4:3, low carb diet and lifting weights.

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4:3, low carb diet and lifting weights.

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  • Hi from Orange County, Southern California,

    Tomorrow I’ll start again with this diet. I was on 5:2 diet for 6 weeks in 2016 and had good results, lost 4 Kgs. I also felt very good and my sleep improved. This time I’ll try 4:3 diet and I hope to lose more. I gave up sugar since January this year and lost only 3.5 Kgs. I was hoping to lose more so that’s why I also started to follow a very low carb diet. As far as working out, I lift weights at home 2 days/week and do yoga or Pilates at home 4-5 times/week.

    My goal is to lose 16 more Kgs and to reach a BMI of a little under 25.

    Good luck to all!

    Today, first FD of this week. Breakfast + late lunch. Total calories: 700. No carbs. Workout: 30 min. stretching (Callanetics) with light weights.

    – Female, 48;
    – 1.74cm;
    – BMI: 30.1

    In the afternoon I had 300 more calories, so 1000 calories first day. Not good so I’ll consider this day a NFD. I’ll try again a FD on Monday.

    I was not able to do this diet but I cut calories and eat less carbs and I’m not hungry. I think I eat 1200-1300 calories a day, every day, something like that. I was able to lose 1 Kg. in the last week.

    If I restrict my calories drastically and eat only 700 cal/day I have the tendency to binge the following day, I don’t sleep well and I get migraines if I’m hungry.

    I also follow intermittent fasting 15:9. It works very well for me.

    I’ll try again a FD today. I’m going yo eat twice, breakfast 300 cal. and then late lunch about 400 cal.

    Firm meal is going to be scrambling eggs (2 medium, free rage) with spinach, dried tomatoes and a slice of turkey bacon.

    Second meal: big salad with lettuce, tomatoes, green union, olives, some seeds, olive oil and balsamic vinegar plus a turkey burger.

    I’ll drink a lot of water, lemonade (homemade with stevia) and probably some herbal tea.

    I’ll also keep busy especially mentally. I don’t know if I’ll work out today but I should. If I lift weights I’m not hungry anymore. So…I’ll probably do that in the afternoon for 20-30 min.

    First day, FD = done! Aprox. 800 calories today. Plus 20 min hiking and 25 min. lifting weights.

    The following FD is going to be on Monday.

    Second fast day, almost done. Doing good. I’m planing the following FD the day after tomorrow. Hope to see some results, any results will be great.

    If you keep on trying but compromising on reasonably low calorie days but not achieving the actual fast calorie limit on those days, you are *probably* less likely to get the results of the 5:2 plan. I say “probably” because 1) everyone is different, and 2) I am not an expert.

    The high fat/low carb diet (apart from the 5:2) has kept my blood sugar on the normal side of the scale, at age 60. But I could only maintain weight, not lose it. (So for about 3 weeks so far, I’ve been trying to stick with the 5:2 parameters. I agree it is tough to do. Hunger headaches are no fun…

    Thanks for the comment, yes, I’m not losing, just maintaining for now. Very frustrating.

    I did lose one pound. No other FDs since Monday. I’ll try again a FD tomorrow (Friday).

    I had some health problems but I’m OK now. No Kilos lost last month, actually I gained some back.

    So, I’ll start again 5:2 now in July. I’ll also do 16:8.

    FD – tomorrow.

    FD yesterday = done!
    NFD today.
    FD tomorrow. I’ll just skip the lunch, like I did yesterday.

    I’ll write the exercise that I do every day. Today, as I said in the previous comment is NFD. I did 30 min. lifting weights (biceps, triceps, pecs, squats, crunches).

    On We. I fasted, no exercise. Was OK, not easy. Today Th. is a NFD. Pilates 30 min. Usually I concentrate on core when I do Pilates and after 30 min. I’m quite tired.

    Tomorrow, Fr. is going to be a FD + weight training (upper body). I don’t work out very hard on my FDs but tomorrow is going to be different because I’ll have a friend over. He’ll be my personal trainer (he’s into strength training) so I’ll do my best and I’ll take some notes.

    Doing good, minus 2 lbs. after 2 FDs. Only about 40 more lbs. to lose. God help me!


    I could not finish my FD on Friday. Next week I’ll fast only 2 days, on Mo and on Th. Even if I lose only 1 lb. a week I’m good. In 40 weeks I could reach my weight goal.

    45 degrees C here (record!), terrible hot and humid. No workout on Fr or Sat. I’ll make an effort today to do some Pilates for stretching, maybe in the afternoon.

    FD today, Monday 7/9. Doing good. Was able to do 20 min. Pilates yesterday. Today “only” 34 degrees C.

    I’ll do a cardio session 30 min maximum in the afternoon. First meal today was at 9:00 AM and the last one is going to be not later than 3:30 PM.

