30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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  • Day -3 – FIN – NFD

    @okeydokey, thank you for hosting the April challenge! As mentioned in the March thread, I will also be joining this April challenge and most likely continue with 5:2 throughout April despite my initial trial period being until Easter. I will reintroduce sweets into my diet after lent and am a bit worried it will otherwise affect negatively the benefits I’ve gained to that point.

    My goal is to shed the weight I’ve gained after moving last autumn/fall and get back to my usual weight (~60 kg) or at the very least closer to it. I wouldn’t mind going past it either (my overall weight goal is 57-58 kg), but I don’t see that happening in April.

    @happyslim, I’m also in my twenties. I hope you (and everyone else) will have a successful challenge this upcoming month!

    Checking in with weight etc: today is FD the second of the week. Weight 68.4 Kg .. was 70.6 on 13 March when I started. Will be trying to reach 67Kg by end of April. I know that’s a small goal but what with the holiday I feel it’s doable! My target is to get to 63Kg, that is under 10 stone for the first time since I was in my twenties! With this new WOL I believe it’s possible! Onwards and downwards…

    Started 5:2 this week, so really excited to join in April Challenge 🙂

    @brightonbelle ✨Good Luck to you!✨
    @jennferb Thank-you for joining, That would be great!
    ✨It would be good if everyone could post on Day 1 of April
    Day 1 – Your Area of the Country – FD or NFD or BSD:
    Then current weight (if you like) or trouser size ( if you like) then Goal weight for the month.✨😊 I will be posting that again the night before April 1, everybody can conveniently find it.✨😊✨
    @bert1802 Thank-you for joining✨Your post made me smile😊✨ I’m interested to see what @fordprefect answer will be. 😊✨He’s been so busy doing most of what needed done around our house since I had Brocken my leg. Plus he works 40- 50 hours a week at his job. I’m thinking it means he’s ready for anything. We will see what he says. 😊✨I see I will have some work especially on the 1st and the 2nd getting people into the group spreadsheet.✨ It keeps me busy, and helping me to stay on track 😊 I Love this group and hope it continues throughout the year. After all sooner or later we all will make our goals and we’ll be better of with a support group for maintenance also.😊✨oh yeah and our twins 16th Birthday is rapidly coming up on the 4th of April ✨
    @Nabaht I’m glad your here. Congratulations on the week of Intermittent Fasting. There are some here that do it regularly, @luna09 is one that went through the month of March doing IF (intermittent fasting)✨🎉 Right now it’s more workable for me to fast B2B; fasting days 2 in a row. I’m sure if we don’t eat carbs completely IF would be smoother. I like to eat something with carbs on my NFD. And the first day of fasting is the hardest for me. So I’d rather ride the next fast day out instead of having to start over every other day. You IF for a week! Good for you!✨ The beauty of this plan is we can choose and we can change to what will work best for us!

    ✨Remember we are All in this Together and✨
    ✨✨Together we are Stronger✨✨

    Day 29 Florida, USA NFD
    Yesterday’s fast went well, only went a tad over the 500. Next fast day will be Friday. Enjoyed going out for breakfast today. Monthly weigh-in will happen tomorrow. I’ll post the (expected) change from last time! I’m finding I do a lot better when I use a food diary app daily to make sure I’m below my TDEE on NFD’s. I’ll be traveling for 10 days in April so that’ll be tough. I’m determined not to let travel sabotage my goals. Thinking of EVERYONE and wishing you well! Moggie, aka mogaman.

    Hi @okeydokey! Thank you so much for taking on the April challenge and please count me in… x

    Hi, please count me in. I am trying this diet for the first time planning on starting 1st April. So I have a few days to figure out how exactly it works and what to eat on fasting days.



    Yay! Thank you! Excited to be here and good luck to everyone. 🙂

    count me in pls

    I’d like to take part, doing first fast day tomorrow, doing mondays and Thursday, same days as husband. Am in Edinburgh uk.

    @bonyjoni>>>>>>sounds like me. could use a positive change.

    I would like to take part, FD tomorrow I plan to do Tuesday’s and Thursday’s unless events alter this. Looking forward to the added motivation from being in a group. All the best for us all.


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    Please add me

    Can I join in please, starting as of Monday. I’m a quitter with diets so am hopeful this is the one for me

    Please could I join in your 30 day challenge? I watched the documentary today and have browsed this forum and feel this is the life change I need. I am desperately unhappy with my health and weight being at my heaviest. I am 46 yrs old, 5’3 in height and weigh 16 stone 6lbs. I feel utterly discussed with myself and need to take control of my health. I have been suffering from a lot of stress lately and comfort eat. It stops from today. I am looking forward to measuring myself so that I can record the changes in my body. Hope that’s not too much information for my first post! Thank you!

