28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 27 – SW WA USA – FD (2nd of B2B)

    Hanging in there with the pocketeers. Some are done, others almost & some of us still some hours to go. It’s good to do it together.

    Ebell13 – Welcome from Winnipeg. That’s where I grew up. I’m living in the USA at this time. I’m glad you’ve been on 5:2 for several months. You’ll be able to bring your lessons here to share as many others do. I started on the 5:2 journey in October 2016.

    About ACV – an older gentleman in a church I used to attend, took 2 TBSPs of ACV in a cup of warm water along with a little honey every day. He lived a pretty long, healthy life.

    @debster251 – the weighted hula hoop is pretty thick, encased in a hard foam and has ridges on the inside of the hoop. The weight of it makes it more stable on your waist as you move around. The ridges help too. It may take some getting used to…might cause a little discomfort in the waist area. Much better, I think, than the thin ones from childhood.

    Hi all, I have looked my hula hoop out and gave it a clean in readiness for 1st. Should have seen look OH gave me when I said it was coming with us lol. It’s a weighted one I got some years ago but with all good intentions it was hung up and forgotten about. The weighted ones are supposed to be best as you get a bit of momentum going but I can still only last about 20 seconds lol.

    @fuvvie I think we all have a weight that is a tough one to conquer. Mine was 11.9 it was when things always started going backwards. But I think I had built it up in my mind as impossible and if I got near it and started going in the wrong direction well that just proved my point. I just decided in one of my clearer moments this was not going to beat me and if I got below it, well then anything was possible. Some goals are easier to tick off than others, some take a bit of time and more effort – but we will get there as we are not giving up and after all – this is for life!

    What if you count 100 or 500g increments on a chart and rather than think of ‘that’ number concentrate on the smaller steps. Each time you get down a little step tick it off and only think of those small steps – wipe that other number from your mind for the time being. It seems to have grown in your mind and you need to change your thinking. It is possible so you need to believe it is possible. What are you really telling yourself? Is your self speak reinforcing a positive or a negative? If we keep telling ourselves we can’t, are we correct then if we don’t? Why not tell ourselves we can, and do it!

    Congratulations all the pocketeers! I am close to my first 24 hours and will continue on until tomorrow at some point – would like to do 48 hours – if it ends up being 36 that’s okay too but just one meal tomorrow for me either way!

    Stay Strong one and all!

    Day 27 | FD | Bucks UK

    Day 27 : Cheshire, UK : FD

    I don’t think I’ve drank so much herbal tea in a day :). Not a total liquid fast, felt the need for some avocado and cheese as I need to sleep.

    Thank you my fellow pocketeers πŸ™‚

    Day 28 – Tokyo, Japan – NFD 77.7kg (BMI 25.7!)

    Hang in there Pocket Fasters! I went almost 38 hours, but not totally out of will power. Someone (likely a teenager) eat my plain oatmeal and put the empty box back on the shelf. This seems to be a on-going theme. Anyway not willing to waste my meager sugar budget on sweetened oatmeal, I went out and bought some more. I guess the good side is I probably burned a few more grams of fat.

    Day 28 – Perth AUS – NFD

    D1: 74.0kg
    D28: 68.5kg
    Total loss: 5.5kg
    Original goal: 70.0kg
    Revised goal: 68.0kg

    Well it’s the last day of the month – it FLEW by! Had a little bounce between Sunday and today (pancake day WHOOPS) but am still almost at the revised goal, and I’m taking that as a win given it’s been FIVE *bleep*ing YEARS since I weighed in with these numbers! πŸ˜€ In the hopes this might help others, here’s what I discovered about my body this month:

    – Initial fasting amplified my RLS to the point of distraction again. Fixed by upping the magnesium in my diet, initially with supplements, then via spinach.
    – Discovered palak paneer (although I now make with feta and add lemon juice) is an excellent low calorie fast day dinner since I love curries and it’s high in magnesium!
    – Fasting B2B or longer resulted in heavy sleep and fatigue after meals. Remedied by consuming more protein. Fatigue gone, sleep back to normal.
    – HIIT increased the amount of weight and centimetres lost, and I started feeling more energetic after about 3 days of doing it.

    Biggest regret? Not taking a “before” picture to compare to!

