4 the holidays every1 just gives urself a congrats 2 urselves & take a break

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4 the holidays every1 just gives urself a congrats 2 urselves & take a break

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  • we all should thank

    dr mosley & dr fung & all blievers in fasting

    that we r in this lifestyle

    that we have started this lifestyle

    that we will continue this lifestyle

    we must have fun these holidays

    give urself a break 4 all ur hard work

    or 4 the future hard work

    as dr fung says

    β€œI think that the most important thing is to fit the diet into your lifestyle. I think that on occasions like xmas or thanksgiving, it is good to forget you are on a diet. Make up for it on the subsequent days. Nobody wants to be a party pooper.”

    he is sweet isn’t he πŸ˜€

    enjoy ur holiday & all

    4 those who don’t know dr mosley & dr fung & all other dr’s who believe in fasting

    go 2 this helpful site on this forum

    everything a newbie/user might want 2 c, use & read

    the latest long post is way b low


    happy holiday happy nonfastdays & fastdays & 5/2 & 4/3 & 6/1 & adf or 4/2/1 or 3/3/1 or 5/1/1 or adf w/1 & the fdl (fastday lifestyle) πŸ˜€

    just take a break u all deserve it

    Not being a social butterfly I am able to keep up the fasting on days when I don’t have a function, but I agree that you need to be the one in control, not the “diet”.

    Food is such an integral part of celebrations and letting your hair down for a celebration and enjoying what food is on offer is part of this way of eating. You can always fast tomorrow, or the day after, or even heaven help us just not fast this week and get back to it the following week or in the new year. (Which is almost upon us).

    Just make sure you do get back to it. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you all the best this festive season.

    Reward yourself with non food treats! best advice I ever heard, so now when I want a treat, it is soak in the bath devouring a new magazine, get a foot massage, watch a film…

    I agree with ghostgirl, “this” is a life plan, not a temporary diet, so holidays and breaks from the norm are to be included!

    Have a cool yule

    Count me in for a much deserve holiday break!



    u 2




    “Just make sure you do get back to it.” πŸ˜€

    so so true


    u 2 good idea

    however, since i have been on this since march 2013

    i will @ least have the non-guilt choice of eating
    well or not πŸ˜€

    happy holiday

    how is every1 going 2 take a break?

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