    It seems like the list is growing…

    Congrats to all the newbies on the list!

    @Fordperfect….. I sooo want to hitchhike across world. Mainly because I want to lay on the sands of santraginus…… Then as I think more about it, meeting the beast of Traal, he seems to be an interesting bed fellow. I think maybe, I’ll try and train him to be a gentle giant…. I’m gonna have to do my research on taming him though, it may be a task, I can’t do by myself!
    In all seriousness, this Douglas Adams fellow sounds like a good author, I’m definitely going to look him up!

    Thanks for the info!

    Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy!

    Thank you for hosting Okeydokey! Count me in – goal is to lose 2kg per month. If all goes well i should finish april’s challenge around the 64.5kg mark.

    I’m in too.

    First, welcome all our newbies.

    I’m trying to catch up with all the new April post while attempting to rein in March. Ah, but that a whole other story.

    Okaydokey…… I don’t know how I missed it but my baby boy, the first born, his birthday is also the 4th of April. Not much of a baby anymore, turning 21, at least a foot taller than me and full beard to boot. I’m one lucky momma, let me tell you what!

    Nabht….. welcome a board! Starting a new WOL can be hard and freighting all at the same time. My advice to you is start very small and take one day at a time. Pick two days, your busiest days are best out the week. Eat only 500 calories, the other days eat normally.
    Many of us, old timers, have tweaked our WOL, to fit our current lifestyles but please let me stress. We all started very small like you will this month. As time goes on and you become comfortable with this WOL then you can start tweeking yourself. Don’t tweek to fast or to soon, as you could risk falling!
    Most importantly and I can not stress enough, keep up with this thread, these friends will keep you going in times of need, and you’ll learn so much not only about this WOL but about yourself as well…..

    Fordperfect……. I’m off to buy me a towel and Adams book Hitchhiking across the galaxy. Sounds like a fantastic read!

    Oh and I found my ending…..

    Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy!


    Today will be a FD. I realize. We should start posts for the April challenge on April 1st. Just wanted to share! I’m actually gonna try to do more than 2 fast days a week if I can.


    @bert1802 oh hi! I just ready your advice. Start small. If I get through 2 fast days per week while eating sensibly and under TDEE the rest of the week, I’ll call that a win. 🙂 however if I go over 2 days and get a bit more fasting in, I’ll be super happy too! Thanks for letting me participate and thanks for the warm welcome!

    I’m in! I’m a newbie, I will do my best!

    Please count on me! I’m back! 6 months without 5:2 lifestyle. 4 kg weight gain.

    Day minus 2 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    So nice to see so many “old” names back and so many new names joining us for another Challenge Month – I wonder did @coda know what she was starting back in May 2016………….
    My story so far:-
    I for one am so glad I found the 30 Day November 2016 Challenge hosted by @back2thefuture – I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 and when I joined in November 2016 this is what I posted:-
    “I have been following the 5:2 lifestyle since January this year and have dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 2.5 stones, I am still following the 5:2 but seem to have stalled over the past 3 months – I would dearly love to lose that final 1/2 stone and am hoping that joining the 30 Day-November Challenge will give me that final boost”
    Well I am so happy to report that posting daily kept me accountable and reading the posts gave me the knowledge and support to step off that plateau
    *On 1/11/16 I weighed 59.5kg/131lbs
    *Since the beginning of December 2016 I have been maintaining around 54kg/119lbs (12lbs lost instead of the 7lbs I was aiming for!!)
    *I still do 2 x FDs each week and am mindful of what I eat on NFD, however I still enjoy a slice of cake once or twice a week, a glass or two of wine 3/4 days a week BUT NOT EVREY DAY!!! and like everyone I have days where I definitely overindulge but I press that “Reset button” with a FD…….


    Looking forward to doing this challenge month with you all

    Day 1 nearly done.
    Been a bit difficult today as the hubby had started breakfast by the time I got up at 0645 for work.
    It was 1/2 plain grapefruit for me (he cannot have it), 1 med. portobello mushroom, poached egg with 2 well grilled slices of bacon.
    Written down & all accounted for in the daily total of 800. How did he cook the mushroom & bacon? In the frying pan. OK no fat & well drained so not sure how much it added.
    Never mind we did have 190 (him), 100 (me) to spare.

