3 days or more water fasting info???

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3 days or more water fasting info???

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  • I don’t know if this is the right place for this or not. If not kindly move it or tell me where to put it. Thanks

    If the medical benefits of fasting aren’t supposed to really kick in fully for 3+ days of water fasting this is something I want to try. I can do 48 hours easily enough I should be able to do 72 – 96. I’d be extremely interested in any and all information from people that have done fasts 3 days plus? There haven’t been a lot of studies on this that I’ve been able to find and not much rational discussion either.

    In the long distant past (when I was young and dinosaurs still roamed the earth) I would dry fast for 24 hours frequently/regularly 2 – 4 times per month on average but never less than two per month. (religious/spiritual) I did this for years. Yes my health was good and I had no underlying medical conditions. I was light for my size 5ft 7in @ 125lbs lean but also extremely fit and active.

    Several times I’d done 3 day dry fasts; I don’t recommend this to anyone! 1) it is extremely hard on the mind; emotional turmoil and crying jags can be the least of your issues. 2) If you have any underlying medical conditions you can be in for a disaster.

    Only do a dry fast of any duration after first discussing it with your Dr. or medical professional and you must have someone sane, rational, and knowledgeable checking on you. You may have to search to find a Dr. that knows anything about the subject.

    Now all these years later I’m not fit and the 232lbs on my frame makes me look a lot like the marshmallow man. I do have considerable medical problems COPD, heart conditions, blood pressure, blood sugar, inflamed joints, and the list goes on.

    Due to my prior fasting experience the 5:2 eating plan felt like a great fit. (I refuse to call it a 5:2 diet as diets don’t work or not for long I’m proof I think I tried them all) I chose 5:2 for the potential medical benefits. Weight loss is just a bonus if it happens. Yes I had my Dr look at it and got his opinion and he couldn’t find anything wrong with it for me. (Please note that’s me not you, my being approved by my Dr doesn’t cover you. Get your Dr to check out the 5:2 eating pattern and the fit to your medical condition.)

    For me I’m only in the third week on the 5:2 eating pattern but the medical benefits I’ve incurred are unbelievable and I have to keep shaking my head and seriously wondering if they are real or just in my mind. At any rate I am feeling better than I have in near to 20 years.

    So 72 – 96 hours water fasting for medical health benefits any one with any experience or know where to find accurate information?

    Hi Quiet:

    Current research shows you have to do them every month or so to continue to get the benefits. Not really designed for weight loss, though. They are nice if you have the time.

    I would google Dr. Longo – he was in the original Dr. M program and supervised the fast. He uses 3/4 day fasts for cancer patients and has some information on his website.

    You might also read this article from the March, 2012, Harper’s magazine on long term fasting. It is well written, mentions Longo and has a few tips: http://charleycropley.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/FASTING-ART-Harpers.pdf

    There are quite a few fasting websites out there, usually run by individuals, that have some insights.

    The info is out there, but this site does not really deal with longer term fasts. I note there was a program in Australia awhile ago that gave some people the idea they should start 5:2 with a four day fast. Several posted they were starting, all enthusiastic, and I haven’t heard from them since. It is not as easy as it sounds.

    Good Luck!

    I’m not doing 5:2 eating pattern for weight loss. If weight loss happens that’s a pure bonus. (I know that it has)

    The health benefits of fasting is what I am aiming for and I’ve found numerous benefits already. I’m looking now to expand and build on the benefits I’ve gotten from limited fasting, 36-48 hours. Longer fast times from 3 to 5 days are for health only (or spiritual reasons)

    Thanks for the link to the Harper’s article all the links I could find to it were dead.

    Much of what I find on fasting for 3 days plus is “spiritualism” and way too much is just …. well not for me.

    Reasonable and rational discussion I can handle becoming a part of the wind, clouds, and rain….. well I’m not looking for that.

    A 3 day dry fast is about as tough as I’d hope any fast to be and with my present medical conditions it is not something I’d undertake without medical supervision. Water fasting is a whole other thing supervision after 2 days is recommended.

    Long term fasting greater than 48 hours is not something I take lightly. I find 48 hours easily obtainable though cooking for others during it does make me hungry but that is a mind thing as truly I’m not hungry. After a day I don’t really feel hunger and I can easily ignore it during day 1.

    Eating a little each day during a fast is torture to me. It just keeps me hungry longer and my mind on food. If I know I’m not going to eat I can push it aside.

    Hi Quiet:

    I just clicked the link I gave and it worked fine.

    Yes this link worked all the other links I’d found to the Harper’s article were dead.

    Great read and lots to think about. It would have been great if he’d had a blood panel done before and after he’d reached his goal.

    The evidence on the benefits of fasting goes back into the 1880’s I can’t help wonder why so many Docs are dead set against it and more so why they won’t even look into it with an open mind. I guess I’m lucky with my present Doc as he looked over everything I took him and did other research on his own.