    We – FD + Pilates 30 min. Yesterday – NFD + cardio 20 min.

    We – FD – was not able to finish it, I had to eat (social event, unplanned). No exercise.

    Th (today) – FD + Pilates.
    Fr, Sa, Su – NFDs + exercise Fr weight training, Sa Pilates, Su walking outside.

    Correction for Th (today), no Pilates but instead 26 min. work out with weights. Intense. Felt great, not weak, even though today was a FD for me!

    Last 2 FDs were fab. I could not believe how easy this is. I got distracted, I didn’t think about food, was very busy and preoccupied.

    Plus I do drink a lot of water. I feel like I’ll definitely be able to continue with this for months. Very happy about it! I can’t wait for the FDs to come (this is so unexpected!).

    I’m losing at least 1 pound a week, sometimes 2.

    I’m liking this WOE more and more so I started to think that I’ll be able to do it for the rest of my life. The benefits are so great, especially for the brain that I just what to do it. Plus I fell very good when I’m hungry, it’s weird I know … but it is very true.

    For instance, today (Sa) it was supposed to be a NFD for me. Since I was very busy, I realized that I could do another FD now, the third one on this week. So I’m doing it and I’m fine with it, no problem.

    The pounds are dropping like crazy but funny enough I’m not as desperate as before to lose the weight. I’m more interested in the other benefits of this diet. And building strength (that’s why I lift weights). I’ve seen the documentary about the science of fasting and read more entries on this site the last weak or so.

    I didn’t mention that I follow a very low carb diet, no alcohol, no sugar, no processed food, no sodas.

    Next week my FDs are going to be on Mo and Th, as usual.

    Doing great. After 2 weeks and one more FD (this Monday, yesterday) I’ve lost 4 lbs. and I’m very happy about it!

    I watched again the documentary Fast Diet and I also got the book from the library. Very interesting indeed.

    After 3 weeks and 7 FDs I lost 5.5 lbs. Very happy about it!

    Monday = FD, almost done. Easy, no problem.

    This week I fasted 3 times, on Mo, We and Fr. The only thing is that on Fr. I had about 900 cal. instead of 700. I forgot to say that on the FDs I usually eat about 700 cal.

    After 4 weeks and 10 FDs I’m 7 lbs. skinnier.


    Last weekend I overeat a little and my FD this week on Mon. was more difficult. Then again I overeat on We. not much but I also had some carbs that I usually don’t eat anymore. I was not prepared properly. Anyway, I felt quite bad after that, had a migraine (and I never have them!)and gained almost 2 lbs. back.

    Today, (Th.) I’m fasting and feel very good. I keep very busy and it’s going well. It’s almost 3:00 PM now and I only had a giant green smoothie at 11:00 AM. and I usually wake up at 4:00 AM. What I put in it? Tones of kale, broccoli sprouts, 1/2 peach, lemon juice, a few blueberries, wheat grass and mineral water.

    I did exercise almost daily and today I’ll work out with weights, plus will train my core.

    I think that this week I’ll only fast for 2 days. Next week I’m planning to do 4:3.

    Anyway, I’m doing it and I love it.

    All the best!


    – 48 years young
    – 5 feet 8 and 1/2 inches tall or 1.74 cms.
    – 199.8 lbs. or 90.6 Kgs.
    Chest / Waist / Hips / Thigh / Upper Arm / Neck
    42 / 35 / 44.5 / 25.6 / 13 / 14.5
    or in cms:
    107 / 89 / 113 / 65 / 33 / 37

    Correction for my (bad) spelling and grammar: I wanted to write “overate” in my previous comment.

    I’m going to introduce an extra day of water or juice fasting (orange juice freshly made from organic oranges) one day a week for now and then 3 days a month (one time at the end of the month for 3 days – for cleansing). I used to do that in the past (with orange juice) and I felt great. I did it for health reasons, mental clarity and weight loss. Loved it!

    Id avoid the “juice” fast and stick with water if you really wanted to fast. With OJ all youre doing is removing the fibre and having a huge sugar hit. Not sure what sort of cleansing this achieves? Just a big sugar intake.

    Yes, I was thinking about the exact same thing, OJ = carbs and sugar. Well, then I’ll have to stick with water for now. Thanks!

    (The cleansing with OJ was recommended by a Hindu Monk. The OJ contains also the pulp of the fruit).

    197 lbs.

    I did a water fast for 20 h and the I ate during the remaining 4 h, about 800 ca total. This was a few days ago. I wanted to experiment. Could not do a 24 h water fast but it’s OK. I’ll try it again in the future.

    196 lbs.
    (10 lbs. down since July first!). 55 more lbs. to lose to get at my previous weight (that I had all may adult life and last time in 2005). At least 40 more to loose to fell/look pretty decent – would be nice.