    No problems at work keeping busy with plenty of water, black tea when I could & just crudities for lunch.
    Tea was home made curry coming in at 90 cals with cauliflower rice at 45 with 1 low cal small nan 145. However, the cauliflower was awful so we had to replace with rice which increased the it from 45 to 160. So perhaps not that accurate today but we are doing it again tomorrow with positivity.

    All I need to do is find a tea with salmon that we like.
    Then more water/black tea & an early night!

    FD 3/30/3017

    Is the FD caloric intake 500 or 800?

    Also my TDEE 2203 calories. But when I put that in my calorie tracker it shows I will be gaining weight if I eat that many! I am real nervous! Help!

    Really looking forward to the April 30 day challenge. I’m in week two of The Fast Diet and it’s going ‘ok’ so far. It’s definitely a challenge to get used to – but I’ve not caved yet – which is rare for me!
    I’m going through a traumatic relationship breakdown, with an adult child. It’s been utterly shocking and devastating. And yet – I’m determined to not take it out on my body like I usually do with difficult matters. No gaining weight, eating my feelings and ending up worse off than the situation itself would have left me because I’ve managed to make a bad thing even worse by gaining stress weight.
    Nope. Won’t do it.

    Hi, I’m in. For now anyway not sure how long I’ll survive x

    I’m in!

    I did my measurements this morning, since Im leaving on a weekendtrip this afternoon. I will still try to watch my food and drinks intake, but I am going to enjoy myself. My first fast day will be monday to reset!

    My startingweight: 93,3 kg
    Waistmeasurement: 83 cm
    hipsmeasurement: 108 cm

    Goals for this month:
    Seeing the 80something in the scale again, losing 3cm around my waist and around my hips.

    Have a great weekend!

    Starting weight 58.3kg April 1 and 2 will be NFD
    Goal – continue with 5:2 regime and walk for half an hour on Tuesday and Thursday (may as well start small…)

    Very best of wishes to all for a Losing Kindof April!

    Sign me up Okeydokey!

    This will be my fourth month on a 5:2 Challenge!
    I do love this WOL and the support, encouragement and accountability of these threads.
    I will post my goal April 1st when I know how I am starting the month 🙂 I do know I plan to do several days of driving and a holiday mid-April so that may throw a curveball – but such things have happened before and they can be fit into this WOL.

    Best to all a and a huge thank-you to Okeydokey!

    I would like to join in.
    I’m new on 5:2 diet, but want to try straight away.
    Today is my fist FD – AUS
    I’m from Asia, now living in Sydney, weight today 69.8, April goal to loose 2kg, target 55kg. I’ve been struggling with my weight so many years. I’m expecting this diet can help me to be normal, not over weight.
    I will fast on Monday and Friday, and have lunch only, as it’s easy for me to skip breakfast, but not lunch. Dinner will be hard, and I will see how I go tonight.


    Annnnd today ended up being a NFD.
    Rather light though!
    I’ll just start with everyone on April 1st.

    My goal for April will be to keep my average weight below 79.6kg. I really don’t know if I can achieve that.

    I’ll weigh myself first thing each morning and compute the average as I go. We’ll see if it works for me.

    Hello everyone, do you post your progress or experience every day here ?

    @okeydokey, thanks for taking up the baton!!! I’m in for April.

    I’ll weigh-in tomorrow am for my FINAL March weight/ FIRST April weight. Looking forward to continuing our March successes!!!

    OK, you have all coerced me into joining in the April challenge. I have just done a FD, Thursday into Friday but will check my weight tomorrow morning and give it a go.
    Having been a positive Faster (5:2) in the past I have fallen by the wayside, only picking at it from time to time.
    My target is May 8th when I have my yearly holiday week in Madeira and a 7 lb weight loss is my goal so this will focus my mind in a more structured and positive way and also help develop a healthier way of life.
    Good luck to you all out there.

    Hi there – please add me to the April challenge! (I have just lost 3.5lbs on the March one, and couldn’t have done it without the discipline of being part of a bigger group)

    Please count me in and thanks for hosting @okeydokey. Tomorrow I will post goals etc.

    Please count me in for April

    I’m up for the challenge.

    Just started on the 5:2 diet and after week 1, I’d lost 5lbs so was super chuffed. Just attached my bike to a training frame, so the HIIT exercise is about to start, wish me luck!!

    @zowie we do try to make a daily post like this:

    Day of the month – Where we are – NFD/FD (Non-Fast Day / Fast Day)

    After that we write anything we want. Feel free to ask questions. Right now it is a bit slow because it isn’t April yet. It will start picking up over the next 24 hours.

    Welcome aboard!

