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30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

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  • Day 1 – NC, USA – FD

    I’ve just started my day. Is it okay to start a fast day with a small meal of oats?

    Also, I work in the botany field. I am outside all day usually on work trips. If anyone has any recommendations of FD tiny meals that are good on the go (without refrigeration), that’d be super helpful! Thanks!

    Day 1 Surrey UK NFD Good Morning to you all, (well it’s morning here!) So starting this month at 97.3 kg…I really would like to see that number at 94 or 93 and no one will do it for me, it is up to me alone! Nobody else puts the food in my mouth, or makes the choices, so I need to take ownership.
    My daughter joined Slimming World last night, and brought all the booklets home, and since I do most of the food prep and cooking here, I will need to help her and build it in with my own way. I was surprised at the resistance I felt towards a ‘diet’ and I certainly don’t feel that towards the 5:2 way of life. I have tried all the diets and they ultimately do not work. This is different because it makes real sense. Ah well, let’s see how it goes. Enjoy, everyone!

    DAY 1 – Canada – NFD
    Start weight – 150 pounds
    November goal – 8 pounds
    Goal weight – 134 pounds

    I am planning to fast Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week and then Monday and Thursday for the rest of November. I plan to walk 10,000 steps five times a week and exercise with weights twice a week.
    Reading through all of the messages on this board has proved to be a great inspiration and having to account for myself every day is a huge plus.
    The race is on. Good luck to everyone.

    Good Morning All – Happy November ! USA, Missouri Ozarks, Day 1, Fasting

    Starting Weight for this Challenge 145 – which is the lowest weight I can remember in a long, long time. I looked back on a graph that I have on another site where I have recorded my weight daily for about 9 years, just scanned the past year and didn’t see 145 anywhere.

    And what is the only thing I have done differently lately?

    Join this forum.

    Today is a fasting day, will be easy. Probably haven’t eaten 200 calories in the past 36 hours as all I ate last night after church was a Greek yogurt with a banana, flax seed and cinnamon. It was close to ten and I didn’t want to eat anything heavy. I feel great. Didn’t get in as much exercise as possible as barely had time to change for church (revival) after work – but did get in about half. Drank lots of water and tea. 145 is actually my goal weight but a few less pounds as we face the upcoming holidays wouldn’t hurt anything. Maintenance is the big key, however.

    Hello to all on this new thread, thank you for starting it and I wish us all a healthy, happy month!

    Perth, Australia. Day 1 NFD. 1st ever fast yesterday … phew, tough but done!

    Hey Back to the future . I’m in.

    FD 1 Nov Bangalore India
    I’ve just joined the forum but Ive already lost 16Kgs with 5:2
    Im in for the 30 day challenge

    US, Day 1, FD. Yesterday was supposed to be a fast day, but it was Halloween…and oh well.

    Weight – 121.5 (5′ 1″, almost 61)

    Goal after US THanksgiving on Novemebr 24. 120.0. Modest goals for this holiday season…DO NOT GAIN!!!

    I can get back down to 120.0 by mid month. If I can get past THanksgiving “flat”, I will be thrilled.

    US Day 1 FD. As Dory would say, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming!” My goal is to lose one pound per week. And don’t give up.

    Day 1|NFD|Toronto| 85.1 kilos
    Personal November goal is <83 and an increase in exercise.

    Hi all UK day 1 NFD

    Starting weight 11 st 9 and half lbs (163.60 or 74.20)

    Goals to get to what I was before my holiday in September and to see a new low before the end of the month – 11 stone 4 lbs would be nice!

    Action – so glad to see your name on the thread – I see a few others from our Little Voices time together, S1u2e3 is a familiar name and there are lots of your fellow country men and women so you should feel right at home. Did you tell your golf buddies to make the most of it as you are making a come back?

    DebbieQ – good to see you posting again – what about your sisters?

    Lael – very eloquently put.

    AT – congratulations on 36 year anniversary.

    Bert1802 – well done – I think you will fit right in with this group with your thinking and observations.