    I’m looking forward to some more experimenting and tweaking through March and have adjusted my overall goal to a lower number, as I can see that this way of eating really works for me. My blood sugars are down, I can switch to proper ketosis in about 30-35 hours of fasting, my blood pressure is stable and slightly lower, food tastes better, I’ve broken heaps of bad eating habits and replaced them with good eating habits. Also, vegies no longer go off in my fridge because I ACTUALLY EAT THEM. πŸ˜›

    Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas, experiences, your ups, downs, triumphs and struggles. As I’ve said before, I am simply amazed at the strength so many of you have. Yes, eating plans might have gone awry here and there, but there have been some really harsh trials of life had by some of you this month, and you ought to be celebrated just for even thinking about getting back on the 5:2 horse given the personal struggles you’ve had! You’re an inspiration and I both thank you and wish you all the best. For those still down, look for the positive – there always is one, it’s just sometimes elusive or might seem small… but any positive is worth finding and holding on to.

    Bring on March!

    Just finished my FD with a small meal of scrambled egg, spinach, one piece of bacon and a small sprinkle of Parmesan shavings, then an apple for dessert, bringing me to about 380 calories. Whew!
    Off to bed shortly so I don’t sabotage my good effort. Tomorrow I’ll be making pancakes at the church for our pancake supper.
    Will do final weigh in on March 1 for the end of the month and the beginning of the March challenge.
    Good night.

    @ciren2 and @in it to thin it: How did your day go?

    Day 27 – FD – Toronto

    Finishing up the last FD of February at about 490 calories – wasn’t a tough one today, had a small coffee with cream and a dash of sugar, green tea, salmon, asparagus and a mish mash bowl of cucumber, mint, basil, balsamic, canned tuna, chives, bocconcini and croutons for dinner. And lots of water!

    @elektron flipping fantastic results! well done, you! I will admit feeling slightly envious but I know that weight loss with this WOL doesn’t come down to luck but to hard work and discipline. I have been talking about incorporating HITT into my FDs and I think your results are gonna give me the kick in the ol’ bum I need to finally get on it in March.

    Day 27 – FD – Canada
    I was also having a FD, have ended up at about 490 cals.
    I’ve been struggling a little lately with my iron supplement, it’s thrown my tummy off a bit. But am soldiering on. I vow to be checking in to the March thread every morning, and not any-old-time as I have been doing in the last week. Your comments and solidarity focus me and make me mindful of the purpose behind this business. Thank you for being by my side in February – am looking for renewed 5:2 energy and progress in March!

    Day 28 Tasmania Aus FD 64.5kgs

    Second fd of b2b. Struggled a bit yesterday. Am keen to get through today too and get a bit closer to my goal.

    Good job all the pocketeers getting through yesterday.

    For all you hoola hoopers for March, this just came up in Facebook and thought it would be perfect. It seems to be entirely free, but haven’t looked into it too much.


    I might give it a go too.

    Day 27, Canada FD

    @reid, ciren, Andexhale,At,we made it! What a lovely FD momentum from the mFm group. I am taking myself to bed early as well, to avoid any late nite snacking sabotage.

    The growing group of hula hoopers makes me smile imagining 52’ers round the world with hoops going round, ha ha. It was a favourite backyard pastime when I was young. Is having a rounder tummy a help or a hindrance when keeping the hoop moving, I wonder?

    Day 28 Oman FD

    Day 28 / Sweden / NFD

    Final weight for the month, 90.7 kg. Down 1.5 kg. Missed my goal a little but that will simply strengthen my resolve for March.

    Have a great day/evening wherever you are.

    Day 28 Melbourne NFD

    Thanks Pocketeers! Thinking of you all over the afternoon and evening really strengthened me!

    Starting weight Jan 31 60.9kg end weight 58.7kg – very happy as my goal (from Nov 1) was to get to 59 by mid-March and then see if I wanted to revise it down a little. Haven’t decided yet so it’s still a ‘we’ll see’.

    @dykask – teeheee the old ’empty cereal box in the pantry’ trick – I remember those days well. One day you will be an empty nester and miss it, though ;-).