    I do wonder what he’ll say when I talk to him about a 3 then 4 then 5day fast though. I’m thinking try 3 consecutive one month, have a blood panel then 30 days after the conclusion try 4 day and have a blood panel, then 30 days after try a 5 day and have a blood panel.

    or jiggle everything a bit and work the 5 day into the Easter long weekend when I’m off work for 4 days and have the panel done first thing Tuesday morning.

    More thinking and investigation is required.

    What is the best water to drink on fast days? Spring water is full of inorganic minerals.

    What does everyone think of distilled water, pure H2O with nothing else in there?

    I am senior citizen and have fasted over 10 days straight a number of times on water only. After reading Dr. Herbert M. Shelton called Fasting Can Save Your Life about 25 years ago who had a resort northwest of San Antonio and took in people who were tired of taking medications and had all sorts of problems and put them on up to 60 days water only fast. This is a must read book as 3 days is not enough for your body to heal itself. Three days will only bring severe headaches which will go away after the 4 or 5th day. The book tells how to go into a fast and what to expect. FABULOUS BOOK if you can get it. Also Fasting for the Health of it. After 4 days the hunger panes will go away and won’t appear again until your body is where it should be. Sometimes 30 – 60+ days. The Bible says fasting and your health shall spring forth speedily. Reason medical doesn’t know about is that Big Pharma which controls our medical wouldn’t last long and doesn’t educate Dr. on it.


    I’m similar to you in that eating in any planned way makes it harder for me, and I just figure why bother?
    If I’m super struggling and want some veggies one day I’ll make a light flavoured stir fry, maybe with some of those noodles made from that Japanese plant (10 cal a serve) but I try not to.
    Anyway, because I just want to live, I now do 4:10, so I water fast for four days straight, then relax for the rest of the fortnight. Have only done approx 4 of these but the weight loss is the same, and I feel better. The mental clarity and zest for life has returned (I thank God for this too.. everything is by Him for me too).
    It takes 4 days before it starts to affect your metabolism, so this seems perfect.

    I have no idea why you’d do a dry fast other than feeling pressed upon by God for it. Science wise there’s no point that I could imagine or have wver heard of, but many reasons why including water is better. If you’re looking for healing it’s hard for your body to expel gunk without a water supply (sorry for tmi but my pee is as dark or darker on 3rd and 4th day of the fast so I figure a lot of crap is being gotten rid of -yay!)
    Mild euphoria is starting on day 1 for me now rather than day 2 or 3. The hard and easy days change around but thats ok. :).

    Let us know how you decide to work it for you and what it does.

    Dr Longo advises AGAINST the 3-5 day fast! He does make that very clear in a video he made with Dr Mosley. I also read that 2 day fast are enough to produce great reactions in the brain and the body.

    Dr Longo says NOT to do the 3-5 day fast. He emphasises that.

    Hi david:

    I have not seen the video you reference.

    However, his research shows 3-5 day fasts are very beneficial: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/10878625/Fasting-for-three-days-can-regenerate-entire-immune-system-study-finds.html

    I believe he has always thought that 4/5 day fasts are beneficial. He has even developed a ‘fast mimicking’ diet that he believes helps cancer patients – they must follow it for about 4 days. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/wellbeing/diet/why-weve-all-been-doing-the-fast-diet-wrong/

    My variation on the 5:2 diet is that I do the days consecutively and they are almost 0 calories for the two days. Works out to about 63-65 hour fast. I have lots of water on those two days. I allow myself to have one coffee (with skim milk) or a glass of juice per day. So far it hasn’t been too bad. I can still go for my bike rides, just cant go real hard on those days. Weight loss is about 1kg (2.2lbs) per week and all my vitals are heading in the right direction. Have gone from 92kg (202 lbs) to 78kg (172 lbs) in less than a year. Target is 74kg (163lbs) so not far to go. Not sure why you would want to exclude water on your fast days, that just seems counter productive. Why would you want to prevent your body from flushing out all the by-products of your metabolic functions?

    A year in an update on this.

    I am now doing 5:2 which is basically stop eating after supper on Sunday and don’t eat until Supper on Tuesday so a good solid 36+ hours.

    Please note the following can be dangerous and I don’t recommend anyone try it. If you’re going to get full medical assessment and a Dr that knows what you are doing.

    In addition once per month I fast for 5 days water only. I will NOT recommend this for anyone. I’ve now done 11 of these. The first few were a totally terrible experience and I mean HORRID. Day 3 was almost the breaker, headaches so bad I couldn’t move hardly, emotional swings, lethargy, mental confusion, sweats and tremors. (don’t attempt to work when these signs hit and don’t drive!)

    The 3rd day seemed to last a week, on day 4 things cleared a lot, and day 5 was just feeling slightly hollow but my mind was clear as it could be. This happened through the 3rd fast. After that while I would be somewhat foggy I haven’t encountered anything worse since.