    First weigh in 156lb, waist 35″
    So my BMI is 25.2 and my waist to height ratio is 0.53

    My story: I started about a year ago, but took off 3 months to go travelling and celebrated Christmas. During that time I ate to a 16:8 regime with no calorie counting or weighing and maintained my weight. Started again in January and started this forum then too. Overall I’ve lost 20 Lbs and 4 1/2 inches from my waist and haven’t looked back. This forum is a big world wide family – the most fantastic place to find a few laughs and lots of support. I’ve been on a bit of a plateau but would admit I haven’t been totally motivated and my goals were too woolly. But as I post this, the sun is out, the spring flowers are in full bloom and April is a month for new resolve. I will gird my loins, sew up my lips and set new goals! 1lb a week and 1″ from my waist by the end of April.
    @mia14 I have a wedding too and there is nothing like the thought of seeing yourself in photos to boost that flagging willpower!
    @fordprefect what a journey your post took us on. It has whetted my appetite for more travels, but I do it in more comfort now I’ve got older!
    @zowie be kind to yourself. This way of life (WOL) offers a slow but sustainable way to fix those issues.
    So my Fellow Fasters, a big ✋ to @okeydokey for hosting and also to AT for the huge effort last month. Onwards and downwards. Cheerio for now!

    Howdy folks….

    I just wanted to stop by and give my intentions and goals for the April challenge.
    I’ve been thinking long and had about what i want to achieve this month. I’m still not a 100% clear on my goal, I really want 10lbs this month but the experts but the fine folks over in the March challenge have me thinking 5 is more realistic. I have to hand it to them, many of them realize that small goals eventually lead to big numbers. And one must not shoot to high for the chance of missing the target is to high but if move the target closer then shoot, we have a greater chance of hitting it and being able to move to the next target.
    So, 5lbs it is…….
    I normally fast on M, W and F.
    I 16:8 daily with very little expectation I stop eating at 7pm and resume eating between 12 and 12:30p the next day.
    I intend this month to not lose the reins and go all Willy Nilly, so 500 calories on Fd’s and 1200 calories on NFD’s except Sunday which I’m going to leave it a free day. I gave up Soda aka fuzzy drinks and sweets for lent and will continue on with it after the lentin season is over only allowing my self those treats on Sunday. So thus the free day on Sundays!
    I think that is it for what I’d like to achieve in April.
    I will give my official weigh in numbers on April 1 then we can let the games begin…….

    Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy!

    @bert I’ll go with that last statement. Your sense of humour’s definitely back! Should be our motto lol!

    Day 1/NFD/ Melbourne Australia

    My 5:2 journey:

    September 2014 – 74.3kg (starting weight, BMI over 29 – goal to reboot health.) Dress size: Australian 12-14
    April 2015 – 59kg (goal)
    July 2015 – 54.5kg ( lowest weight, not quite sustainable)
    March 2016 – 56kg (happy weight)
    January 2017 – 58.7kg (whoops)
    Feb 2017 – 57.2kg (reboot – onwards and downwards). Joined the February challenge.
    March 2017 – 56.6 kg

    Today’s weight 55.6 kg. Dress size: Australian 6-8.

    I’m a big fan of Dr M’s basic 5:2 plan. I’m a bit of a foodie so I take great pleasure in planning my fast day meals much to my OH’s delight. My diet is mainly a LCHF Mediterranean style of eating. I love vegetables and eat a wide variety. I do enjoy carbohydrates and include whole grains or pasta or bread a couple of times per week for their prebiotic qualities. If I eliminated them from my diet I’d definitely feel deprived and it would make this WOL less sustainable. I rarely count calories but am very careful with portion sizes. I don’t have a sweet tooth and avoid processed and refined foods. I weigh daily and keep a food diary for accountability. Alcohol is my downfall and accounts for the recent blip in my weight. I’d allowed myself a glass of wine a night but it crept up to 1/2-1 bottle per night. During March I successfully cut out the nightly bottle. I still enjoy a drink but not every night.

    I love the simplicity and flexibility of this WOL. If I need to take a break I can and do. It fits easily into my lifestyle. I began this WOE (way of eating) for the health benefits. The steady loss of a pound a week was a happy bonus. I was convinced I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off. My 5:2 journey shows this WOL can work.

    My goal for April is to stay below 56kg. I’d love to shake off another kg but if I don’t that’s ok. I need to up my exercise. I love gardening and walking but if I had to describe myself I’d have to say I’m a couch potato.

    Have a happy and mindful weekend. Onwards and downwards

    Please count me in. Can anyone answer my question posted under Active Topics with title: “Can this diet be done like this?”

    Hi there – I’d love to join you all for the April challenge!

    Thanks for hosting 🙂

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