    @erikaa67 – good idea to suggest we all “leave the challenge with a parting tip β€” a something-something that really helped us get through this month” here are mine: shamelessly stolen from other people here (and so I thank you again!):

    Whenever I was feeling hungry (or just like eating for the sake of it) I remembered 2 sayings that helped surprisingly much
    1. Hunger comes in waves – have a hot drink and ‘ride the wave’ – it usually passes (it does!)
    2. “Is this going to help me get to my goal?”

    Hey guys, come follow me on my honest and humorous 5:2 journey (FB link attached) xxxLaura https://m.facebook.com/ohforFatSake/

    Day 28 Gozo, Malta, NFD

    I’m down 0.6 kilos after yesterday low calories day. I’m only 0.9 kilos above target weight at 64.9 kilos but within a healthy BMI.

    Have a great day everyone

    Day 28 -Staffordshire UK-FD

    Will weigh in tomorrow after today’s final fast day.

    Day 28 – Switzerland – NFD

    Great FD yesterday, thanks to all the positivity on this board – thank you all for helping me get back on track!

    February was cut in two halves for me – the first half, full of motivation, saw me go from 91.8 to 90.3 kgs. Then the second ‘I hate myself’ half, where I decided not to log food but eat ‘healthily’ saw me rocket up. End weigh-in for the month is 93.6kg, 1.8 kgs up from the beginning of the month (but over 7lbs up from mid-month).

    Lesson learnt: stick with it, come what may.

    I should feel lucky that my body harvests and stores every last calorie that I don’t expend in exercise – it’s very efficient. Looking forward to March challenge

    DAY 28 – UK – FD

    One last fling before 1st March….a disappointing month for me after my success of January. Yo-yo-ing all month, after putting on a few lbs on holiday and losing them weight has more or less stayed the same – despite feeling that I have been on fd’s a lot of the time! In March will do ADF’s – M – W – F and see if that moves the weight downwards. I only have 7lb to lose….perhaps that’s why???? I know tho’ if I give up, it will shoot up again. So still “In it to Win it”.

    Good luck with the last day all xx

    Day 28 UK FD

    starting weight Feb 1st – 222lbs
    weight today – 212lbs

    so lost 10lbs which is a great result and met my goal of getting me properly under 100kg for the first time in about 25 years:)) I also lost an inch off my bust, two from my waist but none from my hips despite fitting into much smaller trousers – a great result in itself as the legs were what really didn’t fit before, so they have become smaller too. Yay:)) I have always had fat legs, even when I was at my thinnest so that is really pleasing. This thread has really kept me focused and determined. Thanks everyone, especially Lynzm:))

    I didn’t actually lose any weight in the last week just confirmed the big loss the week before, but there is an inch gone from everywhere, even my hips as those had gone up earlier in the month, because of my belly redistributing itself I think. My body seems to
    either lose weight or inches but not both at the same time. Peculiar!

    My big tip is that is easier not to start than to stop where eating is concerned. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you will just have a little bit, chances are that it will escalate into a regretable incident. Whatever it is, you can have it tomorrow. And chances are if it is not good you won’t want it then. Refusal is power and power feels good, and boosts your ability to continue. Each refusal is easier than the previous one. I actually caught myself getting out of bed to fetch a lump of brie last night after a craving caught me and managed to stop. The enjoyment of that refusal lasted much longer than the brie would have.

    The other thing is to remember that most blips on the scales are not even statistically significant. They don’t matter at all and are reflecting the bodily processes that are keeping you alive rather than the efforts you are putting in. Only changes that are present over time measure your success. So don’t get upset by the scales not moving how you want them to.

    And remember the other benefits fasting brings. This is about more than the scales. For me not gaining is as important as losing. And the health gains are enormous. I am feeling so much better in so many ways. I am not only eating less I am eating better, tastier food, enjoying every bite instead of mindlessly chewing.

    I am looking forward to the March challenge and am even considering a real hula hoop although I suspect the imaginary one will stay up better!

    DAY 28 – UK – FD (again!)

    One last fast for Feb. – an unplanned fast, as still haven’t lost any weight this month.
    Yo-yo-ing all month – a disappointing one for me, as I feel I have put the effort in.
    Lost the weight put on on on holiday, but no more – despite lots of fd’s. I must be going wrong somewhere. So, note to self – be more vigilant. I have 7 lbs to lose, and I want to lose it…and keep it off…. Will change tactics for March AFD’s M-W-F – strict tdee other days. (I have guessed cals so far, perhaps thats the problem).
    Will weigh in tomorrow (I need this extra day! for my sake).