    I’ve now settled on a pattern of starting a 5 day water fast after supper on first Tuesday of the month and I’ll fast until Sunday evening. I break the fast with 1/2 cup of homemade Greek style yogurt with cooked diced peaches, Apple Juice or Juiced celery, carrots, tomatoes and a Vegetable broth with a 1/4 cup of lentils. I will eat twice on Sunday evening about 3 hours a part. I will eat normally Monday through Wednesday and start 5:2 again on Wednesday evening after supper until Friday evening Supper.

    Has it helped me? I wanted the 5 day fast for more medical benefits. My blood panels were all great from just doing 5:2. I had improved significantly. No longer border line diabetic, blood cholesterol fantastic, blood pressure down to low normal and blood pressure meds were cut by 2/3rds. All medications usage dropped from 15 different pills to 5. That was just doing the 5:2. I wanted more.

    I did get some measurable improvement. Not huge but there. How I feel, which can’t be measured, is off the wall. My mind hasn’t been this clear since I was in my early 40’s. I have may more energy and I can move a lot easier my arthritis progression has almost stopped as observed by X-rays. However the pain from it has almost disappeared and can be controlled with a couple over the counter aspirin, Ibuprofen,or other OTC med.

    I can’t say that these improvements wouldn’t have happened by only adhering to the 5:2 patter of eating. I suspect they would have come close in the measurable blood panels. I don’t think the mental clarity,and acuity would be as far along but then I don’t know for sure. All I know for sure is I feel better than I have in 23+ years and I have a much great enjoyment and joy in me than I have had for a long time.

    Weight loss as side effect has been a great added bonus throughout but that would have continued if I’d only done the 5:2 pattern of eating. The 5 day fast just accelerated that a bit. Not as much as you might imagine though. I will continue on with this for the foreseeable future.

    Again the 5:2 eating pattern works and I can’t recommend changing that to anyone. Follow 5:2 and you won’t go wrong. Anyone who tries extended fasting in anyway faces risks and your emotional health and well being may be the least of these. Don’t believe half of what you may read on extended fasting on the internet. A case in point here in my small town a woman tried a 6 day water fast she read on the net and on day 5 attempted suicide by slashing her wrists. The fast or her own mental issues? I can’t say all I know is for me the first 3 fasts I became exceedingly emotional on day 3-4

    My suggestion just follow the 5:2 pattern of eating it works and there are great medical benefits to be had from it alone.

    I am in to the 3rd day of a 6 day fast. I need to lower blood sugars and blood pressure and lose weight so was searching on line for answers. I had read enough in the past on low fat and calorie counting which is what my doctor had suggested. I ran across some YouTube presentations by a Dr. Jason Fung. He describes type 2 diabetes in a way that is easy to understand and explains how fasting works to help with that and overall benefits. I planned on following the 5:2 plan after these 6 days of a water fast.

    A six-day fast is a tough way to start out but I’m a believer in what-works-for-you and experimenting. After all, if it’s too much you can always try something else.

    I have been intermittent fasting for about a year now. I do 2-day water fasts and eat sensibly the other 5 days. But I recently completed a 7-day water fast and I’m attempting a longer one right now to make up for going a little food crazy over Christmas.

    Are you taking supplements? I take a variety of vitamins and use an electrolyte supplement to avoid leg cramps and a probiotic to keep my gut in healthy flora. Drink lots of water. Get good sleep.

    Mostly, what you want to keep in mind is working out something for yourself that you can sustain.

    I was going to do a 4 day fast and decided to go a little longer, then realized I have a family dinner on the 7TH day so thought would do 6 das fast then start 5 2. Day 2 was rough, I will hungry and noticed I needed to fill my time I normally prepare food with doing something else. Today feeling good about it mentally and physically. I take a multi it amin and some other supplements. Thought about getting some bone broth, he you tried it??

    For medical reasons I recently completed two water only fasts within 3 weeks.
    The first fast was over 51 hrs. The second was around 48 hrs. Two and a half weeks separated these fasts. Both included a course of laxatives. I ensured my water intake was high during these periods especially because of the medically prescribed laxatives. What I found was that the fasting experience was fairly easy to do and I suffered no hunger pangs and no other adverse effects, in fact I felt very much more active and clear in my thinking. I would not recommend a course of laxatives during such a fast.
    My experiences, driven solely by medical reasons have made me reconsider my approach to the type of fasting I am capable of doing. Being retired (68 yrs old) my lifestyle is not a heavy one so water fasting is more achievable for me.
    My message for many of you out there is not to be frightened by the idea of a water fast over a short period of say 24 or 48 hrs provided it can fit into your lifestyle and within the 5:2 way of life.
    Good luck to you all out there.

    We should talk Quietone

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