    Canadianindublin – you post daily at the bottom of the page where it says reply to: 30 Day – November 2016 challenge
    But well done for having a bit about you on your profile page. Others take note – it helps others get to know you if you have something on your profile.

    B2TF – thanks for taking this on – it looks like it will be a busy month for you with so many newcomers to our challenge, let us see who is up to the challenge and can stick with it to the end. Here is something for you, you may need this for Action Hero lol


    Day 1 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Starting weight – 161 (78 kg)

    Real name is Gwynne. SongBird because I am a singer/retired music teacher. Started 5:2 mid-March and have lost 28 pounds. My hope for this challenge is to maintain (reached 160 mid-October) through January 1. I have lost just about 1# per week and more than satisfied with that. At first, I did my FD’s at just about 500 calories, but lately I’ve been able to do much less than that (almost 0) on FD’s. For maintenance, I am trying 6:1 but having to be very careful on my NFD’s but still indulge just a little.

    I absolutely love the international flavor we have here –cultural and language differences especially. Like today, I just learned what the Melbourne Cup is. Sounds a lot like our Kentucky Derby here in the USA. For me now it is all about my Chicago Cubs in the World Series! Game #6 tonight. Another must-win for the Cubs to play that 7th game tomorrow night.

    I look forward to getting to know you newbies and continuing fun relationships with our continuing cadre. Thanks B2TF for guiding us!

    Onward and downward!

    Hello Everyone,
    Day 1
    Saint Marys, Georgia (U.S)
    FD (Fast Day)
    I am starting this challenge weighing 318.2 and I have done my TDEE and will continue to check and change my calorie intake as I go down.
    When I started October 12, 2016 I weighed 327.8 pounds and so far I am down 9.6 pounds, I am excited and looking forward in dropping more weight, blessings to all 🙂

    Thanks a million Coda! Huge help!

    First post! Day 1: Dublin. FD. Just a smoothie and coffee. Not too difficult but only half the day left to go. Got rid of all temptations from the kitchen…except a rather tempting bottle of Shiraz given to me as a gift. Perhaps rather than giving up wine totally I can have a glass on weekend NFDs. Hmmm!!

    Day 1; Toronto, ON (Canada); FD; weight = 258 lbs; 117.3 kgs; 18 stone + 6 lbs

    My starting weight is 258 lbs, and my goal is to lose at least 4 lbs this month. My original starting weight was 308 lbs, when I began eating a plant-based diet in April 2012 and dropped down to 286 lbs within the first few months. But I stayed at 286 until June of 2015 when I started eating according to Dr. John McDougall’s plan of a no oil, low to no salt, and low to no sugar, starch-based vegan diet. That helped me drop 28 lbs over the past year, but I’ve been stuck around 260 lbs for several months. When I learned about the 5:2 plan I thought, that’s brilliant.

    I walk briskly at least 40 minutes daily (I have a lovely Jack Russell Terrier – she’s my personal trainer), and without the oil in my diet I have more energy and I’m starting to do a 10 minute fitness video by Jessica Smith (it’s free on youtube) 2-3 times per week. I plan to increase the fitness workouts to 30-40 minutes 3-4 times per week, that should help a lot with maintaining weight loss and I hope will keep me somewhat toned as the pounds come off.

    I’m happy with a 4-6 lb weight loss monthly. I’m 57 years old (will be 58 next month), and I find that slow and steady really does win the race. I’m married, two grown children (the younger one at 22 still lives at home), and my goal is to be below 160 lbs by September of 2018. At 5’6″, once I get below 160 lbs I will be at the upper range of a healthy BMI, and that will be an incredible and beautiful thing. I started gaining weight when I was pregnant with my first child at age 30, so it’s been over 27 years that I’ve carried around too much poundage.

    My low calorie (FD) days are Mondays and Thursdays, but with Halloween yesterday I decided that my first November FD would be today, Tuesday. I did sample a bit of dark chocolate, ate 2 cookies, and 3 mini packets of potato chips, and that was all before dinner yesterday. I cannot have that food in my house, and it’s all gone today, thank goodness!