    Good luck all. Hopefully onwards and downwards xx

    DAY 28 – Cardiff UK – NFD

    Starting weight : 173.3lb

    Today’s weight : 164.2lb (9.1 lb) Feb target 8.3lb

    Morning everyone

    Thank you pocketeers for your company yesterday, I had a really successful liquid FD and the scales have been king this morning.

    I managed to reach my Feb target, although I had been lower at some points in the month. The good thing is I know what the problem was, a 2lb weekend which included a takeaway and fish and chip supper – neither of which was worth the weight gain and left me feeling uncomfortable. I don’t regret the meals as I enjoyed the company, but not looking to repeat any time soon.

    So over the last month I’ve cut sugar and refined carbs and although I will be having pancakes and a small Lindor egg today, I’m planning to go back to my restrictions for Lent, and hopefully I’ll never let sugar get the hold on my life it had previously. I know I will have the odd cake, or piece of chocolate, but it will be only occasionally.

    So my tip from Feb is the old favourite ‘Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail’. I make sure I put my meals in MFP as I’m not in a place yet where I can trust my judgement yet. This means that I know in advance that I will be within TDEE, or as I do the TDEE for my target weight. This lets me tweak my meals before it’s too late to change them, in other words once they’ve been eaten.

    Thank you @lynzm for hosting us this month, and everyone who’s been part of this challenge. I’ve read every post and look forward now to March’s challenge.

    Take care

    Day 28 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Thank you all pocketeers for keeping me on the FD path yesterday – weight this morning 54.4kg (BMI 20.2) so maintaining nicely just below my target of 55kg. Celebrating 3 months at maintenance – a very happy lady here.

    Going our for a walk soon with my regular group and its a cold BUT sunny day – blue skies all day long…..

    Will break my fast later today not sure when yet – will see how I feel – but planning on a meal out with a friend before going to see a live telecast of the ROH Ballet of Sleeping Beauty tonight – be good to compare it to the Bolshoi’s version I saw earlier this year.

    I am looking forward to hosting the March challenge and hope I do as good a job as all my predecessors – thank you to @lynzm for February also to everyone who participated and supported us all during the month – it will be lovely to see you in March.

    Day 28 a slightly snowy Belfast FD
    The hunger monster got to me last night, but I didn’t give in. I don’t suffer usually from sleeplessness on FDs but I woke around 2am absolutely starving. I didn’t give in and eat, but I didn’t sleep either!
    Continuing to fast today. It is my aim to get to 7 tonight (from 7pm on Sunday) and have a controlled evening meal tonight. I will weigh tomorrow (one more day and hopefully one more pound!) for those of you fasting on, good luck!
    @onahealthyhigh many congratulations on your retirement. 18 months in, I can strongly recommend this WOL! I don’t know how I found time to work!
    @ebell13 I knew vinegar and baking soda rang a bell. If you google ‘making a volcano erupt using vinegar and baking soda you’ll see why I had a chuckle! (I’m a retired primary school teacher and did this experiment several times). While bicarb and baking soda aren’t quite the same, and I didn’t use ACV, just ordinary vinegar, I had visions of this in someone’s tummy!
    LouBelles thank you for the link. I’m collecting the hoop today with some trepidation. I never could hoop, but here’s to trying!
    @metatauta, any advice on the weight of the hoop?
    This post is getting far too long. I see lots of outstanding weight loss. Congratulations and I’m a little envious. I wasn’t as focused as I might have been, so for all of us who didn’t quite get there, here’s to a new month and a fresh start.
    Lastly, a big thank you @lynzm for your hard work.

    Days 25, 26, 27 and 28 NFD.
    Weight today 13.3 or 185 lbs. 3 lbs up on the month.
    I have seriously lost my way with this plan and don’t want any negativity to spread so think I will stop posting and just lurk in the background and wait for my mojo or whatever to return.
    Good luck everyone.

    Day 28, Newcastle UK, FD

    Good FD yesterday, 2nd today and thinking of all my fellow fasters on that very long list. I am visualising all of us standing in a circle around a globe, holding hands and keeping each other strong and focussed.