    I continued with 5:2 diet but had some health problems. Not because of the diet! I gained 2 pounds back and then lost one of them. Today I was at 197, a little under so I’m happy. Was unable to lift weight anymore but did some Pilates 3 times a week and yoga daily for about 15 min. I would say, I’m doing pretty decent in these conditions. I’m going to continue with 5:2 and I hope to start lifting weights again pretty soon.

    Have a lovely day everyone!

    I went to the gym yesterday and was able to lift again. Great! Also, yesterday was a FD for me so today on the scale = 195.4! I’m doing very well.
    I only eat twice a day now and follow 19:5 window of eating almost daily and I’m good, never hungry.

    I’m struggling a little, went up to 199 (because of the side effects of a medication) and now I’m at 197 again. Today is a FD + weight lifting.

    Waist = 87 cm. so minus 2 cm. … and I’m very pleased about it. 🙂

    Hello, everyone. I’m new here. I’ve been slowly reducing my food-intake. I’ve only been eating trail mix and home-made salad everyday. I feel like I may need more protein intake. Before joining this site, I was reading about protein intake, from oth-health.com. Does anyone have any advice about this site? Thanks.

    Chest / Waist / Hips / Thigh
    in cms:
    3 Aug. ’18 = 107 / 89 / 113 / 65
    14 Sept.’18= 105 / 87 / 109 / 64

    Doing good now, last 3 weeks were a little hectic, I fluctuated in weight a lot (hormonal problems) but now I’m again 197 lbs. I never stopped fasting, only one week I did 6:1 diet. Anyway, yesterday I fasted. On Friday, this week I’ll fast again. Got used to it, I find it quite easy now most of the time.

    I just have to be patient without becoming annoyed, that’s all. I’m only losing about 1-1.5 lbs. a week. Something like that. It’s OK.

    I also started to do IF 18:6 every single day.

    196 lbs.

    192 lbs.

    195 lbs. Ups but I’ll recover. Today is a FD + work out with weights. This week on Friday I’ll fast again plus weights.

    I’m quite happy about losing 12 lbs in the last 4 months. I was 207 lbs in July (at the beginning of the month).

    I gained a little (3 lbs oops!) because I had a very stressful period the last 3-4 weeks. Anyway, I’m back now.

    I’m trying a new approach. Mo, We and Fr I water fast for 24 hours. Basically, I have dinner at 5 PM the day before (on Sunday for example) and then water fast for 24 hours. And then have dinner (500 cal. protein and a salad) at 5 PM. on Mo.

    I was not able to lift weights anymore (back pain) but I do yoga and other type of stretching.

    Had some hormonal issues and went up in weight, unfortunately.

    I tried the 24 h water fast Friday and was OK-ish…I guess. I had a bad headache but it went away eventually after I had dinner. Hopefully, today (Monday) will get better with the water fast.

    @melilotus – I do 36 hour water fasts pretty easily because I’m sleeping most of the last 12 hours!

    I will get up, typically do exercise. I often work out much harder on the second morning of a water fast and that also tends to suppress my appetite a bit. Clean up and then have breakfast. For me there is typically a strong transition about 20 hours into a fast. My blood sugar typically drops and sometimes I’ll feel a bit light headed for a while.

    On the other hand my body seems to be pretty used to the routine so it probably isn’t as effective as it used to be. It did take a few months to get used to working out hard while still fasting.

    @dykask, I’m glad to hear that you are doing well on this routine. Since the work out suppresses my appetite too, I’ll incorporate lifting weights on the second morning of a water fast. I never did that before but I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the idea!

    Today I fast. My back is much better so I’ll start lifting again.

    I’ll fast again tomorrow, Sat. I decided not to extend my water fast for more than 24 h. For now. 3 days a week water fast for 24 h. is very good. I’ll do my best every week. I’ll lift again tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to do it.

    I tried to fast today but I changed my plans so I’ll do it tomorrow instead. It’s going to be a very busy day for me tomorrow so probably I’ll do just fine without eating.

    200 lbs.

    I couldn’t continue with 5:2, had some health issues. Now I’m doing 20:4 (IF) and low carbs. Sometimes I do 6:1 and that’s it.

    I’m doing this again because it works.

    Monday = FD + lifting weights (25 min).

    Thursday = FD + workout 25 min. (weights again). I also follow 16:8. Doing good!

    Today = FD (800 cal.) + workout 25 min. Pilates.

    Yesterday: NFD (1200 cal.) + workout 25 min. hiking.

    Today: FD (900 cal.) + workout 25 min. Pilates.

    I follow a Paleo Diet (low carbs.) all the time and IF 16:8 only on my FDs.

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