    Sorry for the long intro, but I do look forward to continuing this November challenge, and I am very grateful for this forum and reading everyone’s posts. It’s very inspirational, and I need all the inspiration I can get!

    Day 1- 214 pounds South Wales UK. fasting weds and fri this week. weigh saturday. good luck all.

    US Day 1 NFD

    Hi Coda… my sister has gone through a really tough few years and in September started back to college as a mature student. She has a lot of changes in her life at the moment and I think keeping up with 5:2 was just a little too much for her. She is adjusting to her new schedule and I’m really hopeful that she will start back soon. I didn’t keep up with October posts so hope everything is going well with you.

    Day1 FLAUSA FD as I mentioned I am doing fast days back to back for me it works – Monday and Tuesday this week because it was the last day of October and the first day of November so hopefully kicking off November on a very positive note . Down 12.4 pound since early September – feel good feel strong. Took an exercise class that almost took me out yesterday it was so intense and the average age in the class was probably 70 really scary!!!! I’ve signed up twice a week for that and hope to continue on this path. – very positive now … just to get through the holidays with no weight gain. Have a great November

    Hi and welcome. Started this ride early September and have totally enjoyed this group. So supportive and helpful. Try to read Jason Fung’s new book and YouTube presentations – they are extremely helpful. Yes yes yes run excerise walk – whatever – you will not realize how good you feel. I am a water back coffee and tea faster and am trying 2 days a week back to. back – Monday and Tuesday – week 2 – working for me
    Best part of this plan is you try different things until you find what works for you. Good luck

    Day1,FD, canada.
    Current WEIGHT 163lbs-goal for the month 2 fast days/week and record all food intake.
    I will follow the highcarb,lo fat plan,plant based eating similar to Norasma.
    Good luck to all!

    Day 1 – USA Hawaii – NFD
    Today’s starting weight is 172 lb
    Goal for November is 168 lb or less and, more importantly, stay on this WOL because it will work. two enemies are- not starting – and quiting. Feels great to be starting the 30 Day November Challenge! Thanks today b2tf for leading us this month.
    November will be my third month of 5:2. Total weight loss since starting is 5.8 lb which is not huge but at least it’s going in the right direction.
    I love reading all your posts everyday.
    Best wishes to all for a successful November,

    B.C., Canada Day 1 FD
    Good morning all, here we go! So excited to get this going. SW-201.6 GW 150
    Goals for this month: Walk at least 12, 000 steps per day, Fast twice a week, weight train once a week, decrease weight by 10 pounds or more!
    Thank to you all for the inspirational messages, you all rock!
    Have a great day.

    Day 1: Gloucestershire, Cotswolds, UK: Non-fast day…intending to stick with healthy foods today.
    Coda: Pleased to report, finally, a successful fast-day yesterday…36-hours on water-only. First time I’ve done THAT for ages! Got back to my goal weight.
    My aim is not to rise above it again! Right?

    Day 1 Portugal NFD

    On 5:2 since 24th sep weight 70.8 kg
    November start weight 66kg
    November goal 63.9kg
    Long term goal 58kg

    Exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes plus a few walks.
    Kids are off school this week and I just got back from a couple of days away (24th wedding anniversary) so eating has not been great, will try and get a FD in tomorrow.

    Hi Back2thefuture, please add me to the challenge. Like others on here, I too am a newbie and looking for wisdom from those that have found success with this lifestyle.

    Day 1, Texas. FD
    Starting weight 152.4 lb. Would love to be less than 144 (my heaviest healthy weight).