    Inspiring to read so many great results – @fatrabbit, @Electron, @pashaw to name a few. @pamie – take strength from our group, keep going and don’t let yesterday’s mistakes sabotage tomorrow’s results. @fuvvie – forgive me if I’m ‘teaching granny to suck eggs’ but did you look at the Diet Doctor site? (I think as per jojo58’s advice). Combined with fasting, I am sure my diet changes to LCHF is making a huge difference these last few weeks in getting me below a weight I’ve been stuck at for a few years. Apart from anything else, I’m enjoying my food so much more and my digestive system is responding well – thanking me for the much needed lubrication if you get my meaning! @coda – again, I’m sure you’re probably already aware, but I’ll mention it anyway for those who may not know, but chewing gum actually stimulates appetite/hunger pangs. Maybe you find the comfort of chewing outweighs that?

    All the very best everyone for a brilliant last day of our February challenge – and many, many thanks to you @lynzm for providing the leadership.

    Day28 UK NFD

    Hi guys,

    First thanks for all your thanks and @coda thanks for my flowers, loved the pic. It really was my pleasure. πŸ˜€

    Really loving today and hearing all the stories, successes and summarys of what works and taking notes to see if that would help me! Have a list of new things to atry for March.

    Remember it’s lovely to hear the successes and they definitely spur me on, @Orpheux down is down and in my mind a success, well done @fatrabbit, @elektron @pashaw, but it also a success getting to the end of the month and finding out what works and what doesn’t so the next month can be successful.

    Me – I aim high and if I get half way there I’m happy, this month I aimed for 7lbs, I got 4lbs then it went back up!!! (Pancakes) to 3lb loss. But still down!

    Also I have been doing squats this month πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈand my thighs have gone up, I know as trousers tighter in this area! However this has got to be muscle (and I can see my legs are much firmer) so that accounts for some of the weight. So you see it’s not all in the number, but these thunder thighs will help weight loss in future!

    I’m also going to do the waist whittling challenge however do not get on with hula hoop and don’t have one, so gonna do kettle bell twists, for the length of one song minimum a day.

    Have signed up to @at 31 day March Challenge.

    Thanks all for making this month great, sign up for next month to continue our journey! I will add up the losses and update this account on the 1st March. Hopefully that will spur us on, but the important thing is your individual journey, and the fact this group helps many of us.

    Much love ❀❀❀

    Day 28 | NFD | Bucks UK

    Yesterday’s fast went well and I hope other pocketeers had a successful day also.

    Total weigh decrease this month – 5.6lbs, it’s been a weird month even though I did fast I felt a bit not with it…along with bad weather and poor sleep playing their part. But definitely with checking in and reading everyone’s posts helped me to keep going.

    Today is my last day in my 30s I have mixed feelings but looking forward it without a doubt and count my blessings everyday! I will be seeing my 40th birthday 24lbs lighter and I am so thankful for that!!
    I still have a long journey ahead that I will continue one step at a time.

    Today’s agenda is back massage then later a diy giant selfie photo frame?!?

    Thanks @lynzm for being a lovely host. And I hope to see all in the March Challenge

    Nuff love xxx

    Day 28 UK +4 lbs so now only -2 for the month so not even monthly 4 lb month target met now.

    What can I say 4 days away and 4 lbs gained (seriously!) SHOOT ME

    Roll on March Challenge.
    Liquid fast today, hopefully quickly gained, quickly lost.

    On the bright side I had a ‘really’ good time and feel refreshed to start a new challenge.

    Hula hoop at the ready, measuring waist in the morning( bought my weighted foam covered hoop in Argos) I am not an expert either, 30 second swivelling average but all that bending and picking it up is great exercise for the waist too. Technique is to put one foot one step in front of other, hip width apart and rock hips forward and back, rather that circle them. But I am sure whatever works will be fine. Record how long your swivelling lasts, stand in front of a clock with a second hand, comparison for end of the month along with inch loss. I am committing 15 mins per day to Waist Reduction- 3 different exercises- 5 mins hoop, 5 mins kettle bells and 5 mins side bends. WE SHALL SEE!

