been infection in-spite of the quarantine.

    2) The people that were infected were found early and moved into hospitals right away. In fact a number of infections in Tokyo came from moving those people. There were hospital resources to handle these people. That is vastly different than going to a hospital when one is already physically ill.

    3) Some people that left the Diamond princes were later to be found infected in various countries and those aren’t likely correctly reflected in the totals. In fact doing so is probably impossible at this point or at least would require a lot of research.

    4) The strain of the virus may be less virulent than what is currently going around. Not sure if that has been studied. There are two well known variants referred to the S-type and L-type. There are actually hundreds of mutations but the L-type is a better fit in to the ACE2 cell receptors and seems spread and kill faster.

    There are likely other factors. What the Diamond Princess did show is being on a cruise ship with this virus isn’t safe. However I think most people already knew that.

    Finally the article is making a nonsense comparison. Vehicle accidents don’t overwhelm healthcare systems, the novel corona virus destroy healthcare systems. That in turn will cause more deaths that are not counted as Covid-19 deaths. In some cases that indirect death rate may be even worse.

    Doing good, 197 lbs, I’m into Pilates these days, also started to seriously clean and organize my house. Tomorrow I’ll be planting veggies on the balcony. I have more time now and want to learn a new language, at least the basics. I’ve knitted 2 new sweaters and ordered some new yarn for 2 more. One for men (that I will sell) and another one for myself.

    Regarding food, I reduced my portions, hopefully I’ll lose more weight. I continue with the same diet, the one that I started in November. I love it.

    My meditations are getting better, I increased them in length. Very helpful indeed, they help me let go, surrender.

    Stay safe everyone!

    182 lbs.

    Doing great, my garden is grown!

    All the best!

    177 lbs.

    173 lbs.

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)

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