    Day 1, US, NFD

    Goal: 2 pounds in November

    Day 1: Pacific NW USA, last half of a 44 hour liquid only b2b FD

    My goals for the November challenge: I treat goal setting like a darts game. It may be harder to exactly hit the bull’s eye but I come closer because I keep that goal in my sights. So, I’m starting the month in the low 170’s and I would like to end the month in the low 160’s, dropping into the healthy BMI range, and reduce waist and hips by 1 inch, and finally fit back into the slacks I was wearing 10 years ago (yes I saved them, some with tags still on) when I was running marathons and half marathons. Of course back then I was following some weight management and exercise myths and will no longer “carb load” but rather stick to my LCHF diet to reduce spikes in blood sugar as espoused by Dr’s Mosley and Fung. Generally, right now during my weight reduction months I’m doing 4:3 with fasting on Monday-Tuesday for 48 hours and Friday for 36 hours on liquid only. That schedule is flexible and can be adjusted according to special events (like grandchildren being born, last one was Oct 25). I will continue using the Fast Exercises app for HIIT on my stationary bike and walking. I will enjoy life and all my good fortune with my lovely OH, kids, grandkids and all of my pals on this healthy journey!

    I feel like we have a wave going on across the globe with all our numbers stretching across time zones (arms up everyone as the sun passes overhead -Ha!) I love it that Pissupousa is back, and DDS, Alanix, Smithsbabe, CanadianinDublin, Kgunchic, and Rajita in India are joining us!

    You’re correct Fuvvie, I am “leading from behind”, I’m one of the last time zones to post each day, along with Maui in Hawaii. That’s good for me because then I can take “attendance” at the end of all the rest of your days after your daily postings. Again that’s why starting your post with the day of the month you are writing will help me out (as you can see this web site is based on GB time and doesn’t help me out if you’re not writing in that time zone.)

    Lael – great comments. Bert1802 – great advise. Coda – thanks for your big stick, I may hold out using it unless Action is going to need it. But I may take NorrieB’s advise also and turn it into a wand to cast an “Expellimus” spell over the pounds we have all set for our November goals!

    And SBM and other middle of the US Cubby fans – may a win tonight give you another chance! We’ll be watching out here on the left coast.

    Day 1 – NFD – The New Forest, UK

    Yesterday was my first day and was a FD, was harder than I thought it would be, but managed it fine.pleased to say I have clocked up over 10k steps today, so really pleased about that, as I still need to walk the dog yet!!!

    Day2 NZ NFD
    Yesterday’s start of November challenge went well.
    I was under TDEE and completely satisfied food wise.
    I’m determined that my loss start again this month, Octobers gain even though small will not be repeated.
    My FD are always about 400cals but my estimates of NFD obviously haven’t been on track so I’ll have to give in and count my cals on those days too. Years of calorie counting (actually kilojoules for me) have really put me off doing that with this wol but I started so well in September and I need to see a loss again this month.

    BacktotheFuture, please count me in for the November challenge. This is Day 1 a NFD & I’m a Canadian in the USA (Washington).
    This is the 2nd month of 5:2 for me which I started after reading The Fast Diet. I lost 11.5 lbs in October. I would love to lose 10 more this month. I started at 233 lbs & am not sure of what a realistic goal weight would be.

    Day 1|NFD|Bucks UK

    I lost 6lbs during the Oct challenge and hope to continue.
    My goal is to loose 1lb per week and anything more is a bonus.
    I have long road ahead but one day at a time.

    Thanks @back2thefuture and good luck for this month everyone.

    Nuff love x

    Whoops – Beanie, WellRounded, August2024 – not forgetting you on the list and for Day 1 check in!

    If you’re reading this and you’re new to joining the November challenge please give me a heads-up that you want me to add your name to our list of challengers (I’m easily panicked between those I’m logging in for the day and those whose name I haven’t yet added to the list.) Everyone who’s name I’ve already mentioned – you are on my list of 109 positively influenced challengers!

    Good luck achieving your goals today whether you are on a FD or NFD!

    Hi Anne and welcome:

    Congratulations on your 11.5 pound loss in October!

    Now for the sad part. Your rate of loss won’t continue.

    The average weight loss on 5:2 over time is about a pound a week. Large, initial losses are possible because of water weight losses. But fat rate losses cannot be that large (unless you eat nothing at all for a month).

    What you can expect to happen is your rate of loss will slow down. Most likely, you will go two or more weeks without losing anything, and perhaps gaining weight as your water levels stabilize in your body. But during that time you will still be losing fat.