    Next month I suggest we work on REDUCING and TIGHTENING BUMS. Who will be rear of the month in APRIL?

    I will do a final weight in for February tomorrow, fingers crossed? Not weighing on scales during March (very tough assignment for me but I need to stop obsessing and start focussing on healthy eating only)

    MARCH GOAL – Realistic 4 lbs down plus redress damage of last 4 days) ALSO- NO POTATOES FOR MARCH – last carb bites the dust- zero noodles instead. 15 min exercises daily for waist reduction

    Best tips for February

    Tortoise versus Hare Scenario Works – weight loss using 4:3 (500 cal)is more likely to be sustainable than liquid fasts as a ‘long term’ plan.
    Snacking of unhealthy foods needs to be stopped, replace with 10 nuts.
    Processed Carbs make you more hungry, replace with zero noodles.
    Daily routine of 23/1 is better than chopping and changing between fast and non fast days. We really do only need one meal per day. Keep drinking for the rest of the day, even a milky drink will fill you up and probably be healthier. Good hydration keeps hunger at bay, gives you clear skin and healthy internal organs.
    Make milk or water Kefir and drink ACV if you eat carbs, the internal organs need to be healthy to enhance mood, brain function, digestion, blood supply, control insulin levels and fight bad bacteria.
    Walk 10,000 steps every day.

    I have skim read posts, too many to answer, sorry! Thinking of you and sympathy for all your own personal problems and challlenges. Be kind to yourselves, forgive, forget and move on. Cyber Hugs a plentyπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½Give yourselves a clap for trying and for those successful losersπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡Fantastic effort.
    To our FAT CONTROLLER@Lynzm (meant affectionately not personally) πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

    Day 28, Dunsborough West Australia, FD
    Doing 23/1 today with just a couple of cups of tea and a coffee – plus water of course – during the day. Got chicken and veg soup for dinner which I’ll have shortly.

    Looking forward to weigh day tomorrow as I haven’t used the scales for almost 2 weeks. I’ve definitely lost weight and inches and it will be interesting to see how much and how many tomorrow when I wrap it up for the month.

    Actually, although I’m at the top end of the BMI scale, I would be ok to sit here for a while. At least I’m looking and feeling reasonable and that’s pretty great considering I’ve been feeling pretty awful about myself for quite a while. I’m looking forward to finding more clothes to wear from slimmer days though and having all the other health benefits this WOL brings.

    Thanks so much @lynzm for keeping track all month and for all you’ve done. It sure is interesting to read everyone’s posts and in doing so learning along the way. Such gems of wisdom from real life situations which are all very enlightening. I’ve found this to be pretty cruisey so far… so far being the crucial words here. I’m sure I’ll struggle as I go further on this journey and I’m so pleased to have found a niche here which offers such great support.

    Until tomorrow.,,

    Day 28 Portugal NFD

    Thanks to all the pocket fasters yesterday – You motivated me to keep going yesterday, without doubt! I did a very good b2b fast eating around 500cal and it felt good. They are the best fasts I have done all month but I should have been more mindful during the month …that way the scales might have been kinder! Anyway, feeling motivated for March.

    D1 feb 63.2kg
    D28 feb 62.4 kg.
    Only 800g loss but on a more positive note…the trend is downward. Total loss since 24th September is 8.4kg.

    What have I learned: don’t become too complacent, remain mindful and keep my eye on the goal. And eat only 500calories on FDs (not 600, 700 or 800!)

    Day 28 Surrey UK Please count me in for March. Trying again.

    Day 28 (Tuesday) — Colorado USA — FD

    Last day of February, feels like it flew by! Today’s a busy work day, so that’ll make Fasting easier. Will save my 500 calories for dinner with DH tonight.
    And then, I’m ready for a clean slate, fresh start in March!

    Thank you LynzM for ushering us thru & keeping this helpful Challenge going. Wonderful job!

    Day 28……Florida…… FD

    Congrats everyone, we have made it through the Feb. challenge! Through all the good times and bad, each and everyone of us stood firm and carried on. There is a tremendous amount of success in that alone!

    Opheusx and Ciren……. You did it! You made it! You have given me more strength than you’ll ever know!

    LynZ…… you are a fantastic host!

    This my last FD of the month. I will weigh in tomorrow for the results of this month and start for March! What ever the ending result is…. I’m happy with it!
    My major accomplishment this month was to make it into the 140’s and stay there more than a day!
    I was also able to finally get my hair cut! That in itself was a tuff goal and reward to get too!
    So, much to look forward to in the coming month.
    Goal of 5lb
    Giving up soda and treats for lent
    Starting the ACV drink
    Starting a new salutation….. peace be with you!
    And if I can find a hool a hoop, I’m in for that….. all though I’m lazy!

    See you all in March!


    2nd post

    Thanks for all the thanks feeling the love guys ❀️

    Jojo58 Fat controller πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hope that fat (pause) controller and not fat controller! Love the “on the bright side I’ve had a really good time” quote. This forum makes me happy too! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘

    West 28 country Eest Australia NFD
    Yesterday NFD went well, below TDEE
    Today Shrove Tuesday. Using all the eggs milk cream etc for pancakes- nuff said!!
    Oh and up the 400 gms I was down yesterday!! Roll on MarchπŸ˜€

    Day 28 – NFD – Toronto

    start weight: 71.5 kg
    final weight: 69.5 kg
    initial goal: lose 4.5 lbs
    weight loss: 2 kg aka 4.4 lbs!

    So last week, I felt dejected thinking I wouldn’t be hitting my goal at only 4 lbs of weight loss. As, typically, I fast on M and Ws every week and the M fast resets my weight to the last week’s loss and further weight loss doesn’t occur until the W FD (March 2nd, this week). Yet, despite the wine, tacos and cheese this weekend, I’ve managed to already drop a further 0.4 lbs – woohoo! So happy to end right on track with my goal and finally breaking the 70-something kg wall.

    I was always 60-something kg between ages 16 and 24 and healthy and happy when at the low-60 range. I gained 10 kilos at age 25 by binge eating on doritos through a stressful period of my life (hilarious but sad). I started dieting that year (2012) thinking it would be a breeze to get back to the 60s but numerous life factors found me yo-yoing between 74 kg – 80 kg for the next two years. I started CICO and exercising regularly and got back to the 75-76 range but found myself stuck there. I started 5:2 in September 2016 and finally broke the 75 kg plateau and today am finally back in the 60s (albeit quite high). This is also the month I finally broke the 30% body fat wall so I am ending the month feeling satisfied and proud.

    Thank you @lynzm for organizing and hosting, I can imagine this takes a significant amount of work! I won’t be joining the March challenge as I think I’m more suited for a small group accountability group but it has been lovely to read all your stories and i wish you all the very best on your continued journeys and am sure we will keep chatting on occasion through the forum πŸ™‚

    Day 28- Montreal- FD

    A last FD to end this month’s 5:2 journey, I will weigh and measure myself tomorrow. I had another ACV and honey before bed last night, skipped the lemon -too sour- and couldn’t find the last bit of ginger in the fridge.
    This was my first month of 5:2 so all the info and tips I have gleaned from you all have been so useful and I will take them with me on the March challenge. I am so happy to have found this WOL and this forum.
    Thank you Lynz for organizing February, see you all next month!

    @dyksy – laughed out loud. those teenagers can be pretty tricky.

    Day 28 FD (2nd day of B2B fast)

    Yesterday went well. It was the first full FD in awhile. I was thinking about food early in the day then got super busy and was fine with just some bone broth.

    My Feb goal was to break 140 which I did. This morning sitting at 140lb so bouncing around a bit but happy with the results!

    This is my second FD in a row so most likely tomorrow will get me back under 140.

    Thanks for all the great posts! See you in March!!

    Day 28. FD. Hampshire.

    WELL DONE to all my fellow February Challengers!

    I love logging in during a FD and reading everyone’s success stories.

    Reading all these posts really motivates me, so thanks everyone for sharing ups and downs.

    A massive thank you to everyone sharing their tips with me. Also to @simcoeluv as I love reading (his?) very knowledgeable and highly researched posts.

    I am going to weigh myself in the morning as today is a FD, so hopefully the scales will be complimentary tomorrow :0)

    Day 28, USA, Missouri Ozarks, FD

    Final weigh in for the month, 141.8, Starting Weight 152, Goal Weight 145.