    So don’t be surprised if you don’t lose 10 more pounds in November. However, don’t give up! 5:2 works well, and over time you will be able to lose all of the weight you want to lose if you just keep doing 5:2 correctly and don’t quit or try something else that seems more promising at the time.

    Here is a bunch of information that will help you get the most out of 5:2: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    AnneMarilyn – added your name!

    Day 1- Oxford, England- NFD

    I started yesterday with a fast day! I weighed in at 179 this morning, I’d love to be 175 by the end of the month 🙂

    Day 1 UK non fast day
    Not done too bad food wise but had glass of wine with tea – oops – fast day two tomorrow
    Good luck everyone

    Day 1. UK. NFD

    Start weight 179lb, Goal 133lb. FD’s MWF, Monthly Goal 7lb loss. Exercise 10,000 steps a day. 3 Gym sessions per week.

    Day one, already being good getting ready for my FD tomorrow. Drinking hot water and lemon instead of tea. Omelette ham and mushroom for lunch and side salad. Just been to the gym 45 mins treadmill uphill. Not that hungry for dinner (eggs very filling for lunch, will remember that for FD) so fresh tomato soup it is. Day one done, yay.

    Good luck all, like the tips and examples of what we all do!

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    Started today and weighed myself – 154lb.

    On the eating front it certainly wasn’t the day I planned. But let’s face it we are going to get days like this and we have to factor them in. As I want this to be a lifestyle change not a diet. But I stayed within my calorie allowance just didn’t get the best value for food against calories.

    So now sitting here with a delicious recipe book (meals under 500 calories) and planning my menus.

    Day 1 – FD – UK
    First FD done and dusted! Had 540 cals! So slightly over but I have walked the dog so don’t feel too guilty!
    Found it pretty easy and had a small lunch and a tin of soup for tea.
    Only thing I found hard was preparing the kids tea! Need to be more mindful as it’s so easy to rack up a few hundred calories eating the kids leftovers! 🙈
    Anyway, hope you’ve all had a good 1st day!

    Thank you simcoeluv for your input on the 5:2 journey. I probably needed the reality check. Even 1 pound a week over time will be great because where else can one do that while eating from all food groups and only restricting 2 days. I did not feel I was suffering unduly on my first month. I think it is flexible enough so should be more doable socially and so even holidays should work in without derailing.

    Lol b2tf! I love the image of a wave going round the world. I missed my moment today as I read your post this evening when I got home from work but I’ll be jumping up hands in the air tomorrow! Have had a good FD today just 347 calories which I’ve enjoyed over lunch and dinner. Managed over 10,000 steps and that’s always hard to achieve when I have a lot of marking as I can’t do that walking around! (I’m a teacher)
    Good luck to everyone. Keep smiling and stay positive.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Start weight 207lbs, have lost 10 lbs so far. Current weight 197lbs. End target 160lbs. Target for the month minimum 6lbs would be very happy with 8lbs.

    My FDs are going well. I usually fast on Tuesday and Thursday but this week did Monday and will do Thursday. I do liquid only and stay at well under 80 cals. I want to use this challenge to really focus on my NFDs.

    Good luck everyone!

    I just decided to give this a try, I am a day late, but here I am. My first FD will be on Thursday. I am a little unsure about how much to eat on non FDs. I like to have goal and not just wing it during the day.
    I used the calculator and I think one number was 1500. Does that seem right?

    I will try do 10,000 steps a day.
    I play tennis 3 to 4 times a week.

    Day 2 Australia country NSW
    starting weight for November challenge 61.8kg

    Add me please, pinkpeony

    Day 2 NZ Dunedin
    After the excess of yesterdays Melbourne Cup, have decided to do a fast day today, (usually do Monday & Thursday), so this week will do Mon/Wed/Fri. Didn’t loose too much money at the races – great day, with good friends.

    Add me to the challenge, please. I started my first fast day today but hadn’t yet signed up for this site. I am glad to see this November Challenge which will hopefully help keep me more accountable.

    Perth, Australia, Day 2, NFD

    Have a good day folks

    Hi all fasting tomorrow for me, walked 8 miles today, good luck all. X

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