    Lost over ten pounds (that elusive and hard to get rid of final ten), feel and look great – ready for the tighter fitting Spring and Summer clothes without having to tug or pull or adjust anything. Thank you all for your support and advice, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot this month.

    I am grateful to those willing to manage the monthly challenges, thank you all very much.

    On to March !

    Day 28 Maine NFD

    I did it! Big salad w/salsa & rewarded w/ a final weigh in of 188! So lost a little over 10 lbs since starting the last Monday in Jan – thank you all for supporting the fast day yesterday…never thought I’d be able to do it on the road. On to our Fat Tuesday celebration of shrimp & grits in Georgia!

    Make it a great day everybody & a great month of March!

    Final Day of February Challenge, Day 28, USA NFD

    I did it. My goal was to lose 7 pounds to get under 140lbs and it happened. 139.5 lbs this morning after yesterday’s successful fast day.

    Laddie: you and I had the same February goal and hit it — so well done to you.

    The lovely thing about IF as a WOL is that I’m not starving in the morning after a fast day. Without all of the junk and eating mindfully, my body does indeed crave yummy healthy things. This morning I had a ripe, juicy California orange and I know that sounds corny, but it tasted so sweet and delicious; I appreciate my food more when it’s not shoved in. My goal of trying to deal with that anxiety and nervous energy that made me eat mindlessly and put weight on since this past summer is a work in progress, but making huge strides.

    So, ladies it works indeed. And I had a slip-up half way through the month, but got back up and kept going. Don’t feel deprived; mind you, I also gave up sugar for the month — which I do not miss. (I have cocoa made with Ghiradelli rich unsweetened cocoa and stevia, which satisfied my sweet tooth).

    See you fasters next month in which I intend to lose another 7 pounds. For all of you suffering with not sleeping on those FD, I’ve been taking this natural supplement called SleepMD — I read about it on one of these forums, (basically melatonin and natural herbs) and it helps me get some sleep.

    2nd post

    Well I spoke to soon – halfway through our walk this morning the sun disappeared and the rain caught us out but we were all well prepared with our waterproofs – but sunshine and blue skies again this afternoon.

    Have not broken my fast from yesterday as yet, despite a busy afternoon baking for tomorrow – one of volunteers from the group I help out at on a Wednesday afternoon has a birthday tomorrow so I made an a Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle cake and I have an Italian Apple Cake (using light olive oil instead of butter) in the oven at the moment……..
    As I’m going for an early supper at 5.30pm before the ballet tonight I think I will be able to hold out until then to break my fast – so that will take me to 46hrs Fast on under 500calories – very happy with that!

    This past year has changed my attitude to food and drink. We are creatures of habit and without realising it slip into patterns of behaviour which are difficult to change. I learnt that it is OK to feel hungry and in fact it is an essential part of losing weight. I’ve learnt to embrace feeling hungry and being comfortable with that – it’s a sign from my body to eat again soon (and hopefully that it is burning fat now) and not a sign to be feared.
    And the best thing with this WOL is that I can have my cake and glass or two of wine with no guilt Just not everyday and in large quantities!!!!

    Looking forward to another good month in March with all the gang plus getting to know lots of other new people who care about their health and well being.

    “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try” Jack Canfield

    Day 28 – USA – NFD
    Thank you, @lynzm for all the hours of work you put into organizing this thread in Feb. and welcoming me to it; Congrats on wt loss to all you pocketeers for your determination. Although I was not one of them, I was cheering you on! @onahealthyhigh – congrats on retirement – it’s the best! I’m 2 months in and you are right @debster251, there are not enough hours in the day! @patti67 – don’t give up! Keep asking questions and tweaking your plan and you will find what works for you and what your body needs to reach your goals. @debster251 – when I bought my weighted hula hoop about 7 years ago, they offered a beginner’s hoop and that’s the one I took, not sure of the weight, as I threw the box out…I assume anything heavier than a beginner’s would be too challenging and therefore discouraging continued use. Sorry I can’t be more helpful; @jojo58 – welcome back from your trip and thank you for your hula-hooping suggestion for March; seems like it caught on and many of us are set to do it this month; it’s a hysterical graphic in my head and will have me intrigued all month! Question: what is LCHF – low calories, high fiber?

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